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Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your ears. Open your Spirit, and hear the calling within you. Opening your mind is an act of expanding your perspectives, embracing curiosity, and challenging the limitations of your beliefs. It is a willingness to explore new ideas, to question the status quo, and to seek knowledge and understanding beyond your comfort zones. By opening your mind, you invite the richness of diverse perspectives, allowing yourself to learn, evolve, and broaden your horizons. Opening your heart is an act of vulnerability, compassion, and empathy. It is a choice to embrace the full spectrum of emotions, to connect deeply with others, and to cultivate a genuine sense of care and love. When you open your heart, you create space for healing, forgiveness, and authentic connections that transcend boundaries and foster a sense of unity and belonging. 


What is it you most desire for your life in the physical realm?  Desires in the physical realm can take various forms, as they are unique to each individual’s journey and purpose. It may be the desire for vibrant health and vitality, to experience a body that is strong, energized, and in harmony with your well-being. It may be the desire for abundance and prosperity, to create a life of financial stability, freedom, and the ability to pursue your passions and dreams. It may be the desire for meaningful relationships, to cultivate deep connections, love, and a sense of belonging with others. It may be the desire for adventure and exploration, to immerse yourself in new experiences, cultures, and the wonders of the world. Or it may be the desire for personal growth and self-actualization, to continuously evolve, expand our consciousness, and live a life of purpose and authenticity.

In creating one’s reality, give your thoughts, emotions, your Spirit the gift of flight.  Your thoughts are the seeds from which your reality blossoms. They hold the power to shape your perceptions, beliefs, and actions. When you give your thoughts the gift of flight, you liberate them from the confines of doubt, fear, and negativity. You cultivate a mindset of possibility, abundance, and positivity, allowing your thoughts to soar to new heights, embracing the infinite potential that lies within you. By nurturing empowering thoughts, you attract opportunities, synchronicities, and experiences that align with your desires, propelling you toward the life you envision. In giving your thoughts, emotions, and spirit the gift of flight, you step into your power as conscious creators of your reality. You become active participants in the co-creation of your life, embracing the responsibility and joy that comes with it. You release the limitations of the past and the constraints of external circumstances, realizing that your inner world holds the key to unlocking your fullest potential.


Flight is a most precious gift of freedom, the freedom to soar beyond all limitations, real or perceived.  Flight is not merely about physical movement through the air; it is a metaphor for the liberation of the mind, the heart, and the spirit. It is about breaking free from the shackles of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and emotional baggage that weigh you down. It is about embracing your true potential, your authentic self, and stepping into the fullness of who you are meant to be. When you embrace the gift of flight, you cultivate a sense of courage, resilience, and empowerment. You become fearless explorers of your own life, willing to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and step into the unknown. You learn to trust in your abilities, to believe in your dreams, and to pursue them with unwavering determination and passion.


Dare to dream, dare to change the reality in which you find yourself in this moment.  This too shall pass as you shall not pass this way again. In this moment, as you find yourself immersed in the tapestry of life, it is essential to recognize that change is an inherent part of your journey. The reality you experience today is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of your existence. Just as the river of time flows ceaselessly, you too shall pass through this moment, never to return to it again. This realization serves as a gentle reminder of the impermanence of your circumstances and the preciousness of the present. By daring to dream, you acknowledge that your current reality is not set in stone. You possess the power to shape and mold it according to your aspirations, values, and passions. You recognize that change is not only possible but necessary for growth and fulfillment. It is through the act of dreaming that you plant the seeds of transformation, allowing them to take root and blossom into a new reality that resonates with your deepest truths.


Create the way before you.  Creating the way before you requires a combination of vision, action, and adaptability. It begins with a clear understanding of what you want to create and a vivid vision of the destination you wish to reach. This vision serves as your compass, guiding your choices, decisions, and actions along the way. It provides the clarity and direction needed to navigate the unknown and overcome obstacles that may arise.  It is an opportunity to tap into your innate creativity, intuition, and resourcefulness. As you navigate the path of creation, you will uncover hidden strengths, learn valuable lessons, and cultivate a deep sense of empowerment. Each step you take becomes a testament to your ability to shape your reality and create a life that is a true reflection of your authentic self.

As you create an alternative reality and focus on it, it becomes your reality.  The process of creating an alternative reality starts with a clear vision and a deep sense of intention. You must first identify what it is that you desire to experience or manifest in your life. This vision serves as the foundation upon which you build your new reality. By holding this vision in your mind’s eye and infusing it with positive emotions, you begin to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with the desired outcome. As you focus your attention on this alternative reality, you start to shift your perspective and perception of the world around you. You become more attuned to opportunities, synchronicities, and resources that support the manifestation of your vision. Your mindset begins to shift, and you start to see possibilities where you once saw limitations. This shift in perception allows you to take inspired action and make choices that are in alignment with your desired reality.


For in the creating, there is truth. Beyond self-expression, creating also serves as a gateway to self-discovery and self-awareness. As you engage in the creative process, you delve into the depths of your subconscious mind, unearthing hidden desires, fears, and aspirations. Through this exploration, you gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and the patterns that shape your life. In the act of creation, you come face to face with your authentic self, discovering truths that may have been buried or overlooked. The act of creation also invites you to confront your limitations and push beyond them. It challenges you to step outside your comfort zones, to take risks, and to embrace the unknown. In this process, you discover that you are capable of more than you ever imagined. You uncover hidden talents, develop new skills, and expand your perception of what is possible. Through creation, you find the truth of your potential and the limitless possibilities that exist within you.


See your truth differently and the truth you see will be different.  Seeing your truth differently requires a willingness to question your assumptions and beliefs. It involves stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring alternative viewpoints. This process can be uncomfortable at times, as it may require you to confront deeply ingrained beliefs or face uncomfortable truths about yourself or the world around you. However, it is through this discomfort that true growth and expansion occur. By actively seeking out different perspectives and engaging in open-minded dialogue, you begin to broaden your understanding of truth. You may discover that there are multiple valid viewpoints, each offering a unique piece of the puzzle. This realization allows you to approach truth with humility and curiosity, recognizing that your perspective is just one piece of a much larger tapestry. When you see your truth differently, you also become more attuned to the power of perception and the role it plays in shaping our reality. You begin to understand that truth is not an absolute, fixed concept, but rather a fluid and ever-evolving understanding. As you embrace this fluidity, you become more adaptable and open to growth and change.  

Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your ears. Open your Spirit, and hear the calling within you.  What will you dare to dream of this day? Opening your heart is an act of vulnerability and compassion. It is about cultivating empathy, love, and acceptance for yourself and others. By opening your heart, you create a space for deep connections, meaningful relationships, and authentic experiences. You allow yourself to feel full, to embrace both the joys and the sorrows of life, and to approach each moment with an open and compassionate heart. Opening your spirit is an act of connecting with your innermost self, your intuition, and your higher guidance. It is about tuning into the whispers of your soul and heeding the calling within you. By opening your spirit, you tap into a wellspring of creativity, inspiration, and purpose. You allow yourself to align with your authentic desires and dreams, and to embrace the guidance and support that comes from a deeper, spiritual connection. Allow your imagination to soar, your heart to guide you, and your spirit to illuminate the path ahead. May you embrace the power of openness and step into a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Amanda Cooper

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