Angel Message Of The Day : State of Grace



Allow a state of grace to flow within, around, and through you this day. Be aware of the blessings in your life and acknowledge them with gratitude. You are filled with divine love and light. You are loved by all that is, was, and ever will be. You are safe and secure. You are surrounded by angels who protect you at all times. Take time to meditate and pray, thanking the Universe for all that is good in your life. Becoming aware of grace in your life helps you to recognize that you are loved and cared for even in those moments when you feel unloved and uncared for. Receiving grace allows you to experience the love more deeply, which leads to greater intimacy with the Divine One and with others.


What is a state of grace? A state of grace is an ideal state, or a state of being that is considered to be perfect. A person in a state of grace has been forgiven for their sins and has been granted eternal salvation. Different religions and philosophies ascribe different attributes to this concept. The term state of grace can also refer to a person who has achieved a higher level of spirituality through religious practice. A state of grace is a state of being in the Universe’s favor. 


Grace is stepping aside when it matters, not what is before you. Grace is letting go of things that are out of your control and staying true to yourself, not what is before you. When you have grace, you have dignity and honor, and people respect you as someone who deserves to be treated well because of your character traits. It’s about choosing not to give in to temptation when others would have easily given in themselves. It’s about being willing to walk away from something that would have brought you pleasure at the expense of someone else’s pain.

Grace is allowing another to seek their path, not the path you would choose for them. Grace is forgiving you for missteps along the way.  Grace is not judging or criticizing the other person, but rather accepting them as they are. When you judge others, you limit their growth and progress. You are only responsible for your actions, thoughts and feelings. It is important to remember that we all make mistakes and that our mistakes do not define who we are as individuals. Each experience in life is an opportunity to learn and grow as human beings. When judgmental people are faced with a problem, they usually respond by blaming someone else instead of looking at the situation logically and trying to figure out what went wrong so it can be corrected next time around.

Grace is accepting the decisions of another whether or not they please you. Grace is a gift, not something earned or deserved. Grace is the presence of the Universe in your life at all times, even when you seem to be standing alone; it’s like a parachute if you are falling from a great height. You may not always understand how much it means to you, but it could mean everything. When people make decisions that do not please you, you need to remember that you are not the ones who know what is best for them or what will bring them happiness. To show grace means you accept their choices as long as they don’t harm others in doing so; this way you can give them the freedom to be who they are without trying to change them into something different.


Grace is being gentle with yourself as you travel the path before you. it’s knowing that life isn’t perfect and that’s okay. Grace is a gift, not something you earn. Grace is an attitude of acceptance that allows you to experience life in a way that allows for both the joys and sorrows of life. Grace is not a sign of weakness, but rather it is a sign of strength. Grace can be expressed through forgiveness and acceptance, even when others make mistakes or do things you don’t understand or agree with. When you can extend grace to others, you open yourself up to receiving grace from others as well.


Grace is compassionate, and nurturing. Grace is also a lifestyle. It’s about how you treat others and how you live your life. As it always puts others first. Grace is always present to those who need it most. It brings joy regardless of your circumstances because it comes from the Divine One. You need to be gracious in order not only to receive help from others but also to accept their love and support as well as your forgiveness when you’ve made mistakes.


Grace is love, being open to seeing the Light within.  Grace is a state of being, a state of consciousness where everything is in its right place. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the one thing that can break through all of our defenses and bring us back to our true selves. Love is also the most important thing we can offer others because it heals and brings joy. Grace makes you feel at home in the world. It makes you feel connected to all things. It’s a way of being present in the moment, with no judgment or expectations. It’s also a way of being compassionate and accepting of yourself as well as others.

Grace is open to seeing the Light within others regardless of appearances, regardless of actions. The Light may be hidden behind layers of darkness, but it is always there. When you can see that Light and accept it in others, you can act with compassion and grace. Grace is allowing others to make mistakes without judgment or condemnation, because you know they are doing their best with what they have. Grace allows us to accept people just as they are, not as we want them to be or expect them to be. 


Grace is the best investment you need in your life. Grace is the best resource for your business, it is the most powerful tool that can help you attract customers and increase sales. Grace is a divine favor given to us by the Universe, without any merit on your part. It is not a reward for good behavior or achievement but simply a gift from the Divine One. Grace is a divine gift, a gift of God to mankind. Grace is the favor of the Universe upon a person or people that enables them to receive and accept it. It is unconditional and undeserved.

Amanda Cooper

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