Angel Message Of The Day : Faith Simply Is

Angel of Faith 

Faith is a belief in the unseen. Faith is not just about what you believe, but also how you live. When you act on faith, you are saying that The Universe knows better than you do about what is best for your life. Faith gives you hope when you don’t have any other answers. Faith motivates you to make changes that you might otherwise avoid because you don’t know if they will work out well or even if they’re possible at all. Faith allows you to see things from God’s perspective rather than your limited understanding of things. Faith gives you courage when you feel afraid, strength when you feel weak, and comfort when you feel alone. Faith helps you get through tough times and enjoy the good times even more.

Faith is a belief in that which is unspoken. It is looking beyond what you can see, hear, touch, or feel and believing in what cannot be proven. Faith is taking a step out on something that you know nothing about, yet you have complete confidence in its ability to support you. Faith doesn’t mean that all your questions will be answered today. It means that you’re still hoping for some answers tomorrow. It means that you don’t give up when things get tough, but instead push through with strength and determination to see it through to the end.

Faith is a belief in that which is unheard of in the physical realm. It is an important element of life that gives you the strength to overcome obstacles and face uncertainty. What if you had no faith? What if you didn’t believe in anything? When you invest yourself in Faith, it gives you hope and direction in life; it helps you know what to do when you don’t know what to do; it gives you confidence when you doubt yourself; it gives you courage when you are afraid; it gives you comfort when you hurt; it helps you to trust others even when they have disappointed you before; it helps you forgive those who have hurt you; and above all, faith keeps you going even when things look hopeless.

Faith lovingly wraps around your entire being in times of doubt or fear. It is like a barrier to the doubts you encounter in life. The longer you invest yourself in your faith, the longer the durability of your faith protects you from the fear you will face in this earthly realm. You know your faith will never betray or fail you through any circumstance or trial you may face as long as you continue to stay committed to it even if it means giving up things that matter most to you such as your relationships with others or even yourself, but whatever comes at you will be dealt with according to what the Universe has conspire.

Faith lovingly protects you, strengthening your choice to move forward. When you don’t feel like it’s safe to trust in anything, faith is there for you, giving you something solid to hold onto. For many people, faith is hard to come by when they’re dealing with trauma. Since trauma often involves abuse or betrayal, many people have difficulty trusting anyone at all even to themselves. They may feel like they’re walking through life blindfolded, never knowing what might happen next, and unable to trust anyone else for fear that they’ll be hurt again. Despite that faith can be difficult to gain, it’s worth fighting for because it can change everything for the better. 

Faith endures when all else appears to have fallen away from you in times of strife. It is trusting in something bigger than yourself, even when there is little evidence that it exists or that it cares about you at all. It isn’t about absolute certainty. Faith doesn’t mean you know everything or have all the answers; rather, it means you believe that something bigger than yourself exists and cares about you even when there’s little evidence that exists or that cares about you at all. It also doesn’t mean that everything will work out exactly as planned; it means trusting in something bigger than yourself even when there’s little evidence that it exists or cares about you at all.

Faith is knowing all is well; occurring in Divine Time. Your faith wraps around you as it assures you of your worries in life. The problems you may face can be financial, a degree, the due of the mortgage, a relationship, and so on. Your faith will always be there for you as all will be well. It is being at peace with who you are and where you are in this moment, trusting that all will unfold as it should. Faith is when you know that your path has not changed, but your understanding of it may have, which allows for new opportunities to appear.

Faith is knowing there is a power greater than yourself gently guiding your footsteps along the path before you. It is relying on something or someone outside yourself for assistance in times of need. As it gives you hope in times of despair, courage during our darkest hours, and love when you feel unloved.

What is before you this day, be willing to reach deep within, reconnecting with your inner divine.  Allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling and allow yourself to express these feelings through words or actions. Acceptance allows us to move forward into what you need to do next, by giving up the fight against what is happening in your life right now. To accept something means to acknowledge it as true or real. It means not fighting against reality or a situation, but instead accepting it and finding ways around it instead of trying to change it into something different from what it is at any given moment in time.

Transition brought you to where you are, transition shall guide you to all that awaits you in the days ahead. This process is the point where you have to make some tough decisions about what you want and what you don’t want in your life. Transition is when you learn to live with your past, love your present, and prepare for your future. As it is a place where you can be real, honest, and authentic with yourself. And when you are genuinely honest with yourself, you can also be real, honest, and authentic with others. Transition is not about making changes in your life; it’s about making new choices about what’s important and what needs your attention right now.

Reach beyond what is known; be open to all which awaits you.  You are a seeker of truth, a truth which will set you free. You have sought this truth in many places but have not yet found it. This search has led you into many dark forests, where danger lurks behind every tree and shadow hides an unknown foe. The path ahead is uncertain and filled with peril and uncertainty, but if you continue on your quest then someday you will find what you seek: the ultimate truth that sets all human beings free.

Walk in peace this day for all is well with you. May the worries and concerns of yesterday have been left behind. As you will be true to yourself, and you will be true to your friends. Forgive those who have hurt you, for it is easier for them to hurt you than for you to forgive them. Try not to become the person of success, but rather try to become the person of value.

Amanda Cooper

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