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What is Onyx?

Onyx is a kind of Calcedony. It is usually considered white contrast to a small black gem. There are other color variations, but the most popular ones are black. Many are confused between agates and Onyx for ribbons. Both stones have a white band, the agate has a curved band, and the Onyx has a parallel band. Also, Onyx is often the predominant color of black over white.

Onyx as a gem is made up of several layers. The denser layers are usually on top of the thicker layers. For this reason, many craftsmen love to etch and engrave Onyx gems. Onyx is recorded based on quartz gem classification. According to the MoHS hardness system, Onyx has a 6 to 7 hardness level. Do not confuse if you look at Onyx without white stripes. In fact, most of Onyx used in jewelry do not have a white band.


Onyx Meaning

They probably have a dark color, so I think it was considered evil in the past. Well, you are already on the right track! According to history, ancient civilizations associated Onyx with different levels of darkness. The devil is believed to have used Onyx to own the person who received the stone. At the same time, the dark forces use Onyx as a sign of death. Therefore, early humans avoided this stone as much as possible. On the other hand, other ancient civilizations believed to inhale negative energy and power. They also believed that the darker the Onyx, the more negative energy it absorbs. Therefore, they started using Onyx on a regular basis.

One of the earliest records of Onyx’s “magic” was when Cleopatra wore an Onyx amulet that sensed various adverse effects, dangers, or incoming enemies. How? Now, the Onyx amulet she wore is said to vibrate and quiver as these potential dangers approach her. As of now, Onyx is very important all over the world. Stones are believed to protect the wearer from nightmares and other unwanted events. It is also effective in relieving physical, mental, and mental trauma. Onyx is also a master conference of knowledge, comfort, bliss, and recreation. If you have bad habits such as smoking, drinking, or other vices, get Onyx as this stone is known to change those habits. Many are attracted to the white bands of Onyx, most of whom believe that these bands mean the universe.

This gem helps to stabilize the harmony and immutability of life. If you’re having a hard time balancing work and life, it’s a good idea to get an Onyx amulet. It is also believed that its black and white colors symbolize yin and yang. Therefore, people respect this gem because they believe it can distinguish between good and evil of people, things, and places.

Onyx healing properties

Like other crystals, Onyx has many therapeutic benefits. Its healing properties are known all over the world. Onyx enhances the wearer’s feelings, emotions, mind, body, and spirit.


Emotions and emotional healing

Are you depressed? Are you crazy about fear? Don’t worry, Onyx should be the gem of your choice. This stone is famous for its extraordinary emotional healing properties. Anyone who wears or carries Onyx is believed to receive a tremendous amount of positive energy that leads to happiness, joy and fulfillment. People also believe that this gem is responsible for absorbing all the negatives of life. Onyx flushes away all impurities that normally ruin a personality while strengthening the emotional side of its owner. Therefore, anyone who owns Onyx is considered a carefree person.



Most believers looking for the right jewels for them usually have psychological problems. The mind is probably the most important part of the human body. It is responsible for everything one thinks. Whether an individual does good or bad depends on the reason. Fortunately, Onyx crystals are known for their spiritual healing properties. If you have problems predicting or imagining the future, the Onyx Amulet will open your eyes completely and help you visualize the future. Onyx can also prevent ghosts from living in the past. This is probably one of the most common challenges facing everyone. When something terrible happens in the past, people tend to overdo it and live, which bothers them. Onyx releases a unique atmosphere that frees the mind from all the thoughts of the past.


Apart from its excellent psychological therapeutic properties, Onyx is known for its reliable physical healing power. The ability of Onyx to absorb negative energy is also physically beneficial to its users. If you have abdominal pain, place an Onyx stone on it so that the gem absorbs the pain. The same applies to headaches, toothaches, neck pain, back pain, muscle tension, calf cramps, and more. Place Onyx debris on a diseased body part to heal. For best results, you can also slowly rub the gem on this area. Like other gems, Onyx helps relieve pain during childbirth. Its soothing essence helps relieve muscle contractions during labor. Onyx amulets also help improve the wearer’s metabolism. Therefore, weight loss is easier to manage.


Onyx is a great spiritual guide. It sends out evil spirits and entities that want to hurt their wearers. The stone also enhances the sacred connection of its wearer. Those who own Onyx are confident that they have the following enhanced mental abilities: B. Feeling the existence of other spiritual beings. Onyx purifies the mind like no other. His ability to suck negative energy will benefit so much. It allows the spirit to be released from any impurity.


Wear Onyx

Onyx is a protection amulet. It is strongly recommended to wear jewelry and decoration from Onyx Gemstones. You will raise your mind and increase your self-warranty. Have Onyx Amulet always in your area. In this way, they are guaranteed by their healing power. Also, someone prevents the use of them. In addition, the evil spirits try to operate their dreams of the evil spirits, and helps you try to change them into a nightmare. Another alternative gives Onyx GEM under her pillow. If you have an Onyx that protects it, you guarantee that you have a good night’s sleep. Generally, when wearing Onyx, fill the gap between life and prevent deterioration.



Onyx at home and at work

In Feng Shui, black onyx represents protection and grounding. Chinese experts believe that putting a black onyx totem at home can provide enough energy to help maintain its foundation. In addition, the black onyx at home means protection from the impure influences from the outside. On the other hand, putting a white onyx fragment on your desk at work can increase your confidence and morale. If you’re having a hard time dealing with diversity at work, white onyx can help blend in. Stones are believed to release the wearer’s personality from inferiority complex. So, having it at work can increase your chances of having a healthy career.


Meditation by Onyx

Before meditation, make sure your Onyx is clean from contamination. It allows the stone to emit the stone that the stone can absorb all negative energy and start meditation. A quiet place is highly recommended for meditation. Sit back and sit upright. Slowly close your eyes and focus on the negative thoughts and feelings you want to let go. I feel light when I walk. Then put a stone in your mind and fill you with the positivity and vitality it makes you move.

People and relationships

Onyx is perfect for jewelry if you want to maintain relationships with family, friends, partners, and colleagues. Onyx jewels keep the bond between the couple. In any situation, gems eliminate all problems. Onyx also helps relieve all sorts of pressures that normally ruin relationships. Onyx’s soothing aura is believed to dispel potential threats to relationships. When it comes to friendship, Onyx gems help strengthen friendship and connection. When in conflict with friends or office colleagues, the positive atmosphere that Onyx exudes helps promote the wearer’s popular unity.


Onyx and chakra

Because of its power, Onyx is an incredible gem for chakras. Onyx is a fascinating stone that awakens the chakras and allows all the beautiful energies to flow freely. Even more surprising is the fact that Onyx has the power to awaken all chakras. Few gems have this ability. Onyx maintains the chakras and allows them to function optimally.


Onyx birthstone and zodiac

If you were born in July or December, Onyx is your birthstone. Onyx is also the birthstone of Leo’s zodiac. As a birthstone, Onyx acts as a wearer’s guide. Like a beacon, Onyx illuminates the mind and distinguishes between what is right and what is wrong. It also prevents danger from threatening the wearer. If you are celebrating your 7th or 10th wedding anniversary, give your partner an Onyx that symbolizes eternal love.


How to care for and clean Onyx

Unlike other gems, Onyx is best cleaned by washing it with mineral water and drying it with a soft cloth. Others can clean various crystals with soap and water, but Onyx cannot. This gem has the unique ability to absorb almost everything, so it has the potential to absorb a variety of harmful chemicals contained in the cleaning solution. Otherwise, expect the Onyx to change from black to any color. After cleaning, store the Onyx in a safe place. Do not place it in a place where children can reach out and play. Otherwise, you may need to look for new gems. When placing in a container, cover it with foam or a soft cloth to protect it from scratches, scratches, and other scratches. How you treat gems always affects the way you live your life. Treat it with great care, and it does the same.

Onyx program method

When using Onyx for physical treatment, the best method for activating its power to a part that requires healing. Wipe pain carefully while rubbing stones slowly. Meditation, programming Onyx Gemstone is very simple. You need to get started and concentrate in the right hand. Then put lime on your chest and distribute its energy to the whole body. bottom line Regardless of its dark color and history, Onyx continues to function as the light of all. It’s wonderful healing properties never stop being surprised. Taking good care of it and learning to use it properly is the only time we can really enjoy its power. Remember that every gem is a guide to a better and more meaningful life.

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