Angel Message Of The Day : Pivot Towards The Light



Beloved child, you are the light. You are a beacon in the darkness.  You are love, and you are love’s reflection. You are peace, and you are peace’s reflection. You may feel lost and alone in this world but do not be afraid. You will be led to where you need to go by your inner guidance system. You have been called to this world. You have been called to be a warrior, fighting for truth and justice. You have been called to be a healer, helping others see their potential. You have been called to be a leader, guiding others toward their power. Do not fear that which is unknown; do not fear what is unfamiliar or unknown to you; rather approach each new experience with curiosity and wonderment, knowing that there is always something beautiful waiting just around the corner.


Call upon my brethren and me, we shall cast out shadow and darkness infilling every place with Source light and love. The world is filled with shadows, and they are suffocating your mind and heart. You need to bring in the light that will drive away those shadows, and you need to do it now. Let you shine with light on all that is dark and evil in this world, let us shine a light on all that is good in this world too. Give birth to a new world where there is no more darkness or sadness but only love and happiness.

You are whole, complete, and perfect now, at this moment. Life will bring many challenges, but none of them are bigger than the truth that you are already whole, complete, and perfect. You are a beautiful being who is worthy of love and deserving of all good things. You have everything you need to create the life of your dreams. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true. You are not broken or incomplete. You are not missing a piece of yourself that needs to be fixed or added on before you can be happy. You are not lacking anything. There is no need to search for anything outside of yourself because everything you could ever want or need already exists within you.


There is no other need to complete you.  There is no other need, for you are loved beyond measure. In the darkness, you may feel lonely. You may feel like you are left out because you need someone else to complete you, or that you need to do more to be good enough. You are loved beyond measure. You are loved without condition. And there’s nothing about yourself or anyone else that could ever change that. The world needs you, and you will be just fine without having to change or fix anything about yourself to be worthy of that love. It is only when we come to see ourselves as we truly are that we can begin to heal our pain and find peace in our lives.


Love is the answer to all things. It may appear as though shadow and darkness will overtake you. You can call upon this love to guide you through whatever challenges you face. You can also use it to help others who are facing similar struggles. If you wish to live your life with joy and peace, this is an essential step. As you are so deeply loved, and the love of others is a light that will always guide you home. And the more you love, the closer you get to revealing the light within yourself and others.


Pivot towards the light.  When you’re in a dark place, it’s easy to feel like there’s no way out. But you have to remember that every day is a chance for you to move to the light. You make mistakes and have regrets. However, if you don’t learn from those mistakes and your regrets, this will keep you from moving forward in life. When you pivot towards the light, you get rid of those mistakes and regrets and become better people for it. The truth is, you are not your struggles; you are not your thoughts or feelings. You are something greater than all of that and the only way for that light to shine through is for you to stop resisting it and let it come through naturally.

Pivot towards loving thoughts, loving actions, and loving emotions. You need only place one foot in front of the other. It changes how you see yourself and your situation; it gives you a new perspective about what’s possible for you; and it gives your life a new purpose: to help others move towards the same place that you are now moving towards yourself. No matter where you are in life, there are infinite opportunities for growth, healing, and change. Sometimes those opportunities can feel scary because they require us to face our fears head-on. 


Seek first the light within you. There is nothing that cannot be illuminated. You spent your days with the darkness learning how to live with it and taking off in your soul. You can’t illuminate your life until you accept that the darkness is a part of you and an important one at that. You’re out of your element, and you are desperate for a way back. Sometimes, the only way to get there is to go through the darkness first—to try and find your way in the dark. Seek the light as it is waiting for you to reach it. it will always be there waiting for you to find it. When you seek the light within us, you can see things from a different perspective and have more understanding about what is going on around you.


Allow your wounds to heal and be healed. Give us your cares, concerns, and worries as you are whole, complete, and perfect now, at this moment. There is nothing that can’t be healed with love. It is time to let go of the burdens of the past and accept that they no longer need to weigh you down or hold you back from living the life of your dreams. Guide yourself throughout the day with the question “How shall you choose to pivot towards the light this day?

Amanda Cooper

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