Chakra Cultivation : Day 29

The Connection Between Chakras and Feng Shui

The Chakras are not just a simple energy system in your body; they are also a powerful tool for Feng Shui. As elaborated on the other articles, the chakras are seven energy centers that help you to govern your body and mind. They are connected to each other and, when open, allow you to receive information from the universe and take action.

When the chakras are closed, you become closed off from all that is outside of yourself. This can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, as well as anxiety, which can manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches or digestive issues.

If you want to experience Feng Shui in its full glory, then it is important that these chakras be open at all times! Openness leads to connection with the universe, which allows us all to become more aware of our environment and our place within it. More information is explained on the statements below.


Meaning Of Feng Shui In Chakras

The chakras are an important part of feng shui practice. In fact, the chakras are believed to be the energy centers located in the body that are responsible for our emotions and thoughts.

Chakras are thought to be a key part of our physical health and well-being, but they also affect our mental state. The chakras have been studied extensively by feng shui practitioners, who believe that they can enhance your life if you learn how to use them properly.

Chakras are energy centers located throughout our body that help us align ourselves with nature and the universe. They’re also where we store our most important memories and emotions—and where we can work through trauma, or even just release pent-up energy from within ourselves.


Background Of Feng Shui With Chakras

When you look at your home, what do you see? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably something like “a lot of space.” But what if I told you that each room in your home has a particular purpose? What if I also told you that understanding which rooms are meant for which tasks is key to making sure your space is maximally effective? The answer to both of these questions is: chakras.

When it comes to Feng Shui, there are seven major chakras in our bodies: the root chakra (which controls sexuality), the sacral (which controls creativity), the solar plexus (which controls relationships and sexuality), and heart (which controls love). The first four are located along the spine; the last three are located along one’s left side of the body. But how do these chakras affect Feng Shui? The answer lies in understanding how they work together—and how it can harmonious work to our surroundings.

Correlation Of The Two Topics


Root Chakra 

At the base of the spine, close to the tailbone, is where the Root Chakra is situated. The Family and Health Area is the equivalent in Feng Shui. Our ability to weather the ups and downs of life is strengthened by our strong physical health and familial ties. How strong you feel, how well you are supported, and how well you are understood are all reflected in this area of your home. This region also represents the history of the family and how harmonious or difficult it may have been.


Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra is situated two inches below the navel in the lower belly. The Wealth and Prosperity Area is the equivalent in Feng Shui. Here, we experience both power and dread. We also experience safety—or a lack thereof—here. This region also includes the ability to earn money because it gives us power. On the other side, feeling thankful for what we have also gives us a sense of strength.


Solar Plexus 

In the upper belly is where you’ll find the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Fame and Reputation Area is the equivalent in Feng Shui. Our sense of value and the source of our own power are located here. That is how other people view and judge us. To be reputable and honest, one must practice discipline and perseverance. Our intuition originates from this center and our personal truths. Animal prints, candles, and pointed forms are used to draw attention to this area.


Heart Chakra 

Within the breastbone is where the Heart Center Chakra is situated. The Love and Relationship Area is its Feng Shui equivalent. The energy from this chakra radiates up and down because of its center location. The top chakras are focused on the spiritual aspect, whereas the lowest three chakras are concerned with the physical power and survival regions. The heart is like a nourishing mother who, through love, feeds both the body and the soul. We let our guard down and allow ourselves to be receptive to receiving and giving love. It is where we discover harmony and balance in both our physical and interpersonal relationships. Place objects that are multiples of two and symbols of friendship and love there to activate it.

Throat Chakra 

Between the head and the collarbone is where the Throat Chakra is situated. The Children and Creativity Area is the equivalent in Feng Shui. Speaking our truth and discovering our own voice are important aspects of this chakra. We carry out our activities in the Children and Creativity area purely out of a desire to express ourselves. It is the space where we discover and use our creativity in an ego-free way by channeling our inner child. Round objects and metallic objects are used to activate this space. The circle represents innovation and unity.


Third Eye Chakra 

The forehead, just above and between the eyes, is where the Third Eye Chakra is situated. Our inner vision, volition, thought, and inspiration are all related to this chakra. It is linked to intelligence, the mind, and the brain. Helpful Individuals and Travel Area are the Feng Shui equivalents. That is the synchronicity energy, the energy of the celestial realm on earth. We can respect and put our guardians and deities in this section of our home.


Crown Chakra 

Our head’s crown contains the Crown Chakra. The spiritual life force comes into contact with it here. The Career Area is the equivalent in Feng Shui. In order to fully comprehend the intricacies of our path, we must delve deeply within ourselves. This is where we connect with the flow of spirit. It is a place where we have faith to go with the flow and trust in our inner selves. This area responds quite well to the water’s flow.

Final Thoughts

You must keep in mind that every home is unique, thus it is challenging to offer particular feng shui advice that is applicable to all buildings. Nonetheless, there are several broad guidelines that can significantly alter any environment. It makes sense that the chakra colors are thought to support healing energy and chakra equilibrium. The category of Feng Shui is affected by the usage of colored crystals to awaken the energy of particular sectors or elements.

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