Angel Message Of The Day : Mindfulness

Guardian Angel of Mindfulness 


Be present at this moment. What does being present at the moment mean? Allow your mind, your emotions, and your actions to reflect upon all that brings you to the moment before you. You must make sure that your mind is clear of distractions. It is important that you put your focus on the now; it means putting your focus on what you truly seek.  You must be mindful of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at this very moment. It is important that you make space for love and light in your heart.


How shall you choose to align yourself with Divine Source? How shall you choose to open yourself, re-connecting with Divine Source? There are many ways to open yourself up and reconnect. However, it is important that you are mindful and present so that you can see through things with love and light. Be in the moment, and feel and radiate the love and light wherever you go. You must reflect on how you act and think, as it will affect how you view the world and everything that surrounds you, as well.

Gratitude, patience, and compassion, all are seen through the eyes of Unconditional Love. What do you see? Looking past earthly realm perceptions and appearances. What do you truly see?  You must seek the ways of your heart and soul. Look through all of the things with love and light in your heart, so that you can see the goodness of all. At the same time, you will be faced with distractions along your journey. Even if that is the case, you must learn to seek within and strengthen the connection with yourself and others. Focus on the things that matter, and you must look into things in a positive light.


Beloved Child of the Universe, you are light and love, you are in perfect health, and you are prosperous beyond measure. You have been blessed with all of the gifts of the present. Be mindful of all that you have at this moment, and do not forget to show gratitude and appreciation. Your heart is full of love and light, and you must always radiate within. Spread the greatness of your heart wherever you, and appreciate all of the goodness that you possess.


Look again, what do you see? Be kind to yourself, and nurture your true Soul essence. Direct your thoughts to all things positive. You must rise above all of the distractions that may hinder your way, and focus on the greatness and beauty of life and all that surrounds you. It is important that you are kind to yourself and appreciate all that you are. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and you must learn to see yourself with positivity. 


Each experience is a gift. Yes, even experiences that appear to be less than kind and loving. We must look at it this way to learn something new. You must remember that the experiences that you have hone you to be a better version of yourself. Let yourself be grateful for the experiences that you have been through in order to get you to where you are right now. You must learn to reflect and see things with positivity. Remember that you are courageous and full of love and light. 

You have a choice. Choose wisely in choosing to see, feel, or speak differently, lay the true gift.  Change the way you see things and the things you see change. When you look at things from a different perspective, you will understand better. At the same time, you are given the chance to see things in a positive light where you can use your experiences as a learning curve. Choose to thrive and grow into a better version of yourself. You must be mindful of what kind of perspective you have, as it is a choice that you make.


Be mindful of where you are.  Be mindful of where you choose to be.  Be mindful of choices made. It is important that you are mindful of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. You must look into your perspective, and remember to harbor positivity and light instead of negativity and darkness. Be mindful of your inner essence.

Amanda Cooper

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