Angel Message Of The Day : Light & Love

Archangel Zadkiel 


To yourself be true. Be happy with yourself and who you are. You are the only you there is in the world and you are unique. You are not perfect, but you are perfectly made. Love yourself and others will follow suit. you deserve happiness, success, and love just like everyone else does. It takes patience and practice but eventually, it will become second nature for you to treat yourself better than anyone else would treat themselves. You deserve happiness, success, and love just like everyone else does. It takes patience and practice but eventually, it will become second nature for you to treat yourself better than anyone else would treat themselves


Know yourself before attempting to know others.  It’s easy to forget the importance of self-love. You may often be so busy with life and taking care of others, that you forget to take care of yourself. You put your needs at the bottom of the priority list and hope that someone else will fill them in for you. But that never works out well. You must introduce yourself and know yourself better as this is the step to love yourself unconditionally. It is so important because you can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t love yourself enough to take care of your own needs, then no one else can do so either.

Give to yourself before giving to others. Giving takes time and energy away from other things in your life: family, friends, work, your own goals, and dreams. Giving requires an effort that could be better spent elsewhere. And giving often requires money that you might not have or want to spend on someone else’s needs over your desires. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re busy taking care of others. You forget to take care of yourself and everything else falls apart. Try to acknowledge and recognize that you deserve love just as much as anyone else does. You have needs and desires just like everyone else in your life, but it’s easy to get caught up in the shuffle of parenthood and forget about yourself.


Heal yourself before attempting to heal others. Just as it is impossible to pour from an empty cup, it is impossible to give love to others if you do not have it within yourself. To truly heal, you must first learn how to love yourself completely, unconditionally, and without judgment. Only then can you truly be a healer of others? Healing does not mean forgetting; it means letting go of the past and embracing your future. When you let go of your suffering, you can help others release theirs as well. There is no greater gift than being able to see someone else’s pain and know that they will be okay because they have you in their corner.


Accept yourself before accepting others. Acceptance is a process that takes time and patience. It’s a process of letting go of negative emotions and forgiving yourself for your mistakes.  Accepting yourself is the first step to being happy in life. If you don’t love yourself, it’s impossible for others to love you. When you’re happy with who you are and what you’ve done, then the world sees that and reflects it on you.


You cannot give to others that which you are unwilling to give to you. Love has no limit and no boundaries; it knows no wrong and no right. Love allows us to see beyond our limitations and perceive the best in others even when they don’t see it themselves. You must learn how to love yourself before you can provide love to another person. This does not mean that if you do not love yourself then you cannot find someone who does, it means that if you do not know how to love yourself then there will always be something missing in your life. 


Love you openly, for in truth the love within you radiates from your inner essence as a beacon to all who seek a better way. When you love yourself, you become more tolerant, less judgmental, and more accepting of others’ differences. When you love others, you feel their pain as if it were your own and are willing to go out of your way to help them in any way possible. As you give and receive love freely, love will flow through your life in abundance. Love is the foundation of all things good and right and is essential for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Be aware of those around you who seek your energy for their gain. Be aware of those around you who seek your energy for their gain. Do not give it to them. Do not give them your time or attention if they are constantly demanding more from you than you have to give. You must learn how to take care of yourself in this way so that you can continue on your journey without having to feel responsible for everyone else’s problems as well as your own.


Be aware of those who seek to distract you from your path. You have come here to learn, and you will learn. You have come here to grow, and you will grow. They may be trying to control you through fear and manipulation or to make themselves feel better about themselves. However, follow your light and choose not to engage with them if it is safe for you to do so, but otherwise, do not let them interfere with your journey toward success and happiness as much as possible.


We ask you to acknowledge that which is before you, choosing instead to step into the Light.  You must be faced with difficult situations in your life, rather than reacting out of fear or anger, reach within yourself for an answer from your higher self instead. Ask yourself what would love to do here. And then see if there is anything else needed other than love at this time. Choose the light and life over fear. This will open your hearts and minds, and allow a new understanding to come in.


Being strong for the light is challenged in many ways. Your life purpose is to live in the light, but often you find yourself in darkness. The light is like a seed waiting to sprout, but it needs fertile soil and water to grow. The Light and Love are your allies in this journey. It is important for those who believe in the light and love that comes with it to stay strong even when others try to keep them down. When others try to keep you down, remember that they are trying to stop you from doing something good and right with your life. Never forget that you are all made of light and love. 

Be strong for there are legions of my brethren at the ready to assist in the moment of the asking. Love yourself first and then others will follow suit. Do not expect others to love themselves when you do not love yourself. You are surrounded by those who have gone before and have been where you are. 

Be not afraid for the Light and the Love Divine Source and that of my brethren and I shall sustain you all your days. Go in peace this day and all the days yet to be. The Light and Love Divine Source is with you at all times. You are never alone. It is the greatest gift to find your way back to the Light and surrender to the guidance of the Divine Source, who will always guide you in ways that serve your highest good.

Amanda Cooper

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