Angel Message Of The Day : Do Not Be Afraid

Archangel Michael 


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall clear the way before you. An angel will be sent to you and that Angel will guide you on your journey. You are not alone. The light and love have been whispering in your heart for years, but you have been afraid to listen. You have been too busy to open your heart and listen to the voice of love that lives within you. But now is the time for you to open up your heart and allow it to be filled with courage and love. The dark path shall tear down every barrier that stands in your way until your heart is at rest and your soul is satisfied.

All is cast in the light of everlasting love and all that is not of love shall be cast aside.  It is time for all things to come into the light so that you may see clearly as you walk through this world. Do not fear what you cannot see or understand, for it must find its place in the light. Be not afraid. You are the light of the world. Be a mirror of the love that surrounds you and be the beacon of hope to those who are lost in darkness. You are loved beyond measure, beyond all measure. You are loved by the Creator of all things and all beings.



All that is not for your highest and best good has no dominion over you and all that is not of love and light shall fall from you in the asking.  Be clear with yourself about what you want. Ask for it in detail, as if you have already received it. You are loved. You are different from yesterday. You are not your past experiences and you are not your future outcomes. Do not fear what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future, for all is now and all is well. Fear nothing but your unwillingness to change and grow. You are simply an eternal soul having a human experience for this lifetime.

All shall be granted to you, for you are a beloved child of the Divine Source. Do not fear the future, for it holds only joy and blessings for you. Do not be afraid to seek and ask what you want in your journey. It will be provided to you as long as you become faithful to the Divine One. Do not let the negative energy surround your heart, for there is no darkness left in your world. You are a miracle, a divine manifestation of Source Energy in physical form. You have been given the gift of life, and this is your moment to shine.



All shall be granted to you, for you are loved beyond measure. You were created to love, to laugh, and to live in joy. The world is a beautiful place, but it can be filled with pain. It is a place where you can face fear and feel the heaviness of the world on your shoulders. You can get lost in your darkness and pain, but there is always hope in the light. All that has been promised you in the past shall be yours again in this time of great change. You have only to let go of your fears and allow the light within you to shine freely once more.


Call upon me to protect you from the thoughts, intentions, and emotions of those who would seek to harm you. Do not be afraid of anything or anyone except those things which lead away from the divine source and into sin. You are protected from those who would seek to harm you. This world has become a very dangerous place, and fear is rampant in many hearts. The light is with you. Call upon it and you will receive the courage to stand up for what you believe in even when others disagree with your point of view. Call upon me to clear your path.  

Call upon me to cleanse your entire being of all that is not of love and light, all that is not for your highest and best good. Allow the Divine One to surround you with divine light so that nothing can penetrate its powerful rays of protection and healing energy to restore balance within yourself once again. The light will shine upon you always and the love will comfort your soul. You are safe. You are loved beyond measure by the light and love that flows through the veins of the universe. There is nothing you can ever do wrong, no matter how small or big it may seem to you at this moment in time.


All is well, all is in Divine Order and all is made whole in the asking. You are loved and cherished beyond measure. You are worthy of all good things and all good things are yours. The world you live in today can be a very scary place, but when you look deeper into the meaning behind these words, you find a great deal of comfort and reassurance. You always could create whatever you desire but have not known how or when to do so. In this lifetime you have been allowed to learn how to use these tools and apply them to create what will bring joy and abundance into your life.

Know this is so now, this moment. Go in peace; know you are cloaked within my great wings of protection, unconditional love, light, and mercy. Today is the beginning of a new day. Today is a new opportunity to choose love over fear, joy over worry or anger, and forgiveness over resentment. You are cherished. You are safe, and you are not alone. Be gentle with yourself during this process of change: know that you will always be loved unconditionally by the divine one.


Be not afraid this day for you are cleansed of all that no longer serves you. You are free to move forward with a new sense of purpose and clarity. The past is behind you and you are now able to see the path ahead. Take note that what is happening in your life is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. You have been given a purpose and a reason to be here in this time and place. There is nothing to fear for all has been done for you already. You have only to accept what is given unto you and be grateful for it.

Amanda Cooper

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