Angel Message Of The Day : Vision Of Seeing


As you look around, what do you see? You may see what’s near you. You may see a window with the sunray kissing your cheeks to wake you up. The start of a day refreshes your mind. You see the objects that are before your eyes. You see the people around you. You see your friends and family members, and you remember what has happened to them in the past. You see a world of excitement and adventure. The vibrant colors that stimulate your brain make you feel your emotions flow. You see a world where love is the most powerful force in existence, the most powerful creative energy in the universe, and the most powerful force for healing on Earth.


Do you see limitations or limitlessness, dis-ease or health, lack or abundance? If you look around and see abundance, health, good relationships, and prosperity, then that is what you have. Your vision of the world shapes your reality. The way you see things shapes your life and your relationships. Your beliefs come from your experiences as children and from society’s conditioning that reinforces those beliefs as adults. Many of these beliefs are unconscious and unexamined, so they can lead you astray without your noticing until it is too late to change course. If you want more abundance in your life, start by seeing the world as abundant rather than impoverished.

Do you see dis-harmony or harmony? If you can see both sides of every situation, then you are seeing the whole picture. You will be able to make more informed decisions and have more positive relationships with others. You can either choose to look at the world with a negative mindset, or you can choose to look at it with a positive one. The choice is yours. And I want you to know that if you want to see dis-harmony, there will be plenty of it in this world for you to see. But if you want to see harmony, then there will be plenty of it for you too. You don’t have to look at the world in a certain way just because someone else does.


Do you see chaos or peacefulness in your surroundings?  You are constantly surrounded by chaos. It is the nature of the world you live in. But what if you could see through this chaos and see the true peace that lies beneath? You have learned to see the world in a certain way, and have adopted a belief system that supports it. How you see the world has a direct impact on how you feel about it. If you see it as chaotic, you will suffer because you will always be expecting trouble. If you see it as peaceful, however, then you can relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.

There is much before you this moment; choose to see past physical realm perceptions of fear and lack, distrust of your fellow humankind.  All that you need is already here. All that you are looking for is already present in your life. The answers to all your questions exist within the depths of your being; open up to them, explore them, and allow yourself to be guided by wisdom. Your fear keeps you from seeing clearly, and from being truly present with yourself and others. You are here on Earth at this time because it is your destiny to take part in the transformation of our planet. This transformation involves humanity’s awakening from spiritual amnesia and its reawakening to its true nature, being a spiritual being having a physical experience.


Choose instead to be aware of that which is before you; choose to acknowledge that which is a truth for another without creating their truth as your own.  You have the power to choose what you see. You can choose what you believe in. You can choose how you respond to others. And most importantly, you can choose how you want your life to be. it is important to be aware of what is before you, and not just your desires. This does not mean you must deny your desire for something different, but rather you must choose to acknowledge that which is a truth for another without creating their truth as your own.


Truth is that which resonates within you. It is a vision of seeing, not with your eyes, but with your inner vision. It is a vision of seeing the world as it is. It is a vision of seeing the Universe in everything. The greatest truths can only be seen by those who have become one with themselves, who have become whole within themselves, and who have reached a state of oneness with their higher self. Your truth will change as you grow and evolve as a person because our perception of reality changes as we age and gain more life experience.

Choose to see past the physical real limitations of others, their truth need not be your truth. You are free to choose, seeing through the eyes of my brethren and me and that of the Divine Source.  Vision is a powerful force we all possess. It is so much more than just being able to see with our eyes open or closed. Vision is the ability to see past what is physical and into another dimension where anything is possible. Vision is the ability to see through another’s eyes, their truth need not be your truth. You are free to choose, seeing through the eyes of my brethren and me and that of the Divine Source.


Vision is seeing through the eyes of love and compassion. Are you willing to see you through eyes of love and compassion as Source sees you? Vision is seeing yourself as an interdimensional being with unlimited potential, who has come into this reality to help make it a better place for everyone. Vision means trusting yourself enough to know that everything will work out for the best no matter what happens in life because you know there’s always another level of understanding available when you look from the perspective of love rather than fear or anger.


Are you willing to see all creatures great and small with love and compassion? Vision… Vision… how shall you choose to see this day? If you look at this world, you can see it’s not what you thought it was. The Earth is not flat, the sun does not go around the Earth, and you are not the center of the universe. And if you look at yourself, you can see that your thoughts do not control you, but rather your reactions control you. You can change those reactions by changing your thoughts.

Amanda Cooper

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