Angel Message Of The Day : Creative Visualization



Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your ears. Open your Spirit, and hear the calling within you. You must embrace all that is coming your way, you should be ready for all of the things that you will experience. You must open your mind to a new perspective so that you can learn to adjust to new things around you. You must open your heart so that you can learn to embrace everything that is meant for you. You must open your ears so that you will be ready to listen to everyone’s point of view and you will get to practice empathy and compassion. You must open your Spirit so that you will make a deeper connection toward yourself and your calling. What is it that you desire the most? Seek your purpose and make it into your reality.


What is it you most desire for your life in the physical realm? There is much to learn about yourself for the things that you desire the most. You must look at the inner self and connect to the Divine Source in order to truly know your desires. Continue to explore, and let yourself know how to focus on letting your wishes come true. It is important that you prioritize these goals and take the path that you wish to take. You must really seek what it is that you truly desire the most. Then, you must take everything into account so that you can manifest them. You must focus on your own vision of your reality so that it will come true

In creating one’s reality, give your thoughts, emotions, your Spirit the gift of flight.  Flight is a most precious gift of freedom, the freedom to soar beyond all limitations, real or perceived. You must let your thoughts take you in the direction where your goals will come true.  Carry on with your journey knowing that all of your manifestations will grant you the wish that you have been seeking. It is most important that you give in to your thoughts and emotions and let yourself bask in light and love. Let your thoughts soar higher so that they will manifest into something more. Create your reality, and do not let yourself falter. Instead, give it your all and persevere. 


Dare to dream, dare to change the reality in which you find yourself at this moment.  This too shall pass. As you shall not pass this way again. You must remember that the path you are going through will pass and it is not permanent. You must let things flow freely as it is, and let yourself focus on the direction that will lead to your heart’s desires. You must dare yourself to dream about the goals you have been seeking. It is important that you put your goals out there. At the same time, do not forget to nurture your heart and soul with pure love and light.

Create the way before you. As you create an alternative reality and focus on it, it becomes your reality. For in the creation, there is truth. You have the canvas and the paint in your own hands, and whatever you desire shall come true. You must focus on creating the way and pave your own direction. Travel the road that fits you, so that you can make sure you are building your own path based on your goals and aspirations. Continue to dream on and let yourself create your path toward your journey. It is important that you have a vision that you will follow. 


What is it that you truly desire? What is it that you truly seek? Have you asked yourself these questions? You must always challenge yourself so that you will grow into whatever your heart must desire. You are the master of your own path and the captain of your own life. Hence, whatever it is that you seek, you will find and you will obtain. See your truth differently and the truth you see will be different. Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your ears. Open your Spirit, and hear the calling within you. What will you dare to dream about on this day?

Amanda Cooper

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