Crystal For Thought : Sapphire – Spiritual Meaning

What exactly is Sapphire?

Many captivating specimens, also known as crystals, have been given to us by our magnificent planet. They are superb in color, form, and shine. Sapphires are by far the most sought-after expensive crystals, owing to the wide range of colors and natural variations available.
Sapphire is one of numerous gorgeous stones. They arise from ages under the earth’s surface. They are caused by a variety of factors, including exceptionally high pressures. During geological events, these are ideal conditions for sapphire creation.

The elements crystallize when molten lava deep inside the ground freezes. The greatest and most valuable types of corundum, often known as sapphires, are the gemstones that have typically been removed during this millions-year cycle.

Although this stone is often thought to be blue, it may also be blackish, yellowish, reddish, greyish, pinkish, purple, orange, brownish, or even transparent. Soft blue, sometimes known as royal blue, is one of the most popular and commonly recognized gemstone colors. A crimson sapphire variety is also known as ruby. Sapphire must have a certain reddish hue to be classified as a ruby in the United States. Padparadscha sapphire is the world’s most precious and finest non-blue sapphire. It is a lovely diamond that appeals to everyone.


Meaning of Sapphire

The ancient Hebrews considered sapphire to be a wise gem. It was known as the Wise’s diamond because of its resistance to temptation. Many people believe that sapphire was used in King Solomon’s jewelry, and that ladies sang to him about it in a variety of songs. Several sapphires were stored in the Inner sanctuary as a special charm for the Israelites. When Titus, the Roman Emperor, took control of Jerusalem, he hid the diamond.

The vivid blue tone of sapphire was esteemed in ancient Egypt as an indication of aesthetic consistency. They regularly engraved gold into the gemstone and sculpted sunlight into it. Sapphire has long been thought to be a spiritual counselor’s gemstone. Pope Innocent III authorized sapphire to be used in religious jewelry throughout the Middle Ages, but it had to be set with costly metal. After that, he concluded that the diamond, too, was a mystery keeper.

Sapphire was the fourth gemstone in Vishnu’s magical necklaces, according to Buddhist tradition. According to the Ramayana narrative, sapphires fell from the temples of deity Mahabali. It was regarded to be a gem of integrity, compassion, and loyalty, as well as a crystal capable of stimulating creativity and bringing ideas to life.

In hazy sapphires blue grey, six flashes of light radiating from a location within the gemstone were often observed. They were known as Star Sapphires and were considered love amulets. Venus revered the number six.

Princess Diana was given a sapphire promise ring, which she later presented to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Celebrities that acquired gorgeous sapphire accessories included Liz Hurley, Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Cruz, and Victoria Beckham. On the runway and at other events, a plethora of celebrities wore sapphire glitter.

In its various celestial hues, the majestic and precious Sapphire is a gemstone of wisdom and royalty, foresight, and Heavenly grace. It is inextricably related to many types of worship and is considered as the crystal of crystals, a jewel deeply embedded in the cultural foundations of almost every church. In early colonial societies, sapphire of ethereal blue marked the zenith of cosmic belief and optimism, and was supposed to confer immunity, tremendous luck, and psychic comprehension. It represented speed, endurance, compassion, and common sense.

All Sapphires have the Planet’s healing capabilities and vibrate at the optimal frequency to alleviate a variety of psychological and physical issues, especially those affecting the eyesight, voice, organs, and circulatory system.


Each hue has its own set of therapeutic values in terms of these characteristics:

The stone black sapphire is a grounding and protective stone. It’s an excellent stone to have on hand to help you find and keep work, and it instills trust in your intuition and insight.

crystal for thought : sapphire - spiritual meaning
crystal for thought : sapphire

Blue sapphire has long been associated with love and purity. It is a journey toward enlightenment. It’s also a potent cleanser for the Earth Chakra and the whole universe. Blue Sapphire, like numerous other blue gemstones, is excellent for clearing a congested Throat chakra and enabling you to speak freely and boldly.

When placed in the far-left position from the front door, Yellow Sapphire, a wealth gemstone, may boost economic prosperity in the home. It attracts riches and profits when stored in wallets, pockets, and money bags.

Green Sapphire is a visionary gemstone that enhances both spiritual and physical awareness. This stone opens and strengthens the Heart chakra, attracting the powers of compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness.

Pink Sapphire is a fast-acting gemstone that attracts all of the components you need to help you develop personally and professionally into your vibrational frequency. It eliminates psychological roadblocks and changes negative feelings.

Purple Sapphire is an excellent stone for meditation. It’s a stone of awareness that enables the energy field to rise from the base of the spine. It improves our mental and psychic abilities while also encouraging profound, vivid meditation in order to absorb cosmic information, lessons, and revelations.

White sapphire is a one-of-a-kind gemstone with a vibrant radiance. It opens the Crown chakra, which leads to a higher level of heavenly consciousness. White Sapphire is often used in contemplation because of this, and it contains a lot of energy that clears the way for you to find the truth and grasp your professional path and objective.

Sapphire’s Healing Properties

crystal for thought : sapphire - spiritual meaning
spiritual meaning

Sapphire is a stone that promotes emotional balance. It relieves tension in the mind and helps you to enjoy your current posture more fully. By working with this stone, you may increase your natural boldness and self-confidence. As you get a deeper understanding of yourself and continue to explore your positive characteristics, your sense of self and life happiness will grow. This calming gemstone may also help with rage and aggression.

Sapphire aids communication, comprehension, perception, interpretation, creativity, and tranquility. Sapphire helps to alleviate depression by increasing endorphin levels in the body. Sapphire has a calming effect on those who wear it. Sapphire supports melancholy, psychological disorders, and phobias by promoting the power of positive thought and the passion of reality.

Sapphire promotes the formation of focused attention in the mind. It may be used to resolve ambiguity and improve understanding. Because it may improve cerebral capabilities, this gemstone is useful for better comprehending documents, especially really dense scholastic works. It helps you concentrate on details and organize your resources.


Emotional Healing and Feelings

With a more flexible mind and emotions, Sapphire will also help you perceive the depth of romance and happiness. Sapphire will stimulate brightness and delight, as well as re-establish the balance that has been disrupted by time’s uncertainty and conflicts.

Sapphire can also help you overcome bad behaviors and learn to regulate your wrath. It will encourage you to be more cheerful, polite, and reliable. It will also assist you in coping with your loss and overcoming your regret. It will help you let go of the past and concentrate on the present.


It will set you free from the constraints of your mind and mental illnesses that have held you mentally imprisoned. It will uplift your emotions and fill you with joy and brightness, especially when combined with Dravite.

This gemstone can help you re-establish your metabolism and provide peace and focus to your mind. It will provide you mental toughness so that you are not easily swayed by the sentiments and opinions of others.

It will allow us to expand our knowledge while also bolstering our confidence in our judgment and opinions. It will inspire you to tell your truth to everyone else, which will improve your capacity to form stronger bonds with them.



Disclaimer: While gemstones are advertised as our life’s guide, major medical concerns should be discussed with a doctor.

It’s also a popular option among Reiki practitioners since it’s good for channeling positive energy from a larger viewpoint. It can also heal by utilizing its tone. When it comes to personal therapy, it may help with the person’s overall healing. It has the ability to eliminate waste from the body as well as provide cleansing and healing energy to the body’s systems.

It may also aid in the reduction of restlessness and the promotion of a tranquil, calm mood. It may be used to treat eye disorders and help in eyesight improvement. It may also be used to treat a variety of diseases, including colds and lightheadedness. This gem may also help with viral infections and problems of the auditory system, such as central auditory instability.



Sapphire will provide you with wisdom and great judgment. It will help you remain on a spiritually positive track. It will also enhance your subconscious, which will assist you with home duties and hobbies that need a lot of focus. Sapphire will guide you through difficult situations by identifying where you want to go and what you should do.

Sapphire bestows sincerity and the willingness to channel diverse psychological impulses into a common goal. When you utilize sapphire, you’re compelled to critically analyze your complete self and to toss out everything that doesn’t pass muster. Sapphire arouses a desire for knowledge and comprehension.

Sapphire is a precious stone.

The medicinal properties of Sapphire have been linked to intelligence and cognition for millennia. Wearing jewelry made of it would bring you good fortune, joy, and help you achieve your desired enlightenment. This gemstone will let you examine and scrutinize your own existence. It will help you become more sensible and keen in your problem-solving abilities. Sapphire will also give you with insight and wisdom to help you resolve your problems.

The sapphire gemstone is used to balance the sacral chakra. You may endure mental anguish as well as become pompous and haughty if your Sacral chakra is obstructed. Wearing this stone for a long time can help you to stop worrying, assume malicious intentions, and build confidence.

Wearing this jewel will put you at peace, let you to better regulate your libido, and allow you to appreciate life in the present. Sapphire’s amazing advantages on your physical and endocrine glands will help you cleanse and remove pollutants from your body.


Sapphire at Work and at Home

Sapphire is a stone of honesty, and it will aid you in swiftly and successfully settling financial problems or issues. As a career services gemstone, it will assist you to be more aware of larger themes. It will energise your mind and increase your intellect, helping you to make tough yet vital decisions. It will also help you enhance your decision-making and judgment skills. It will inspire you to become a competent and trustworthy leader.

It’s a fantastic gemstone for entrepreneurs and company owners since it may help you achieve your goals and thrive without losing your principles and conduct. It will also aid you in realizing your ideas and seeing them through to completion.


Sapphire is used for meditation.

Sapphire is a wonderful meditation stone because it encourages the soul to be more introspective and comprehendive. It’s a stone of wisdom and honesty that clears up misunderstandings and advances spiritual awareness. Use this gemstone to communicate with the astral realms. Because of its imperial connections, sapphire is an excellent gemstone for producing greater quality. It also encourages charity effort that benefits a large number of people. It cleanses the etheric system as well as the channels.

While meditating with this stone, you will experience increased wisdom, willpower, focusing, joy, and general good fortune. It enables you to concentrate on the work at hand and results in success, whether in the form of money, an increase in income, or a promotion.


Relationships and People

Blue Sapphire is a gemstone associated with love, loyalty, and commitment. This is the stone to have if you want to take your love encounter to the next level. It will come in handy if you decide to move in with your significant other, tie the knot, or become pregnant.

It will strengthen your relationships and boost your fondness for one another. It will make you feel your romantic worries and anxieties, as well as your doubts and weaknesses. It will help you relax and concentrate your thoughts. It will assist you in relaxing and clearing your mind of any unwanted thoughts.

Therapies using Sapphire Crystals

When the sapphire is placed on the throat chakra, anxiety is alleviated. The gemstone sapphire is known as the “wisdom jewel.” It stimulates, focusses, and calms the brain, as well as eliminating negative thoughts, enabling you to begin learning in a variety of settings.

By harmonizing the physiological, intellectual, and spiritual levels, it restores system harmony and brings you peace and contentment. Sapphire encourages reasoning, risk-taking, and cognitive organization. Your objectives will become crystal clear, and your views and thoughts will emerge fast.

Sapphire may help with illnesses, eye problems, central auditory abnormalities, and nausea. This stone is beneficial to those who are easily affected by others’ opinions. Sapphire is a good gemstone for resolving and comprehending challenging emotions from previous or other incarnations.


Chakras and Sapphire

High-quality blue sapphires will activate the throat chakra, which acts as your mind’s tongue. It will make certain that it is clean and fair, as well as that any impediments are eliminated. It will allow you to freely express your emotions and opinions. When they work together, they may also improve your spiritual awareness, making your focus and interaction clearer and more effective.

You’ll be able to articulate your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and you’ll be eager to share your unique reality with the rest of the world. As a result, you will experience a smoother passage of energy throughout your body and spirit. These impulses will rise up from your lower chakras, helping you to effortlessly release your worries and concerns.

This power will drive you to ask the tough questions and only accept the answers that you get. It also has balanced, calming, and adaptable properties. Your brow chakra, often known as the third eye, will be activated. It will mold your ideas and the way you approach your everyday life in general.

This gemstone’s calming properties will improve your ability to connect with yourself. It will assist you in thinking more clearly and awaken new possibilities, objectives, and desires in you.


Birthstone Sapphire and Zodiac Sign

Sapphire is a September birthstone, a July guardian star birthstone, a December holy messenger prenatal jewel, and a spiritual Gemini birthstone. Sapphire was one of the earliest gems to be mentioned in ancient documents. Its sparkling blue brightness has attracted travelers for centuries.


Sapphire is a color associated with energy.

Blue represents both the skies and the seas, and it is associated with wide spaces, liberty, instinct, vision, richness, creativity, and sensitivity. Deepness, trustworthiness, dedication, honesty, comprehension, conviction, steadfastness, devotion, paradise, and brightness are all represented by the color blue.

Blue has a soothing influence on both the human mind and the environment. It may cause the body to generate soothing hormones and elicit feelings of tranquility as the soul’s color. Slowing physiological responses, calming, and retaining homeostasis and identity are all benefits of blue. Blue is also a hunger suppressant.

However, not all blues are relaxing and calming. Blues that are electric or dazzling seem vibrant and expressive, a compelling color that conveys happiness. Furthermore, some tones, such as too much blue, might look cold or disinterested, dampening feelings.


How to Clean and Care for Sapphire

Sapphire has a Mohs hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. It has a lot of strength and no cleft, so it doesn’t break when you shake it. It’s ideal for earrings and other jewelry that you’ll wear on a daily basis.

Sapphire is durable under normal usage conditions, which means it is resistant to the effects of temperature, sunlight, and common solvents. Boric acid grains will scrape any stone’s exterior, even if it isn’t polished. Fractured, holed, and colored gemstones may be harmed by even mild acids like white vinegar.

Tepid, soapy water is always safe to drink. Vibratory and steaming treatments are usually acceptable for raw, heat-pressed, and coated gemstones. Colored gems should only be washed with a damp cloth.


How to Set Up Sapphire

When placed in the northern region of your home or flat, sapphire may enhance your excursions and vacations. If you put it in the northeastern corner, it will help you learn more. If you position yourself on the southern side, you will attract more attention.

Having a piece of Sapphire at your home, office, or business will assist in maintaining a healthy power flow. It will also help you to attract optimism, achieve friendship togetherness, and improve your critical thinking skills.

Every one of the tones of this magnificent gemstone may be used together or independently to cleanse, eliminate, and rebalance the solar plexus and channels, enabling positive energy to flow freely throughout the system once employed in reiki treatment.

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