Angel Message Of The Day : Purification

Archangel Taharial


White symbolizes purity, integrity, and the Light of the Divine Source. When there is purity, all of the darkness and unnecessary or trivial things are cleansed. You will be fully renewed, and all of the clarity that you seek will be given to you. When there is integrity, there are morals and trust that all is honest and fair. When there is light from the Divine Source, there is hope that keeps the fire burning in you. There is a hope that all that you desire and wish for in the universe will come true.


Brilliant white Light cleanses and purifies all things, all thoughts, and all emotions. Take a few moments, and get comfortable. Breathe deeply, holding your breath. Then, exhale slowly. Breathe in, hold, exhale. Breathe in, hold, exhale, and imagine that all is finally opening up. The Crown Chakra is opening to Divine Source. When all is purified, you will feel as if all that you are is refreshed and renewed. You will feel as if you are in your comfort zone, where you can finally breathe in the greatness and release all of the worries and troubles that were burdening you. Let the chakra lift you up and inspire you so that a connection with the Divine will be fully made.


Archangel Taharial is by your side. You are enfolded in his magnificent wings of pure white light. When you are given the blessings of the Archangel Taharial with guidance and light, you shall bask in its greatness and purity. You are guided by the Archangel Taharial, in a way that all of the steps you will be making assure you that you are on the right path. The magnificent wings with pure white light will grant you the clarity that you are seeking. Let yourself be enfolded in the magnificent wings, and bask in the light so that you will embody positivity.


Archangel Taharial’s light is so bright he is nearly translucent. See sparkles of shimmering light. See this brilliant white luminescent light enter your Crown Chakra, gently flowing through your body all the way down to your toes. Let the light flow through you so that you will radiate greatness and love. Radiate the light that will guide you through the journey you are traveling. Let it flow toward you so that you can bask in the shimmering light. See or sense this beautiful light filling your entire physical being and your Aura energy field. Your body begins to glow. 


All that is not of light is cleansed and purified. Whatever is not of light should no longer have a space in your heart and soul. Let it be cleansed and purified so you will only radiate light and love. The light coming from the Divine Source is unlike any other. Let it flow within you so that you will receive the clarity that you have been seeking. Once you work with a clear mind and clear heart, there will be more room for light and love that should occupy your soul and all of you. Let the light and love radiate within.


There is a beautiful rainbow just in front of you. Reach out to touch the gift of total alignment, and breathe in all the colors of the rainbow. How do you feel? You have been blessed by the gifts of balance and total alignment. You must be feeling that all is well and in harmony, and it is no wonder that you are seeking this balance within yourself.  


You have the power to return at any moment. Even if you have wandered for a long time, it is not always too late to choose to bask in the light. It is not too late to feel purified and cleansed of worries, fears, and darkness that have certainly been there for a while now. Be rest assured that the darkness you might be feeling at this very moment will not stay for long. Rather, light shall flow within you soon enough. You just have to let yourself bask in the light and love that is given to you. Do not be afraid any longer. Travel this day enfolded in a cocoon of brilliant white light.

Amanda Cooper

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