Angel Message Of The Day : Strength

Guardian Angel of Strength 


Strength manifests itself in many ways. You are blessed with the gift of strength, and it shows itself in many ways that you may not realize. You must acknowledge your gifts, and learn how to use them well. Show strength in different ways, and you will rise above in all ways. You will go through a lot in your journey, and it is most important to radiate love and light. You can show strength in many ways toward the right path that you have been seeking


The gift of discernment is knowing when to speak your truth and when to keep your truth close to your heart. You have been given the gift of discernment, and it is a pearl of great wisdom you can use. It is an important tool so that you can rise above your journey. Speaking your truth at the right moment is important in the process you are going through.


The gift of Light is given. The path before you may present opportunities to dim the Light within you. Instead choose to shine, radiating light and love. There are times when it feels like negativity is surrounding you. You may feel like you are in a slump and there is nothing but darkness. In the moments where you must feel most burdened, you must remember that you have the Light and Love within you. Stand your ground, and focus on the love and light in your heart and soul. 


The gift of hearing is given. As you grace the path before you, the gift of hearing is given. Give the gift of hearing those around you. There are many among us who crave to be heard. Give the gift of listening, and in turn, you will receive it too. Everyone is struggling toward the path that they have chosen, and it is important that you will offer to lend an ear to those who may need it. It is a show of appreciation and care toward the people around you. At the same time, it is important in showing empathy and compassion toward the people around you.


The gift of Joy is given. Give your smile to another today. Speak words of kindness to you and those around you. It is important that you show compassion and kindness wherever you will go. You must remember that the people around you are going through something as well, and it is important to be kind. When you show kindness in small ways such as speaking of kindness or simply smiling toward them, you will grant joy to the people around you. At the same time, you will feel the joy that you have given, as well.


There are many attempts to distract you from your path. Allow yourself to acknowledge the distractions for what they are, perceived detours. You must learn to understand and differentiate what are the distractions and what is your main path. There may be times when you may feel like there are many hurdles along the way. You must choose to rise above these hurdles and let them flow. The main path is before you, giving you loving kindness. Grace your Spirit with love and light, always moving forward.  


There are countless ways in which you express strength each and every step along the journey. Rejoice, for you continue to place one foot in front of the other. Rejoice for you can shine for all to see.  Rejoice in giving, so shall you receive. You are more than blessed, and it is important that you learn the gift of giving.  It is important as well to show gratitude and show appreciation all the way. 


See a beautiful bubble of bright white light all around your physical body. See or feel the bubble of bright white light extend in all directions around you. The bubble enfolds you in soft, gentle, loving energy.  The bubble of beautiful white light gently wraps itself around your physical body; extending 3 feet in front, back, above, and below. Imagine a soft cocoon of loving white light all around you, allowing only that which is borne of love and light to join with your energy.  Travel the path before you, love and light are your strength.

Amanda Cooper

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