Angel Message Of The Day : Unconditional Trust



Trust is the key to thy very expansion; expansion in Spirit; expansion in your heart center; expansion in your awareness; expansion in all relationships; expansion in accepting your true Self, your inner essence. Trust means letting go of control over outcomes and allowing life to unfold naturally according to its design, which is always perfect if we allow it to be so. It takes courage to trust yourself because there may be times when you don’t feel like doing what you know deep down inside is right for you, but trusting yourself means listening deeply within instead of listening only outwardly.


You may ask how it is possible to trust unconditionally. Discernment is the key to unlocking a magical journey before you. You live in a world where trusting others can be difficult, especially when it comes to those closest to you. That’s because you are constantly being bombarded with messages about trustworthiness. Trust is a gift, it’s not something that you can get from others, but something that you must give to them. It’s a state of mind, a perception, a feeling that comes from within yourself.

Trust is a gift freely given. Trust is first given to you. Do you trust your intuition and the messages given to you? Do you trust your judgment? It is not about being sure about anything. It’s about being open to possibilities and not closing yourself off from anything that might come along. If you don’t expect anything, then you’ll never be disappointed or hurt when things don’t work out as planned. You’ll always be open to new experiences because we’ll know that everything happens for a reason and there’s nothing in this world that can harm you if you’re open to receiving it.


In whom do you place your deepest sense of trust? Trust you. As there are layers of soil covering Mother Earth, there are layers of trust. This is the foundation upon which everything else stands. If you don’t have that trust, nothing will ever be possible for you. If you don’t believe in your ability to create and manifest your dreams, then nothing will ever happen. Always remember that trust that comes from within yourself when you feel good about who you are and what you represent as an individual. This layer can be used to create anything from a new relationship.


Many are trustworthy. There are many in whom you confide. Trust is a fragile thing. It can be shattered with one careless word or gesture; it can be broken by one thoughtless act or omission; it can be destroyed by one harsh word or harsh action. It comes into being only as the result of mutual experience, observation, and reflection. To build trust in yourself, you must be trustworthy in your personal life and professional life alike. You must be honest with yourself as well as with others about what you can and cannot do; about what you know and don’t know.

There are few you entrust with your life. Unconditional trust is a rare thing, and it is not given easily or freely. There are fewer still you in whom you trust your innermost feelings, your deepest desires, your fears. Trust takes time to build because it is not easy for people to let go of their guard and open up completely to others. It takes time for someone to see the good in others and let go of the bad things that one might have seen about them earlier on in their relationship. Unconditional trust is the most precious thing you can have in relationships. It’s the foundation on which you are built and without it, nothing else works out as well as it should or could.


Expressing unconditional trust is an exercise in discernment and faith in the unseen.  Unconditional love is a different kind of love. It’s the ability to permit that person to make mistakes. Expressing unconditional trust is an exercise in discernment and faith in the unseen. You can’t see into their heart, but you believe that they have one and that it’s good. The answer is that expressing unconditional trust is an exercise in discernment and faith in the unseen. Ultimately, it’s about relying on your internal guidance system rather than external information to make decisions about what you should do or not do in your life.

Trust is knowing when and to whom to open yourself completely. Trust is a decision to let go of what you think should happen in favor of what could happen with someone else’s support, wisdom, and love. It can be broken at some point and it takes time and effort to rebuild it. The stronger the relationship, the more difficult it may be to repair. Trust takes time to build and can be lost quickly if we are not careful with our words and actions. Trust that has been broken must be rebuilt over time with honesty and integrity.


Trust your sense of knowing, trust your sense of sight, trust your sense of hearing, trust your entire being. Trust yourself and know that you are doing the best that you can at any given moment. Whatever comes up for you at this moment, whatever experiences come up along the way, whatever surprises or disappointments may befall you – trust that everything happens exactly as it should happen and that there are lessons to be learned from every experience.


Should there be doubt, wait, for there is good reason. Your Core Essence, your true Self is a most sacred gift. You have been given a precious gift. A sacred trust, your Core Essence, your true Self. It is not to be taken lightly or lightly dismissed as you move through this life. Trust is a precious thing. It is the foundation of all relationships and without it, we can not be fully present and vulnerable in our lives. Trusting someone allows us to open up and share who we are with them. It allows us to be seen and heard by another person in a way that inspires us to grow as individuals.

Gift yourself with trust wholly and completely, without reservation, accepting that which is thy truth. You accept it all as perfect, with no judgment. It means that you know that everything is exactly as it should be and there is nothing to change. If only for a moment, let go of your expectations, ideas, and attachments to how things should be for you. If only for one moment, let go of all of your demands and requirements for others, or yourself. Let go of all expectations and just be. Be free from any thoughts about how someone else should be behaving or acting toward you for them to be loved or liked by you.


The truth of others does not serve you unconditionally; accept you with an open heart, mind, and open Soul unconditionally. Trust yourself. Trust your feelings and intuition. Trust what you know to be true deep inside of you. Trust that your soul is always guiding you in the direction that is best for your highest good.


You cannot first trust others and then trust you. You must first trust yourself unconditionally, all else flows freely for the asking, for the giving. Trust is a two-way street. You cannot give it until you first receive it from yourself. You cannot receive it from others until you first receive it from yourself. Your life is a reflection of how much you love and trust yourself. If you don’t love and respect yourself fully, then how can others love and respect you? When you give your love freely to yourself and others, it will come back to you tenfold.

Amanda Cooper

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