Angel Message Of The Day : Comfort of Source



The blanket of Source covers you this day.  You are loved and cherished. You are safe and secure. You are held in the arms of Source, who is your home. You are held in the blanket of Source. You will receive all that you need to support you in this moment. There is always enough to go around, and it is never too late to do the right thing. Everything that has ever happened in your life has led to this moment. You have come a long way, and if you look back on your journey, there is much to be proud of. The world around you is changing rapidly. This can be a time of great excitement or fear depending on how self-aware you are about what’s happening around you. If you have been paying attention, then you know that much is shifting in the earthly realm right now. The old paradigm has been dying for some time now and many are finding themselves struggling with how to keep up with all of these changes happening so quickly around them. Your life circumstances may feel challenging right now because they reflect your inner state at any given moment in time; however, this can also be an opportunity for growth if used correctly by staying focused on what matters most to you.


The Light of Source enfolds you this day. You are loved, cherished, and protected by the Light of Source. The Light of Source is always with you and always will be. You are safe in the Light of Source, no matter what may come to pass. Let’s go into the Light of Source now and ask for what you need most at this time. Allow yourself to receive from this place of love and light as your needs are met in ways that are perfect for you at this time. Let go into the peace and stillness that is within you right now as you allow yourself to receive this energy that is flowing through all things. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth as you feel yourself breathing in love and light into your being right now. Feel yourself being filled with love as all things around you begin to heal themselves naturally by your presence here today. As the energy flows through your body from top to bottom, it removes all tension from each area along its pathway as it moves through each part of your body until there is nothing left but pure energy within you.

Unconditional love and acceptance surround you this day. Accept all that has occurred in the past as part of your journey, and let go of all that no longer serves you. Be grateful for all the lessons learned and blessings received along the way. Love is the essence of your being and the key to your happiness. The Source of all life is the foundation of your being. It is the essence of who you are, and it cannot be destroyed. The source is unconditional love and acceptance, and the source is always with you. As love is the reason behind every action and thought you have ever had. The lessons you have learned in this lifetime have been passed on to the present you, as well as your past joy and wisdom. The light within you never goes out; it simply takes different forms to continue on its path of growth and transformation. Let go of any regrets or guilt about what has happened in the past; they serve only to keep you from moving forward into a new phase of life, one filled with hope and promise for happiness and fulfillment. You are never alone, for there is a divine presence within you that can never be extinguished. It is the source of your being and will always remain with you. 

You are wrapped in a loving cocoon of light and protection this day and all the days before you. You are protected, safe, and secure. You can feel all the love that surrounds you. You have nothing to fear. This is a time of peace and joy for you, as you come closer to your Divine Source. You have nothing to worry about. You are protected from any harm or danger that may befall you at this time or any other time in your life. You walk through life feeling protected and safe, knowing that nothing can harm you or cause you harm. You are protected from all forms of danger and harm, whether they come from within yourself or from others around you. Always remember that you are surrounded by a loving cocoon of light and protection at all times, which allows you to feel safe, secure, and at peace within yourself. You will be continuously guided by the light as you are blessed with wisdom and guidance from above so that no matter what problems or challenges come your way, they will always be solved with ease, grace, and love. Your angels are by your side at all times, guiding you with their love and protection as they lead you into your new life on earth.


Travel the path before you with a light step love in your heart and with music in your Soul. Feel the harmony you receive from the light as this will be your comfort from the negativity in life. Find a place to relieve yourself and get comfort since you can get closer to this feeling by meditating and practicing being present in the moment. You will know you have found this place when you feel relaxed and at peace. Practice being present in the moment by focusing on what is happening around you at this moment. Stay focused on what is happening around you and notice how everything feels different from one moment to the next. Notice the small details such as sounds, smells, and tastes around you during this time of focus and concentration. You can also use your senses as an anchor during meditation by focusing on them instead of passing thoughts in your mind. This will help keep your mind clear so that it doesn’t wander off somewhere else while meditating which can happen easily if not practiced properly. The more you practice this feeling, the easier it will become for you to find when needed. To be able to travel this path easily, you need to have an open mind and be willing to explore different ways of connecting with Source energy.

Amanda Cooper

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