Angel Message Of The Day : Power of the Light Within

Angel of Power 


Begin each day breathing in Divine Light. Keep investing in yourself by breathing out all impurities. The more you breathe in Divine Light, the more you will feel your spirit awaken and become aware of the light within. Meditate on the light within every day by putting yourself in a quiet place and letting your mind go blank. Direct your thoughts toward God, who is pure love, peace, and joy. Let the universe know how much you need its guidance in your life at this time and ask the universe to fill your heart with Divine Love so that it overflows into the lives of others.


Begin each day with a moment of silence, giving thanks for all your blessings. As you breathe in this light, feel yourself filling up with it and becoming one with it. When you are ready, exhale all the darkness in your life and the world around you. Exhale all negativity and send it back to where it came from darkness. Now breathe in that light again and let it fill you up even more than before. As you continue to inhale this Divine Light, feel your body becoming lighter and lighter until it dissolves into pure energy, energy that is infused with love, compassion, and mercy for all beings on Earth and throughout the universe.


Give thanks for all that has become before this moment bringing you to where you are. Are you willing to experience the power of light and love within you? The power of light is within everyone in this earthly realm. You are born with this power but as you grow older, you tend to forget about it, neglect it, and even ignore it. The power of light is the source of all creation, life, healing, and miracles. It is the source of everything that has been created in this world. The sun and moon shine because of their connection with the light within.

Are you willing to release that which has come before, making room for all you desire? Increasing the power within is as simple or as challenging as you wish it to be. The most powerful place in the Universe is within you. You are the center of your universe and your thoughts are what create your reality. You can choose to believe whatever you want about yourself, or you can choose not to believe anything at all. Either way, it takes courage and commitment to change. When you deny your power, you feel weak and powerless. You have no control over anything, including yourself. This results in a lack of confidence and an inability to achieve your goals. You feel victimized by life rather than empowered by it.


Gifting another with compassion, a smile, a kind word, and a kind gesture. All are simple ways to increase the power within you. A smile is one of the best investments you have in this world. The power of a smile or a kind gesture can bring about positive change in the world. A simple act of kindness can make it seem like the world is a better place. It is so contagious to everyone as it creates a connection that relieves a person’s tension. There is a light within you. It is the power that allows you to dream and make your dreams come true. It’s the power that allows you to love unconditionally, to forgive others, and to forgive yourself.

Forgiveness may be a challenge. Forgiveness is not about forgetting, but it is about letting go of the pain and hurt that you are holding onto. Forgiveness is the process of releasing negative feelings toward another person or yourself so that you can experience healing and freedom. It may not be easy because it requires you to change your perception of the other person or situation. It may require you to let go of blame and hurt to move forward with your life. Sometimes you need help forgiving others, but you can also ask for help forgiving yourself when needed.

Are you willing to forgive others and yourself for wrongs real or perceived? Are you willing to be open and honest about what is going on inside of you? The power of forgiveness is amazing. It frees us from anger, resentment, and bitterness. These emotions hold us back from experiencing peace, love, and joy. It may be hard at first however this makes you recognize that they are human beings just like yourself and have made mistakes just like you have. Forgiving them allows you to let go of the emotion associated with your anger towards them so that you can move on in your life without carrying around bitterness and resentment towards others who have wronged you in some way.


Be willing to open to the power within. You are born with a light that shines within us. It is your birthright and it is your power. It is a beacon of light that helps you find your way back when you’re lost. It is a voice that reminds you of your true nature and your purpose. The more you train yourself to listen, the more you can hear it speak. This power is not something that can be taken from you or given to you by anyone else; it is only ever available to you through your efforts. It lies within each of us waiting to be discovered, developed, and experienced by those who are willing to make the effort required to do so.


There is much to gain in forgiveness. In society nowadays, you tend to focus on justice and punishment, but forgiveness is often overlooked. As a result, when someone hurts you or does something wrong against you, you often feel hurt and angry. You want justice for what has been done to you. While seeking justice is important, forgiveness is also necessary for your good. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you condone what was done or accept the behavior as acceptable; it means letting go of your anger so that you can move forward in life peacefully. 


There is much to gain in radiating the Light of Source upon the path before you this day and all the days before you. You may even find yourself becoming more sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. When you learn to forgive, you gain experience in life such as being an empath. You may also find that you are more willing to give of yourself to help others and make their lives easier. This is a time when you can learn more about ourselves and others by observing our reactions, thoughts, and emotions when placed in different situations. This will help you understand why you react in certain ways while also helping you accept those who are different from you without judging them harshly or feeling threatened by them in any way.

How shall you choose to increase the power of Divine Light within you this day? The first step is to get clear about what you want. Set your intention and then make it a priority in your life. You can do this by committing yourself and your highest good, and then following through with it. Another way to increase the power of Divine Light within you is by practicing self-love. When you love yourself unconditionally, you will begin to experience peace, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. This will allow you to see new opportunities that were not there before because they were hidden beneath layers of negative beliefs about who you are as a person.

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