Angel Message Of The Day : Balance In All Things



Balance in all things brings peacefulness, harmony, and joy.  When you are balanced, you will be in a stable position where you can handle the ups and downs of life with ease. You will be seeing and open to different perspectives that you may not anticipate. Which will improve your life to move forward with light and love. The first thought in achieving balance is to realize something is wrong. Once you have recognized there is an imbalance in your life you need to take action and fix it by making the necessary changes in your behavior patterns, attitudes, or beliefs.


Balance in all things opens the path before you in harmony.  Encourage yourself to find different ways and choices to balance your life so that you can enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from being centered. It means that you’re having more than one way to reach your goals, so that if one doesn’t work, another will. It means being able to take care of yourself financially, emotionally, and physically so that when you are faced with problems, you have enough resources to deal with them effectively. You are also encouraged to find balance in your loved ones, especially with those closest to you the most.  Be mindful of how you interact with them and how they interact with you. 


Balance in all things clears the path before you, illuminating all perceptions of shadow and darkness. When you are in balance, you will see the light within you. This will remind you that you will be on a path of all happiness and success. The more balanced you are, the easier it is for you to see the path ahead of you. You are less likely to be distracted by external factors and more likely to be able to focus on what’s important. The road to balance is not always easy, but it is worth traveling. You will find that when you are balanced, life becomes easier and more joyful. You will feel calm and confident at all times.


Balance in all things creates opportunities for loving yourself and others. It allows you to value your gifts and talents while accepting your flaws and limitations from the Divine Source.  When you have balance in your life, you can be more effective and efficient at what you do. Balance is not something you achieve once and then forget about. It’s something you must constantly strive for because life is constantly changing. If you’re struggling with any area of your life, there’s a good chance that you need to find balance. Finding a balance that works for you at any given point in time based on what’s happening now. Then when things change again and you can adjust accordingly until you find another place where you feel balanced again.

Balance in all things creates opportunities for increased prosperity, abundance, Spirituality, quiet, laughter, joy, and a deeper sense of love.  When you are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you can experience joy and peace in your life. Accept yourself for who you are and where you are at this moment. When you accept what is happening right now it allows you to let go of the past and focus on what is in front of you today. Have more patience with your progress. Trust the progress, and have compassion for the person who is struggling with an issue instead of judging yourself as being weak.


In all things seek balance within; balance shall be made manifest in all around you.  Your innate wisdom shall guide you without fail.  All things are equal, yet each thing is unique.  Seek balance in all, for balance is the foundation of harmony. There is no right or wrong path; there is only the path that you choose to take. When you will look for balance, always remember that balance begins within yourself, with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As you learn to control these things you will find that they begin to control themselves, leading to a more harmonious existence.


Focus not upon that which creates harm within your thoughts, and your heart.  Your heart is heavy with the weight of all that has happened in the world over the last few weeks. You know may know that this must be a difficult time for many of you and your loved ones, but you must also believe that there is hope for all. Balance requires you to have an understanding of where you are in life and what you need next. In other words, it requires you to be mindful. It helps you maintain control over your emotions and thoughts so that you can make rational decisions instead of acting on impulse or anger.

Focus not upon fear-based thoughts. Fear can stun you and cause you to live in a state of worry, anxiety, and dread. It can lead to obsessive negative thoughts about the future and make you feel powerless over your life. Take action despite your fears. Always remember that fear is a natural human emotion, but it can become a destructive force if we don’t learn to control it. Move your perspective to be happy, positive, and grateful for what you do have in life. This will help you to maintain more balance in your life. 


Focus upon that which creates peace, harmony, and joy. If you want to be happy, focus on that which creates peace, harmony, and joy in your life. If you want to be sad, focus on that which causes stress, anxiety, or pain. You can’t enjoy the moment when you’re in pain. You can’t be happy if you’re scared of the future. However, maintain your balance. It is a journey that you will walk with and it is always changing. You have to work forward and you have to reflect on your time during the process. You have to make sure that your actions are creating more peace, harmony, and joy.


At the edge of everything you have ever known, step out into the unknown for there will be stones to support thee or you shall be given wings to fly. If you have ever felt lost, confused, broken, or alone then this is for you. Balance is not about moderation or compromise. Balance means going after the thing that calls out to your soul without apology or excuses. The more you explore and embrace change, the more opportunities you will have for growth and self-care. This means that every time you step out into the unknown, you will be on a different path in darkness. Awaken the light in your heart and you will be in safe hands. 

Amanda Cooper

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