Crystal For Thought : Larvikite – Spiritual Meanings

What exactly is Larvikite?

Larvikite is a fascinating and generous stone that possesses both protective and therapeutic properties. Its characteristics form a deep tie with Nature’s spirits and our connection to the Earth’s energies.
Larvikite was only accidently mined in Norway in 1884, despite the fact that it has been around for a long time (298 million years, to be precise). Larvikite was found as a typical volcanic rock at the beginning. The stone belongs to the Feldspar family. It is widely recognized for its magical qualities and look, which shines like the Milky Way galaxy on its surface.


Meaning of Larvikite

Although it is not a Moonstone, Larvikite is often known as Black Moonstone. The stone is said to protect you from danger, and if you’re not in excellent form, it will remove all the bad and negative energy from your body and strengthen your positive Chakra throughout the day.

Larvikite is a natural beauty with a black hue that sparkles like a star in the heavens at night. When you desire one, you can see it from afar blazing brightly at night in its spot. Not only that, but it is also said to have a wide range of talents, despite the fact that it is merely a rock. It’s rather lovely, and it’s also collectable.


Larvikite’s Healing Properties

Larvikite is a protective stone and a rock that shields you from harmful energy. Its Root Chakra-linked properties enhance Larvikite strength, connection to Earth’s presence, and satisfying the favorable vibrations of spirit natures. In terms of its attribute, larvikite is a water element. The Larvikite is most active when it is found in a lake or other body of water.

It’s natural to have a difficult day; you’ll need something to lift your spirits and put your mind at ease. Larvikite enhances one’s intelligence, creativity, and knowledge while promoting inner serenity. By viewing oneself in the ultimate form, it also strengthens the clarity of one’s soul and psychic powers.


Emotional Healing and Feelings

Larvikite aids reasoning by steering your brain away from complicated issues and assisting you in making rational conclusions. The stone’s magnificent and beautiful nature teaches patience and the ability to attain one’s goals. It assists you in changing and adjusting the old you by providing several possibilities for you to grow into the ideal version of yourself.

When you have Larvikite in your chamber, you become impervious to the nasty energy that lurks around. When you’re sleeping, this rock will keep you secure and comfy in your home all night.



Larvikite also trains you to unite your mind, soul, and body. It supplies the user with information and learnings about new things, allowing them to carry out their plans in accordance with reality. Larvikite is one of the most effective brain stimulants for deciphering complex situations.

It will help you balance the advantages and disadvantages so you can make an educated choice. This stone may help you retain more information and strengthen your memory. It will change the way you think about life, success, and failure, as well as the actual meaning of life and wealth.



Larvikite improves your physical qualities by purifying and eliminating bad energy that prevents you from reaching your full potential for vitality and vigor. It may be used to heal skin problems, assist with muscle detoxification, and boost your metabolism to help you lose weight.

Larvikite may help you overcome anxiety and despair by drawing out all of your body’s alien and negative energy with its good energy. It’s a powerful natural negative energy dissipator. It lowers stress and releases tension in the body. It may also be used as a talisman to protect the wearer from misfortune and allow good energy to flow freely. With the aid of Larvikite, you may finally enjoy every minute of your life.



Assume you ever feel uneasy and want to flee the location right away because spooky and aggressive energy is flowing in. In such situation, Larvikite may assist you in driving them away and deflecting any negative energy from your environment. To bring wealth and optimism into everyone’s household, a good stone might be put on the northeast side.

Larvikite promotes excellent health and equilibrium in those who possess it, as well as clearing bad energy. It will, for example, radiate positive energy throughout the space and transmit pleasant vibes among all of its inhabitants.

Wearing Larvikite

Like any other gemstone, having Larvikite at your side has no influence on its worth or usefulness. Even if you keep Larvikite on your desk while working or bring it with you on your vacations, you will be protected. It’s also a lovely decoration for your home.

Because it is the greatest at removing bad energy, larvikite cleanses the energy and aids in the promotion of balance and health for anyone enters your space.


Larvikite at Work and at Home

Larvikite is the ideal instrument for relaxing and easing your mind at work, despite its gloomy tint. Having Larvikite at your side gives tranquility and quiet to your psyche. The pleasant energy that flows from the stone might help you stay focused and productive at work.

Imagine working 24 hours a day with nothing to distract you from your task. It is preferable to have Larvikite at work so that you are surrounded by pleasant energy. It also brightens up your workspace since Larvikite is the greatest display material.

Larvikite is used in meditation.

Making the choice to meditate with Larvikite is the finest decision you’ll ever make. It’s ideal for enhancing your incredible physical and mental capabilities. Even while traveling or meditating, even on your trip to the cosmic self, the Larvikite keeps you secure.

Larvikite is well-known for being a powerful cleansing and grounding stone, making it ideal for meditation. Larvikite cleanses and stops any bad energy routes in your body, allowing good energy to flow freely in your body and allowing you to meditate in peace.


Relationships and People

When it comes to people and relationships, Larvikite is an expert in all-knowing. Like the Blue Dumortierite Quartz with comparable energy, this beautiful stone has a lot of advise to offer, such as how it will teach you the real meaning of patience. Another lesson you can learn from Larvikite is that although things may not be going your way right now, learning to wait till they do can make you a stronger person in the long run.

Beautiful things are on the way in terms of relationships, whether for love or friendship. All you have to do now is wait. Learning to wait patiently, as the Larvikite wisdom stone recommends, will make the experience the best it can be for you, and it will be well worth the wait.


Therapies using Larvikite Crystals

Others have used Larvikite as a necklace to help them relax and shield themselves from bad energy. Wearing Larvikite around your neck makes things seem lighter since the necklace blocks and deflects any negative and harmful energies, protecting you from harm.

Because of its capabilities and allure, Larvikite has taken the place of worldly goods. Some people wear it as a bracelet to relieve physical exhaustion after work or in their daily routine, while others use it to combat loneliness. Larvikite stone is similarly similar to labradorite, which possesses significant anti-negative energy properties.

Chakras and Larvikite

Larvikite allows you to tap into your inner metamorphosis to help you adjust to change while also embracing and comprehending the potential rewards. “The world is always changing; consequently, change is inescapable,” as the ancient adage goes. To develop in this world, both individually and spiritually, one must be able to surge between the high waves.

Larvikite enables individuals to access their inner Chakra and allow it to organically dissolve. The anguish you’re feeling will dissipate, and this magnificent stone will assist you in overcoming all of your difficulties.

Larvikite boosts your Root Chakra in a unique manner. The Root Chakra, also called Muladhara or Base, is located at the heart of our bodies and souls. Our fundamental life energy is housed in our Root Chakra. An open Root Chakra allows energy to flow freely throughout our bodies, which is great news for Larvikites since they can readily and freely supply good energy to our bodies.


Shapes and Forms of Larvikite

Larvikite is a palm stone with an oval natural form. Larvikite, on the other hand, has a distinctive oval form with a size of 2″ to 2.5″ cm. There are many different kinds of gemstones, rocks, or stones that are usually spherical and have no specific shape. When holding and placing it inside your pocket to carry all the time, it’s good and portable.

Larvikite is a naturally black stone that is quite attractive to the eyes of those who are interested in it. The Larvikite is designed to be displayed or placed beside your pedestal to give it more vitality.


Combinations of Larvikite Crystals

Because of its highly created positive energy, the Larvikite stone may be paired with anything. Larvikite is a soft stone that may easily be combined with other crystals. It’s not like mixing Larvikite with other minerals would help you; instead, it will produce no problems.

Larvikite may be used with Clear Quartz or Selenite without issue. As previously said, the good energy of Larvikite is so strong that it will still be quite beneficial even if it is not combined with other stones.


Birthstone and Zodiac Sign of Larvikite

When it comes to the water element in the zodiac, Larvikite is an Aquarius. Aquarius is the water carrier and is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. As a result, the element of water was considered. Aquarius is noted for their inventiveness and independence, as well as their desire for prosperity and success. They’ll do it even if they have to pick up their game and go it alone.

To Aquarius, intelligence entails obtaining the most unpopular opinion possible. Aquarius is thought to be a lone wolf when it comes to dealing with people. That is why they are often referred to as an outsider. Larvikite is a true Aquarius since it can stand on its own without the help of other gemstones. Larvikite is a magnificent stone with the charm and beauty that draws and appeals to our eyes, much as Aquarius is considered as appealing.


Energy Color of Larvikite

Every gemstone has a hue associated with it, and each one is distinctive in its own way. Bluish Grey, Dark, and Light Bluish Grey with golden brown overtones, for example, make up Larvikite. The following are some of the properties and meanings of these colors:

Anger is described as Bluish Grey or Livid in design language. When used in your designs, this hue implies separation and dreariness, but it also provides a sense of professionalism and excellence.

Dawn is symbolized by the color dark bluish grey or misty blue. It symbolizes self-assurance, calm, and loyalty. Misty Blue is an exquisite and traditional hue with a peaceful and relaxing effect on the eyes.

bluish light The color grey is typically associated with melancholy attitudes. In everyday life, it also conveys refinement and professionalism. The Light Bluish Color of Larvikite degrades a thing’s intelligence and diplomatic disposition.


How to Clean and Care for Larvikite

Taking care of your Gemstone is similar like taking care of a kid. It is delicate and requires frequent inspection; always store it in its compartment or in a box when not in use. Use fabric bags to protect it from scratches, and avoid overexposing it to the light since the color and shine of the gemstone may fade. After exposing your Larvikite to the public, carefully clean it with a lint-free cloth to eliminate dust and other particles.

If you believe your jewel is simply for your enjoyment and collecting, think again. It has a life of its own. You can hear them if you keep an eye on them and hold the gem near to your ear. If you gently shake the gem and hear a rattling sound, it may be loose and in need of restoration as quickly as possible to return to its original state.

Make a regular cleaning regimen for your Larvikite. You may clean your Gemstone carefully using soap that does not contain numerous chemicals. Soak them in water for a while. Brush the Gemstone with a toothbrush if it’s filthy, but be cautious not to brush too hard since it might produce dents.

After washing it, wipe it off with a damp towel very carefully. Gently massage and clean the Gemstone until it has the desired shiny finish.


Larvikite Programming

Larvikite is a strong stone that has the ability to unite you with the energy of the Earth. Larvikite may help you connect with the spirit of Nature by channeling your inner soul. Nothing is impossible while you’re meditating, and with the aid of Larvikite, which increases your meditation experience, you’ll appreciate being alone and quiet in a room journeying to the astral realm.


Conclusions on Larvikite

Larvikite is a magnificent and beautiful stone. A strong and clever being who will assist you in working with your energy. The Larvikite stone also reveals who your true friends are and who is plotting against you. Larvikite also aids in determining whether or not a person’s interest in you is genuine.

When you take care of it and allow good energy to flow through you, it also helps you with your emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and healing processes. You’ll learn a lot of new things that you didn’t know before, and it might lead to a new profession and friends in your life.

The stone urges you to be less needy and emotional in your interactions with others. Don’t put too much faith on gemstones since you’re still in charge of your life’s design. Gemstones are here to help us by providing good energy and removing negativity from our lives. If you don’t help yourself first, the need for a Gemstone will go, therefore be the person you want to be and remember to have a fortunate stone with you at all times. Always take advantage of opportunities.

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