Angel Message Of The Day : Soar Among the Heavens



Take flight beloved one; there is much to see, much to do. You are the only one who can see what you see. You are the only one who can do what you do. You are the only one who can be what you are. There is a reason for everything, and there is nothing that is out of reach for you. The night is calling you, beloved one, and she beckons you to join her. Take flight, and soar among the heavens. You are not alone. You are surrounded by thousands of starry spirits who have come before you, and who will be here after you depart. They are all around you; they are within you too.

Take flight, beloved one, allowing your Spirit to soar among the Heavens. Feel the wind beneath your wings as you take flight and soar among the Heavens. Settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Feel yourself being lifted into the sky, up past the clouds, and into an expansive blue sky with high puffy white clouds. Let go of all that holds you down and allow yourself to soar among the heavens. You are safe here within my embrace, let me guide your spirit on its journey into infinity.


On the wings of freedom seek that which you desire most. What is freedom? Is it not a state of mind? It is a feeling of being where one can do as one pleases, being able to think and act without being bound by any restrictions. Freedom is not about having money or power, but about having the power to make choices; it’s about being free from fear, sadness, and anxiety. Freedom is a state of mind where one can feel good about himself and his life. But how do you achieve this state of mind? How can you become truly free? The answer lies in your thoughts and actions. Your beliefs are what shape your world; if you change your beliefs, then you will change your reality. But beliefs are not easy things to change because they are formed over time through many experiences; beliefs become ingrained into your subconscious minds so that they become automatic responses which are very difficult to change unless they are consciously worked on.

On the wings of freedom allow all that no longer serves you to fall away from you. Allow yourself freedom to soar among the heavens, to rise above the clouds, to reach for the stars. At this moment, you are free. You are not chained or bound by anything or anyone. All that has chained you down and held you back has been released and no longer exists in your life any longer. It is important to note that this does not mean that you will never feel these things again. It simply means that you will no longer allow them to hold power over your life and take control of your thoughts and actions.


On the wings of freedom there is no limitation, no doubt, no fear, there is no lack.  To be great, to be powerful, and to be free. The world has been filled with so many rules and restrictions that it has made it difficult for us to soar like an eagle. The only way for you to be free is by breaking those rules that are holding you back from flying high in life. You need to learn how to break free from these chains that hold you back from being truly free and happy.


Soar among the Heavens this day, be free in Spirit. Let Love and Light shine through you. It is a day of new beginnings, fresh starts, and changing attitudes toward life. It is time to take hold of your life, put things into perspective, and live each day with purpose. Open your Heart to all that you are. This is a day to remember who you are and to celebrate your individuality. It is a day to be free in Spirit and to soar among the heavens. You have been given the gift of life on this planet and it is now time for you to celebrate that gift by living it fully, loving yourself completely, and being exactly who you were meant to be.


Be free in thought. To be free in thought is to break the chains of mental slavery and embrace the freedom of self-development. The ability to think freely and independently is a priceless gift that you have within you. You just have to learn how to tap into this power and use it to create your destiny. The sky is the limit, and so are your thoughts. Wherever they go, they will lead you to a new place. They will open doors that never existed before. They will give you the chance to explore something that has never been seen before by anyone. Your thoughts have the power to take you to places beyond your wildest imagination, so let them fly free like birds in the sky.

Be free from that which seeks to bind you to all that no longer is. Released from all that no longer serves you, you now rise above the earth. You are in the air and nothing can harm you. As you allow yourself to be carried by the winds of change, know that all you need lies within yourself. All of your power, wisdom, and love are contained within each cell of your being. There is nothing outside of yourself that can make you whole or complete; it is only when you discover who you are that you will find completion within yourself.


Take flight, flow in peaceful harmony on this day. Let go of your earthly concerns and embrace the infinite freedom of the cosmos. Be in the moment and feel the freedom of soaring through the air. Take a deep breath and let go of all that no longer serves you. Enjoy this day, as it is yours to do as you please, without judgment or criticism from others. Relax into this space and allow yourself to simply be who you are without apology or explanation for who you may not be at this time in your life. Allow yourself to be free from your worries, concerns, and fears. Surrender to the beautiful energy that surrounds you today and let it guide you on your journey.


Amanda Cooper

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