Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Wisdom & Inner Truth

Archangel Zadkiel 


Know you this day. Seek first the light within you, for all is illuminated with your inner wisdom. There is a light within each of us that can guide us through our lives. This light is often referred to as our “inner wisdom” or “inner truth”.  You are an expression of the divine spark within all things that is love, light, and truth.  You must know that your thoughts, words, and actions affect not only yourself but also others around you as well as future generations who will live in this earthly realm long after you have left it behind. Inner wisdom is a powerful force that can help you make better decisions and find your way in life. Ask yourself questions that require an answer from within yourself, rather than from the outside world. This can be difficult because you’re so used to relying on others for answers, but when you do this your answers often don’t come from a place of deep knowing or understanding because you’re coming from someone else’s perspective instead of your perspective. You may not be aware of how much inner wisdom you have access to right now. But, once you start listening, it will become clear how much inner wisdom you have access to at any given moment.


Your inner wisdom is that of the Divine Source. It is the wisdom of the universe and all it contains within it. Inner wisdom is also found within your intuition. Intuition is knowing without understanding how or why it happened. It’s knowing something without having all the facts or evidence to support it, yet still being certain of what you’re thinking. Your inner wisdom is always with you. It only needs to be accessed by listening to it, trusting it, and following its guidance. It comes from a place deep within you where all the answers lie waiting for you to ask them of yourself.


Your inner wisdom resonates from deep within, from your essence. Many individuals don’t know how to listen to their inner wisdom. You may have been taught that what you feel and think is not as important as what others think and say. You can learn to trust your intuition by learning how to listen to yourself. When you’re guided by your inner wisdom, you’re able to make decisions that are in alignment with your true self. You act on your deepest truth, which is often more powerful than logic or reason. Your intuition guides you through life when you listen to it and allow it to take over.

You shall know your truth. You have been waiting for this moment your entire life. You have been waiting for the day when you will finally be able to step into your truth and let it shine. You are an infinite being of light and wisdom, and you have the right to know who you are. You have the right to live your life in peace and harmony with yourself and others. You have the right to be happy, fulfill your dreams, and create the life you desire. There is no such thing as failure or defeat when it comes to fulfilling your destiny. As everything happens for a reason. don’t give up on yourself when things get tough because that means something better is coming around the corner

Wisdom shall set you free from all judgments, from lack, from all that is not of love. As you expand your awareness, it is natural for your perspective to change. You will begin to see things differently. You will start to view life from a different perspective. Listen with your inner ears. Wisdom helps us make choices that are aligned with our highest good and true happiness. It is your connection to the stillness inside that knows what to do and how to do it. It is the part of you that knows how to manifest what you want into your life. Listen closely for that inner voice within yourself; it will guide you along the right path for your divine purpose here on earth!


Open yourself to hearing, feeling, and sensing your inner truth. Inner wisdom is the voice of your soul. It is the voice of your intuition, your inner truth. You can’t ignore your inner truth because it’s always there, just waiting for you to be open to hearing, feeling, and sensing it. When you’re feeling lost or confused, it’s easy to turn to others for guidance instead of tapping into your wisdom reserves. But once you start listening to our inner voices, things tend to fall into place much more quickly than if you were trying to sort it out on your own. Don’t try to make sense of what the message says or how to apply it to your life; just listen and allow yourself to feel whatever comes up at the time.

All is before you on this day. You are perfect just as you are, and you are always loved by the Universe. Receive the blessings of this new day and welcome them into your life. There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. To help you remember how blessed you are, start counting your blessings each day. As gratitude helps you focus on the positive aspects of life. As you begin to let go of these fears, you will start to feel yourself becoming lighter and more free every day. 


Balance and harmony are your innate gifts. Balance is not about being perfect or completely in control. Balance is about finding your center, letting go of what no longer serves you, and moving forward with grace and ease. You are a unique individual with a distinct personality, talents, interests, and passions. You are one of a kind. And you have something important to contribute to the world. The more you connect with your inner wisdom, the more you will live in alignment with your truth and authenticity. This brings joy and harmony to your life. You have a strong sense of self-worth. You have a strong sense of self-awareness. You have no trouble making decisions for yourself and others. 

Know you this day. You are worthy of the light, the love, and the joy that comes with being yourself. What is constant is the light within you. It shines through all the darkness and confusion of the world around you and illuminates the path back to yourself. You are loved and cherished by those who know you best. The first step in finding your inner wisdom is to set a goal for yourself. You must identify what you want, be specific about it, and write it down. It’s easier than you might think, but it takes a lot of practice. This will help you stay focused and will give you something to refer back to when things get difficult or confusing along the way.

Amanda Cooper

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