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Angel of Faith 


Faith is the belief in the unknown. Faith is not just a belief, it is a trust. It’s not just a trust, it’s a trust based on evidence. Faith is not blind trust, it is trust in something you have seen or experienced. It is an important investment in your life because it gives you hope and strength during difficult times. Faith gives you courage when you are afraid and strength when you are weak. Faith helps you to overcome obstacles by giving you confidence that everything will work out for the best in the end even if it does not seem possible at first glance.


Faith is the belief in the unseen. It is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. As it is confidence in what you hope for and assurance about what you do not see. A person who has faith believes that their beliefs are true even though there is no proof to back them up with facts or evidence. It is also a trust that something will happen or exist. It is a firm belief in something even though there is no proof. Faith is a belief that does not have any proof to support it.


Faith is the belief in the unproven. It is not having evidence for something, but believing anyway. It is more of a decision not to think about whether something is true or not. It’s not just religion, but every other form of “belief” that doesn’t require evidence or logic to support it: astrology, homeopathy, psychics, spiritualism, etcetera. All these things are based on faith, not evidence or logic. It’s impossible to rationally justify them because they’re all based on non-evidence-based beliefs.


Faith is a sense of knowing what is for our own highest and best good. It is having trust in the universe and its laws. It is an investment in thoughts that there is something bigger than you, greater than you, and more powerful than you and that you are part of it. Faith is not a belief that everything will work out as it should or that everything will turn out fine if you just do what you’re supposed to do. Faith is a belief that everything will be okay no matter what happens because ultimately there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.


Faith is knowing which fork in the road to take.  It is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted despite your changing moods. It is difficult to say what is the exact meaning of faith. Faith is the art of retaining a belief in something that you have once accepted, despite your changing moods. Faith is difficult to define but we know that it is something that everybody has. Some people can believe things very easily while others have difficulty in accepting anything new. There are times when we have doubts about everything and it becomes difficult for us to accept anything new.


Faith is a cloak of belief in the power within and that of my brethren and me.  It is a comfort, an assurance like insurance, and a shield against the onslaught of doubt. Faith is the earth from which you spring, the water in which you swim, and the air that you breathe. Faith is all that matters because it is all that exists. You have faith in your friends, family members, teammates, financial coaches, and competitors. You have faith in yourself. You have faith in your abilities as an athlete and as a person. You have faith in your ability to learn from mistakes, rise above challenges, and overcome obstacles.


Faith is surrendering the fear of lack. Many people struggle with this because they have a fear of lack. They fear that they won’t get what they want, so they don’t put out the energy that attracts what they want. Because of their fear of failure, they don’t even try.  It is not being afraid of failure or rejection or being judged as less than perfect. It’s about having enough faith in yourself and your vision that you keep going when things don’t go according to plan.


Faith is surrendering the fear of being alone, being lonely, not finding or being with one who loves you unconditionally. It is the most difficult thing to do because it takes you out of your comfort zone. Faith requires you to invest in something beyond yourself. It allows you to let go and be vulnerable. It can be scary to put your faith in someone else, but it’s also liberating because it means that they are responsible for loving you and making sure that they don’t break your heart. Faith is the belief in something bigger than yourself. It is the belief that there is something greater than the physical existence that you live in and that although some things may be out of your control, you can always trust in a higher power to guide you through life.


Faith is surrendering disease of the body, the mind, the heart, of the Spirit. The body is an asset of the soul, the mind is the instrument of the soul, and the heart is the instrument of the soul. When you are in a state of disease, you are not allowing yourself to be an instrument of the Universe. You are holding back. You have to surrender everything you don’t want. The mind, the body, and your heart must be surrendered to the Universe. Faith is surrendering disease of the body, the mind, the heart, of the Spirit. Surrendering to the Divine brings healing because the Divine Source is all-powerful and all-knowing.


Faith is trusting that which you know to be your truth. It’s trusting that which you’ve experienced and learned to be the best path for you. It’s knowing that what is true for you will be true for others, too. It’s also investing in a higher power which is yourself. When you can trust that which you know to be your truth, your faith is strengthened. Our faith becomes a tool for us to use in our lives and helps us to overcome the challenges that we face. When you have a strong faith, it allows you to move forward in life with greater confidence and strength.


Faith is having the strength and courage to do what must be done in the light of day. It is the willingness to act in a way that is consistent with what you believe, even if you don’t see the results. It doesn’t mean believing something you can’t see; it means believing even when you can’t believe anymore. Faith is not about being certain, faith is about being hopeful when there’s no hope left. Faith is trust; trust in someone or something enough to accept them at their word, even when they are silent or absent but still hovering in the background influencing our lives anyway.


Faith is knowing when to stay the course and when to step out past all you have ever known, knowing there will be something to step upon or you will be given wings to fly. Faith is knowing you are Divinely protected in times of great pain, and indecision.  It is thinking positive thoughts despite negative circumstances. Faith is believing in yourself when no one else does. Faith is trusting the Universe’s timing even though it’s not what you would choose for yourself. Faith is knowing that the Divine One has a perfect plan for everyone and everything, but you still need to be willing participants in making it happen.


Faith is knowing all is well. This allows you to see past your doubts and fears, so you can keep moving forward no matter what stands in your way. This makes you invest in allowing us to see the big picture instead of getting bogged down in details or minutiae that might interfere with our purpose. 


Faith is trusting your inner guidance and acting upon it. You can have faith in your inner guidance and act on it. You don’t necessarily have to believe in God or religion. It’s more like trusting your inner voice, intuition, and knowingness. It is a process of trusting yourself and acting upon it rather than hoping for a desired outcome or feeling guilty if something doesn’t work out as planned. When you have faith, you know that things will work out even if you don’t know how or when that will happen yet.


Faith is always within you. An investment that you never thought you would already invest in it. The moment that you have faith, your life will be changed. The moment that you have faith, you will believe in miracles and possibilities. Faith is a journey of trust, surrendering yourself to the Universe’s will and Its plan for you no matter what it is. It’s like a little seed planted in your heart, waiting to grow into something great, but with time and patience, it can do wonders for you and those around you.

Amanda Cooper

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