Angel Message Of The Day : Transformational Healing

Archangel Raphael 


Beloved child, you are filled with love. You are full of beauty and grace. You can change your life with your thoughts. You may not know that you have already become an investment that you want to have. You have come to this world to fulfill a mission. And that mission is to spread love and joy wherever you go. It’s up to you to find out how you can accomplish this purpose. You must let go of any negative thoughts about yourself before they can harm your soul. The only way for this process to work is if you consciously make an effort to do so every day until it becomes a habit.

You are loved unconditionally.  You may not know however they are loved under no circumstances. No restrictions as all individuals you may know in this earthly realm accept you for who you are. Even when you are at your worst times like unable to finish a bachelor’s degree, lack of money, unable to pay your debts from your credit cards, etc. Some people are still there for you through thick and thin. They love all of your flaws and negativity. The love they have provided you unconditionally will make you grow out of where you are. When you believe that you are loved unconditionally, then you can stop trying so hard to please others and start focusing on living an authentic life that makes you happy.


You are cared for unconditionally.  Every person that knows you and loves you unconditionally, cares for you in any circumstances. The care that provides for you is the same love that flows through everyone else in the world. It is pure, unconditional love and it has nothing to do with what you do or who you are. You don’t need to earn it or deserve it; it is yours from the moment you were born. In this place of unconditional love, there is no fear, no doubt, and no darkness because there is only light here. There is only one thing left: You. And when you are surrounded by nothing but love, when everything else has vanished into thin air, what do you have left? Nothing but yourself and your self-concepts about yourself. 

You are guided without reservation. The guidance is given in a way that feels right for you, not forced upon you. You may be guided to release negativity from your physical body, emotions, and thoughts. You may be led through a past life regression to understand more about who you are today and why you are here on earth at this particular moment in time. Follow that light as this guidance is unconditional for your being. You will be awakened with a sign that you unexpectedly encounter in your life. You will receive knowledge for yourself, for others, and for humanity as a whole. This knowledge will come through intuition, dreams, or visions. 


Seek the light within.  Seek the Flame of Divinity within your heart center.  The Flame of Divinity is the light that burns within your heart. It is the flame that lights up your soul when you have found your spiritual path and are living in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The human race is experiencing a collective awakening at an unprecedented rate. Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the changes taking place within them and around them.  Feel into this flame until it becomes brighter than ever before. See this flame growing stronger and brighter with each breath that you take. As this flame burns brighter within you, allow yourself to relax deeper into your seat or chair until you feel completely at ease within yourself.


Seek peace and harmony. If you are ready to make a change, it is important to know that you can with peace and then harmony. Healing is a process of discovery and growth. It is often uncomfortable as we move through the various phases of healing, but the rewards are well worth it. It helps if you can find something that gives you joy or makes life worth living again. What brings happiness to others might be different for each person, but there is always something that can help you move on from your past and find hope for the future.


Shed all that no longer applies, and no longer serves your highest and best good.  Let go of the past and all how you have not been your own best friend. Enjoy the freedom of letting go of old patterns. Forgive yourself for everything you have ever done or said that was not perfect. Forgive others for everything they have ever done or said that was not perfect. When you are ready, it’s time to let go. Let go of the past, the future, and even the present moment. You can’t hold on to anything in this world, not even yourself. Allow yourself to be free.

Shed tears of joy, for all is forgiven. Forgiveness is not about condoning the wrong that was done against you, nor does it mean that you have to forget what happened. Forgiveness is about letting go of the past so that you can live fully in the present. Move forward with the healing you need during this process as you must absorb all the positive aspects in life even if there are people who have hurt you deeply, then forgiving them may be essential for your peace of mind and your ability to love again freely and without reservations.


Shed tears of thanksgiving for all that is before you. Provide thanks for all the things you have been grateful for in the past. When you practice gratitude regularly it helps you to see that many things in life are always good, including yourself and your health. This can be an important part of healing from illness as well as maintaining good health. Accept every opportunity as a gift to transform your life; stop resisting what is being presented to you now. It’s not about what’s happening around you, it’s about what is happening within you.

Step into the Light of Divine Source. You are wrapped in Angel Wings of Golden. Allow the golden light to wash over you, inside and out. Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter as it is filled with this golden light. Become aware of all the ways that you have been feeling heavy, burdened, and down on yourself. Now, allow these burdens to fall away from you and float away into the ethers where they can be transmuted into pure energy for future use. Feel your spirit rising to meet with your Soul Essence and merge with a dance of joyous celebration.


Light. Be comforted for all is well this day. You have come to the light. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the darkness that surrounds you; instead, use it as an opportunity for growth and self-reflection; look inwardly and seek out those aspects of yourself that need healing so that they may be transformed into something beautiful and pure once again. The light of the world shines bright through you. You are a shining star in the heavens, illuminating the darkness with your radiance. You are a beacon of hope and healing to so many who struggle in the world today.

Amanda Cooper

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