Angel Message Of The Day: Darkest Before the Dawn

Archangel Haniel 


In the hours before the dawning of a new day, before the dawning of infinite possibilities, before the final manifestation into physical form, shadows of fear may rise within creating the appearance of great darkness all around you. This evocative statement captures the transformative nature of the pre-dawn moments, symbolizing the transition from the unknown to the realm of infinite potential. It acknowledges that in this liminal space, fear and uncertainty may arise, casting shadows that seem to envelop and obscure the path ahead.  Encourage yourself to acknowledge and confront your fears with courage and resilience. It reminds you that the shadows of fear are not to be feared themselves but rather serve as opportunities for self-reflection, growth, and personal empowerment. By facing your fears head-on, you can transcend the darkness and emerge stronger, wiser, and more capable of embracing the potential that lies within you.  Embrace the understanding that the shadows of fear are temporary and that they can be transcended. By challenging your fears and embracing the light of possibility, you can navigate through the darkness and step into a future filled with infinite potential. Acknowledge the shadows of fear that may arise within you, knowing that they are not insurmountable obstacles but rather opportunities for self-discovery and empowerment. 

Know it is at this moment when all would appear to be beyond your reach, the skies clear, rainbows manifest in places where there should be none assuring you all is well, and all is indeed occurring as you desire or better.  Even in the moments when everything seems out of reach and the challenges appear insurmountable, there is a glimmer of hope and reassurance. It emphasizes that during these times of uncertainty, unexpected signs of beauty and affirmation can emerge, assuring you that all is well and that your desires are being fulfilled, perhaps even surpassing your expectations. Life often presents you with moments of doubt and difficulty. It is during these times when your dreams and aspirations may seem distant and unattainable. However, the statement encourages you to have faith and trust in the unseen forces at work, reminding you that just when it feels like everything is beyond your reach, the skies clear, and rainbows appear in unexpected places. There is a divine orchestration at play, working behind the scenes to bring about the fulfillment of your desires. By embracing this belief, you can find solace and comfort in knowing that everything is occurring as it should and that the universe is conspiring in your favor. Remember that even when everything seems beyond your reach, there are unseen forces at work, aligning circumstances in your favor. By embracing the beauty of unexpected rainbows and affirming that all is well, you can create a reality that exceeds your desires and brings you profound joy and fulfillment.

There is nothing, no one to fear, for there is no loss. The inherent truth that lies within you. It emphasizes that fear and loss are illusory concepts, for in reality, there is nothing to fear and nothing to lose. It invites you to explore the depths of your being and recognize the limitless nature of your existence. You fear losing what you hold dear, whether it be possessions, relationships, or your sense of identity. However, the statement challenges us to transcend this limited perspective and recognize that at the core of our being, there is an eternal essence that is untouched by loss. You have the power to transcend fear and move through life with courage and grace. You can recognize that there is nothing to fear, you can navigate challenges and uncertainties with a sense of calm and trust in the inherent goodness of the universe. Release the grip of fear and recognize the limitless nature of our existence. By anchoring ourselves in the present moment and cultivating a sense of trust, we can move through life with grace and experience the profound joy that comes from knowing there is nothing to fear and no loss to be experienced.


There is only love. There is only light. Embrace the transformative power of love and recognize the inherent radiance that resides within us and all of creation. You are reminded that love is the fundamental force that underlies the fabric of the universe. It is the essence from which all things emerge and the energy that connects us all. Love transcends boundaries, unifies hearts, and brings forth compassion, kindness, and understanding. Recognize that love and light are not separate entities, but rather interconnected aspects of your being. Love is the energy that fuels the light within you, and the light within you amplifies your capacity to love. They are inseparable and intertwined, working in harmony to bring forth harmony, joy, and unity. Understand that love and light are the guiding forces in your life. By choosing love and allowing your inner light to shine, you can create a world filled with compassion, joy, and unity. The power of love to transform your life and the lives of those around us. By embracing your inner light and extending love to yourself and others, you can create a world that is filled with beauty, harmony, and infinite possibilities.

There is only manifestation into physical form that has already been made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name. Everything that comes into existence in the physical world has already been created and manifested in the realm of spirit, bearing your unique imprint. It invites you to know the power of your intentions and the role you play in bringing forth your desires into tangible reality. Cultivate a sense of trust and surrender to the divine timing and orchestration of your desires. It reminds you that although your desires have already been made manifest in the realm of spirit, they may not always manifest in the physical world according to your perceived timeline. You are encouraged to have faith that everything is unfolding as it should and that the universe is working in your favor. The manifestation is not solely a passive process but requires you to actively participate and co-create with the universe. By taking steps towards your goals, you demonstrate your commitment and readiness to receive the manifestations that have already been made in your name. You have a personal connection to the manifestations that occur in your life. By acknowledging and embracing your true self, you align yourself with the divine energy that supports your desires and brings them into physical form. Embrace the understanding that you are a co-creator of your reality, and your desires have already been made manifest in the realm of spirit. By organizing your thoughts, intentions, and actions with your desires, you can actively participate in the manifestation process and bring forth your dreams into tangible reality. The power of your intentions and the role you play in bringing forth your desires into physical form. By aligning yourself with the creative energy of the universe and taking inspired action, you can manifest a reality that is in alignment with your truest desires.

Amanda Cooper

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