Angel Message Of The Day : Smooth Harmonious Transition

Archangel Jeremiel


Archangel Jeremiel shares his gifts for smooth, harmonious transitions. Imagine if you will have the deepest eggplant purple, rich, vibrant, so purple it is nearly black. The deep color of this eggplant signifies its richness, and it is the most attractive of them all. With its vibrant hues, you can sense that there is fullness. At the same time, there is a feeling of harmonious transition. When there is harmony, everything will feel as if they are working well. There is a certain balance and gentleness that you are seeking for. You will attain this soon and more. You just have to trust the gift that has been given to you. 


Wrap your Self within the richness of Jeremiel’s vibrant, gentle energy. With the passing of each moment, there is a choice of holding on to what has come before or that which is before you. All is in Divine Order. There is always a choice to seek the answers of the past or seek what comes next for you. When you focus on the gentle and vibrant energy, there is a feeling of fruition and change. You will get to focus on what really speaks for you. What do you truly want in this world? You will feel the gentleness where you can speak with loving kindness, and you will get to take your sweet time to truly focus on what matters while there is a process of transition.


Choosing to be calm and harmonious as you travel along the path before you unfold it easily and harmoniously. There is much joy in releasing that which no longer serves your highest and best good. Be kind to yourself as you review what has come before, making way for what is before you. When there is a certain calmness, you will feel that all of the things around you are coming together all at once. When there is harmony, there is a certain time when things seem to work well together for yourself and your surroundings. As you go on your journey, do not forget to be gentle and kind. You always have this choice to show softness to people around you.


How shall you choose to journey through this time of change? Choose that which resonates within you; align your energy centers, meditate, and breathe deeply, releasing any perceived shadow or darkness. If you wish, light a purple candle, offering prayer to calm the way before you. Changes may seem tough at first, and everyone will go through certain transitions in their lives which may seem uncomfortable. However, the changes that you will be making for yourself will be better as long as it truly resonates with you. Remain calm, and make sure that you will be gentle to everyone, even yourself. Along the way, it may seem rigid and hard, but you will find your footing, too.


Gentleness is a precious gift. Gentleness is loving guidance. Gentleness is taking time for you and those around you. Gentleness is speaking from the heart with loving kindness. Gentleness is. You have to keep gentleness in your heart so that you will be able to be sensitive to yourself and those around you. When there is change, show your gentleness and do not force it. Rather, you can take your time and let things flow. You do not have to worry anymore about how things will go as long as you are in harmony with yourself. All will fall into place soon enough. You just have to be gentle with yourself and all that surrounds you. 


At this very moment, you have to be gentle with yourself. When there are transitions in your life, it may take you time, but you will have to let things flow on their own. Remember that not everything can be controlled by you. However, you can certainly control how you should react to everything else. Hence, focus on being in harmony with yourself while there are changes that are coming your way. Embrace them all with open arms, and do not forget to be gentle and kind to yourself. Revel in the gift of gentleness and harmony that is given to you, you have to make use of it. Be gentle with you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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