Angel Message Of The Day : In the Silence

Archangel Ariel 


Light a candle of blue, focus upon the flame beloved one. Focus on the glowing ember within and feel it warming your heart. You are safe here in this place, you are loved here in this place. Feel the energy flowing through you from head to toe as it becomes more intense with every breath, with every heartbeat. Let go of all your worries and concerns, let them fall away as you exhale, and allow yourself to exhale completely. Let go of any tension that may be present in your body and allow yourself to relax deeply into this moment. Feel the light around you now engulfing your entire body and radiating from within you.


As you gaze upon the flame, feel your body relax. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, release any remaining tension from your body. Feel your mind clearing as you become more aware of your surroundings. Let go of all thoughts that have been troubling you and let them go with each breath. Let go of all the thoughts in your mind and focus on nothing but the flame before you. You are safe here; no harm will come to you or anyone else while you are at peace with yourself. As you continue to stare at the flame, notice how it changes in color and shape. It may flicker or dance, brighten or dim, whatever happens is perfectly natural. Allow yourself to become lost in this simple beauty of fire as it dances before your eyes and fills them with light.

All your cares and all your worries simply fade away in the light. In the Silence, you can hear your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. It’s a place where everything makes sense and all your cares, all your worries simply fade away in the light. When you step into the light, you will find peace from it in the moment of silence. It is always there, whether you are aware of it or not. It is the space between your thoughts, your breaths, and your actions. It’s the part that allows you to be present in whatever you do, rather than thinking about what you have to do next


Your shoulders feel lighter, your heart freer, your thoughts quiet. Let your body relax when you let the light in your life. You are a beautiful being, worthy of love and light. You have the power to change your life. You can choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are loved and supported by the Universe at all times. The Universe has provided everything that you need to create the best version of yourself possible. All you have to do is ask for guidance and trust that what you need will come to you at exactly the right time. As long as you keep believing in yourself, nothing can stop you from achieving whatever it is that you want out of life


Do you seek guidance on this day? The question is a simple one and the answer is equally simple. If you are seeking guidance, then you are on the path to truth and knowledge. The truth is always available to those who seek it. The question is how much time and effort do you want to spend on finding it? Do you want an easy answer or do you want a difficult one? The answers you’re looking for are inside of you all along but if you don’t know how to access them, then you will never find them no matter how hard you search for them externally instead of internally. 

Ask and it shall be delivered to you. In the silence of your spirit, ask for what you desire. Do not ask for it in words, for words are but the clothing of thoughts. Ask with your whole being, not just your mind. Then do not listen to the answer or wait for it to come to you in some miraculous way.

You cannot hear an answer that comes from within you if you are listening for an external sound or feeling. The inner voice speaks through what is already known and felt within you; it is not something new to be discovered. It is simply a matter of becoming aware of what is already present within you.


Trust all is answered in Divine Time.  In a moment of reflection, you realize how much you’ve been thinking about your thoughts instead of being present in the moment. In the silence, there is no need to rush or hurry. All that needs to happen will happen at its own pace and time. Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. Trust that your highest self knows exactly what you need and wants, even if it doesn’t make sense right now. Trust that the answers will come when they are supposed to come and they may not always be what we expect them to be either. 


Believe the guidance you seek is given to you. You can trust your intuition and feelings. They are messages from your soul, which is connected to the universe. When you listen to your inner voice and follow your heart, you are in alignment with universal energy.  If you are seeking guidance, you must believe that it is given to you. If you have doubts about whether your guidance will come through, then it won’t. Be patient. The answer may not come immediately. It may take several days or weeks before the information comes to you. If you continually doubt the message and think that something else is on its way, then you will miss the one that has been sent to you.

As you quiet your mind, your thoughts become still, soothing your emotions. When you quiet your mind, you are no longer distracted by your thoughts. Your thoughts become still, soothing your emotions and helping you to live more peacefully in the present moment. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to live in the present moment without being distracted by worries or regrets. It’s important to remember that no matter how bad things may seem right now, they will pass and there will always be another opportunity to try again. The more often you practice this technique, the easier it becomes to live in the present moment without being distracted by worries or regrets.


Simply allow the answers you seek to be gifted to you. If you are looking for a solution and are actively seeking it, then the answer will not come. The only way that the answer will come is if you stop looking for it. The answer will come when your mind is still and your body is relaxed. The answer will not come while you are stressed out or anxious about finding an answer. The more anxious or worried you get about finding an answer, the less likely it is that you will find one.


In the silence, all is heard. The words of the tongue are not as powerful as the words of the heart. The words of the mouth are not as powerful as the silence that speaks louder than any word could ever do. In the silence, all is revealed. In the silence of your mind, you can hear your thoughts, and in their rhythm, you may hear the rhythm of your life. The silence of your heart reveals what you feel about yourself and others, it shows your true nature and character.

Amanda Cooper

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