Chakra Cultivation : Day 22

The Relationship Between Chakras and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is an unseen force that can be harnessed to make your life better. It’s the power to attract what you want into your life, and it is the force that makes manifest your desires.

So how does this work? Well, there are seven main chakras in the body, each of which has a specific purpose. You can learn more about this topic by reading the statements below.


Effects Of Law Of Attraction In Chakras

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law that basically states that like attracts like. This means that the more you focus on what you want, the more likely you are to have it show up in your life. If there is something you want but don’t think it is possible for you to have, then this means that what you’re focusing on will eventually show up in your life.

The Law of Attraction works on all levels and is not limited to just manifesting material objects into existence. It also works with emotions and feelings as well as thoughts and beliefs.

As we have seen above, the Law of Attraction works with the energy centers in our bodies called chakras. These are seven energy centers located throughout our body which are believed to be at the heart of our divine nature which connects us directly with our higher self or God/Spirit. They are also believed to be connected with our physical body and its functions such as breathing, digestion etc.


Manifestation Associated With Chakras


Root Chakra 

It’s not just about having positive thoughts; it’s about having positive intentions. When we have positive intentions and focus our thoughts on something, it creates an energy that attracts good things into our lives.

The Law of Attraction can be applied to every aspect of life: personal relationships, career goals, and health. When people are focused on improving their health through exercise or dieting, they’re thinking positively about their future health condition and creating an energy that attracts those things into their lives.


Sacral Chakra 

The second chakra at the base of your spine is linked with your finances, career, relationships and health. If you are not happy with your finances or career then this chakra will be in a blocked state. It may be that you haven’t got enough money in the bank or have been let go from work which has affected your confidence levels.

If you have been feeling low on self-esteem then it could be because you have not been getting enough love from others in your life. You could also be putting yourself down because of something someone else said or did to you which is affecting how you feel about yourself as a person rather than just as an employee/employer relationship (this would involve other people who are involved with each other).


Solar Plexus 

The second chakra at the solar plexus is linked with love, relationships and career success. If you are loving yourself more regularly then this chakra will be open and flowing which means that it will help bring these things into your life.

You will find that a concept or thoughts suddenly come to you during or after meditation if you have been practicing daily meditation for two to four weeks and are working at a higher frequency. You’ll see that this wasn’t just a concept that came to mind. You’ll want to act on it since it will feel different and like an impulse. It could be anything, even something absolutely unrelated, like picking up something at the grocery store or giving a long-distance call to a buddy. Whatever the inspired thought is, act on it because it is only a stepping stone. It moves you one step closer to realizing your goals. Things come into being gradually, not all at once.


Heart Chakra 

It’s all about balance when it comes to the heart chakra and the law of attraction. The heart chakra, which is situated in the middle of the chest, governs our capacity for both giving and receiving love. We could draw toxic partnerships if this chakra is out of harmony.

We are capable of unconditional love whenever our heart chakra is in harmony. We are capable of expressing our feelings in a positive manner and we draw good relationships into our life. Miracles can occur when we concentrate on bringing good energy into our lives. Start by concentrating on bringing balance to your heart chakra if you want to draw greater romance into your life.


Throat Chakra 

The center of communication is here. To get support for your manifestation efforts, you use this chakra. You engage in conversation with others and let them motivate you more. You utilize this to connect with others, form bonds with them, and enlist their support as you travel. People were not made to operate independently. They must find others who share their goals in order to collaborate and accomplish anything.


Third Eye Chakra 

To learn more about anything, you must think about it carefully. You do this by scanning your belief system to see if there are any mental obstacles or limiting thoughts that might prevent you from manifesting what you want. You advance by getting rid of the drawbacks.

Crown Chakra 

We have a sense of connection to our higher selves and the heavenly powers when this chakra is in balance. We have access to our inner wisdom and intuition, and we experience joy and calm.

According to the Law of Attraction, opposites attract. So, when the Crown Chakra is out of harmony, it draws individuals, events, and things that are not consistent with who we truly are. The top of our heads, just above the transition between the skull and the scalp, houses the Crown Chakra. Our sense of self-identity, spirituality, and self-worth are all governed by this chakra. It is related to diamonds and the colors violet or white.


Final Thoughts

You must keep in mind that chakras give you a simple way to combine several manifestation-related features. The chakras’ overall health may be focused on, and everything else will fall into place on its own. Manifestation just happens when the chakra is the center of attention.

The alignment of your chakras for manifestation serves as a gauge. Concentrate on chakra health if your manifestation is taking longer than usual for no obvious reason. You’ll quickly be able to attract what you want.

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