Angel Message Of The Day : Healing Begins Within

Archangel Jeremiel 


Healing begins with your inner core, your true essence of light and love. With this, you can move forward and create change in every aspect of your journey in life. Healing can also be thought of as a return to wholeness. When you are in pain, you often feel broken or incomplete, but this is only because you have forgotten what it feels like to be whole. This is an ongoing process that never ends; it’s a way of life that we choose each day by making conscious choices based on what serves us best at any given moment. You can do this by simply taking some time for yourself each day to feel into your center and connect with what is there.


All thoughts, emotions, and actions are based on fear or love. If you are acting out of love, then you are acting from a place of connection with others and yourself.  The mind can only think about one thing at a time. It cannot be present in two places at once. If it thinks about something that causes you pain, it cannot think about something that brings you joy at the same time. Fear comes from judging yourself and others, comparing yourself to others and setting expectations that are impossible to achieve. All fear must be transformed into love through forgiveness and gratitude so that healing can begin within you.


It matters not how fear rises be it cloaked in shadow, doubt, or lack. It is not your fault that you feel fear, but when you know what it is and why you feel it, then you can choose to heal from it. It matters not how fear rises be it cloaked in shadow, doubt, or lack. Fear is a feeling that is experienced by all of us but we do not always know how to process it and move forward. If you’re having trouble with your emotions right now, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by them. Letting go of emotional pain can be hard work and forgive yourself to awaken the light in you.

All are laced with fear. Love is calm, peaceful, happy, joyous, prosperous, and opening yourself to endless possibilities. Love is an internal experience that gives you the courage to face whatever life throws at you head-on. Love is knowing that nothing can ever break your spirit or diminish your capacity to love yourself and others unconditionally. You cannot learn how to love by trying to figure out how others love you.   Love yourself first and everything else falls into place. Healing begins within. It’s a process that begins with a realization that you are the power source for your life. 


Love encourages stepping forth to all which awaits you.  Love encourages you to open yourself up by preparing to receive all that you desire. Healing is not something that you can ask for.  It is an experience you must create for yourself by opening your heart up to receive the love. If you think that you are unworthy of love, or unworthy of being healed, then that is what you will believe and receive. you are not alone in your journey. You are loved and supported by spirit, your angels and guides, by your family and friends, and by everyone who is touched by your life.

Call upon me and my brethren, we shall assist you in conducting a most loving life review, acknowledging all that has brought you to this moment. Healing begins when you fully accept the truth of what happened in your lives. It is not always easy to do but it must be done if you are ever going to find peace and happiness in this life.  Keep reminding yourself that you’re loved, free of pain and suffering. You have to move forward onto a new plane of existence where you can continue to grow, learn and evolve. At this moment you are healed, in this moment you are loved, in this moment you are whole.


You need not be harsh or judgmental of yourself. Be gentle, loving, and nurturing yourself as you acknowledge all that has come before. Remember that the healing process is ongoing and it may take time for the full benefits to be realized. It is not easy. When you have been hurt, it can be very difficult to acknowledge that hurt and begin the process of healing. You may feel shame or guilt because of what you have done or what has happened to you. Allow yourself to feel any feelings that arise without fear or guilt. It is important to remember that you are healing and growing each day, even if there seems to be little change at times.


Light a purple candle; surround you with amethyst purple light.  You have prepared for all that awaits you.  Your body is a temple.  You have been given this gift of life and you must care for it. Now, allow yourself to relax completely.  Allow your entire body to become deeply relaxed and open to healing energies.  Let your breath be natural and comfortable as it flows in and out of your body. You have pulled yourself together, and now it is time to begin your journey. You have been preparing for this day, and now you are ready to take the first step.

Step into the light beloved child for there is only love, there is only light.  You have been given many gifts during your time on Earth but these gifts must be used wisely. You are here because you chose to experience life as we do. You chose to experience this physical realm and all that it has to offer. You chose to be human. There is a light that shines within you, it is your soul and it has always been there. It is the essence of who you are, it is love and wisdom beyond words. 

Step out onto the path before you with faith, and trust.  The path before you leads to a life of healing and happiness. But it’s not easy, and it’s not a straight line. It’s a challenge that you have to travel down, and it will take time. When you feel pain, you can be sure that healing is beginning. It’s your body’s way of letting you know that something needs to be addressed. Healing begins within and can only be found from within. Healing can’t be given to you, it must be found within yourself.


Open your heart, mind, your Soul, embracing all that awaits you. Step into the light. You have the power to heal yourself. You can make a difference in your life. You are worthy of all the good things that life has to offer. It is a process of learning to love yourself, to be true to yourself, and to accept all that you are. Healing is not something you do, it is something that happens. It comes from within. The time has come for you to heal. Your light will shine brighter than you ever dreamed possible if you choose to open yourself up to all that exists within the realm of possibility.

Amanda Cooper

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