Depression Treatment with Crystals: A Complete Guide

Loneliness, sorrow, despair, and exhaustion are just common short-term responses to significant changes in your life, such as difficulties in life or the death of a loved one.
You may be suffering or coping with depression if your powerlessness, abandonment, irritation, and worthlessness manifest as a lack of interest in your activities, friends, family, and life in general.

While seeking professional or medical assistance in times of severe depression is necessary, using crystals to aid with depressive thoughts, feelings, and events may also be extremely helpful.

You or someone you know has likely gone through or experienced depression at some point. Some individuals struggle more than others with it. It might be crippling since it will make you anxious and want to go and escape the sense of utter futility.

There are many various types of depression, and you may have to approach it differently from one individual to the next. Any healthy, all-natural technique may be strengthened and intensified with the aid of crystals and their healing energies, whether you decide to heal or treat depression.

Crystals are energy transmitters and amplifiers. They take in unfavorable forces that are impairing your quality of life. It is their responsibility to safeguard your energy, take in any hate speech aimed at you, and let out any internal anguish.


The Most Effective Crystal for Depression

It is advisable to utilize orange-colored stones while treating depression. It’s not only a great hue; it’s also a really potent color. It’s a hue that blends the exuberant qualities of red with the passionate aspects of gold. It symbolizes pleasure and camaraderie. Because of this, it is simple to determine which crystal is the greatest for treating depression.

The finest gemstone for depression is carnelian because it makes you feel really joyful. You lose your ability to feel unadulterated delight as you age. It could only be a little, uncomplicated joy or a profound, enduring satisfaction. A little of Carnelian’s energy is what your life requires if there is something missing but you are unable to put your finger on what it is.


Stones of Carnelian for depression

Carnelian may purge any bad energy from your body, heart, mind, and aura when set with other stones. This gem lessens your fear of dying and assists you in accepting the many cycles of life.

You become bold and learn how to make better decisions in life thanks to carnelian. It eliminates your complacency and motivates you to succeed. Additionally, it is a stone that supports you in firmly and securely overcoming all forms of abuse. You become more confident in yourself and in your perspectives on life and the world as a result of being strengthened.

Your emotions are stabilized and your motivation is increased by carnelian. The healing qualities of this gem also increase your capacity to focus, decreasing your mind’s propensity to daydream, wander, or stray.

Carnelian also guards you from unfavorable emotions such as fury, envy, jealously, or resentment, both from inside and from outside of you. A better and rejuvenated life may quickly take root once this negative energy is reduced.

This stone supports your confidence in your own judgment and views, which is beneficial for anybody who finds themselves in an abusive circumstance. Carnelian helps you feel less envious and possessive in a romantic setting.

It helps you get over your midlife crisis and eases your sex life fears, among other things. Using Carnelian crystals on a daily basis may also help to prevent eating problems. This stone energizes your body and mind while battling sluggishness. Carnelian promotes friendliness, assertiveness, initiative, and fearlessness when utilized properly.

It increases your desire to eat, your friendliness, and your positive feelings. It makes you feel secure and at ease in the wackiest environments. Additionally, carnelian increases your desire and drive, assisting you in creating a more direct route to achievement and contentment in both your professional and personal lives.

This stone is perfect for healing depression, reducing stress, and addressing emotional issues that have built up in your body and aura and are now showing up in your general health and well-being.


Using Crystals Together to Fight Depression

The Lemurian Seed Crystal is only one of several crystals that complement carnelian. When you are depressed, it will seem as if you have fallen into a hole that is so deep that getting out of it would be pointless.

The crystal’s naturally occurring horizontal striations represent the ladder you must climb to free oneself from depression. When your mind is racing from concern to worry, meditating on it or holding a piece of it in your hands calms it down and settles you.

Tiger’s Eye, Shungite, or even Fluorite are all excellent stones to utilize in conjunction with carnelian if you’re feeling emotionally congested and want to unblock the flow of any emotions that are being held back. There are several cleansing qualities in this gem. If depression is weighing you down, put a Shungite crystal in a cup with hot water.

Feel your nasal passages open up as you let the steam wash over your face. This exercise restores your body, mind, and spirit. Do this again until all of the fears that are blocking you from moving forward in a good way have vanished.

Once you’ve done this with your crystals, go outdoors and enjoy the sun’s warmth. Inhale deeply and give gratitude to the spirits around you for purifying your body.


Additional Crystals for Depression

Another gemstone that can enable you to enjoy life’s zesty vibrancy is citrine. It’s particularly useful when your thoughts are mired in the past. It aids in the manifestation of fresh possibilities and viewpoints. It enables you to draw in a lot of pleasure and optimism.

You may meditate while holding this stone. Add some essential oils, especially lemon, which is a great rejuvenator and purifier of negativity for your body, mind, and soul. Additionally, it releases any trapped negative energy that built up inside of you when you were sad. It prevents you from concentrating on the bad things happening in your life and opens you up to better energy.

When life throws you curveballs, this gemstone may be a lifesaver. It is a highly joyful gemstone that bestows upon you joyful energy and a cheerful demeanor.


When you feel cut off from the significant relationships in your life, aventurine is a helpful gem to employ. With the aid of this stone, you may establish new connections with these relationships.

It is a compassion crystal that provides you the strength to love more ardently by helping you to comprehend what you are going through better. This crystal’s clairvoyance enables you to see a future with stronger ties and improved communication.

You may take use of this gemstone to explain why your depression causes you to feel distant from the people you care about. It enables you to discuss what you both need from one another in order to close that gap once again.


An good gemstone for bringing you out of despair is yellow gold. It offers a strong sense of inspiration that can help you overcome your depression.


An great gemstone to aid in adjusting to change is ocean jasper. Your depression is brought on or precipitated by several changes in your life, and Ocean Jasper offers you the resilience to cope with those changes. It introduces the water element, which is a revitalizing vitality. You must reinvent your life and purge any harmful energy if you want to overcome your depression.


A seasonal affective disorder is helped with amber. The inability to get outdoors due to the weather may also impair your mood and contribute to sadness. You may carry or keep a piece of Amber with you to assist you manage your emotions, preventing you from succumbing to depression.

Tiger’s eye provides you power and aids in bringing your extremes into harmony. Tiger’s Eye is a useful stone to have if you’re struggling with your depression and feeling particularly down. It has highly potent defensive properties that give you the power to balance yourself so that you are not trapped by powerful emotions.


Agate is a great gem that purges all remnants of negativity from your aura and stabilizes it. It is a softly purifying gem that promotes peace and clear thinking. Additionally, it calms down agitated and depressed moods. When you’re feeling worn out or burnt out, it’s really relaxing and serene and aids in your relaxation.

A great gemstone for balancing mood fluctuations, which often lead to sadness, is amazonite. Your rage and fear are banished by it. Your dread is removed by charoite, which also purifies your aura. Your bad energy are transformed, and it promotes unconditional love and manifestation.

Wearing an emerald crystal is an excellent idea when you’re feeling down or melancholy. It is a heart-shaped gemstone that eliminates negativity while fostering peace and love.


How To Treat Depression With Crystals

Exercise Frequently

Exercise is important because it releases endorphins, which assist to balance hormones. Even while it may seem like the last thing you want to do, particularly when all you want to do is sleep and binge-watch your favorite programs, it really works to prevent the symptoms of depression. Running, working out at the gym, walking, or riding a bike might help you sweat off your bad mood.


Eat healthy

Quit consuming junk food. Eat healthier meals that will give you more energy and a positive outlook. Increase your intake of whole grains, dark chocolate, fatty salmon, and low-fat dairy. Consume plenty of green tea and increase the amount of turmeric in your meals.


Utilize your crystals to meditate

Choose your preferred stone from the list of crystals that are suggested for depression. Clear your thoughts while relaxing with your crystal. Pay attention to the good energy flowing through you and the bad energies leaving your body.

Focus on the things that make you feel joyful and light, and see yourself feeling content and in control once again. You will immediately feel lighter and more relaxed after doing this for around 15 minutes.


Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

There is nothing that can’t be made better by a night of sound sleep. Resting your body and mind might help you overcome the blues. When you’re exhausted and stressed out from not getting enough sleep, things have a tendency of becoming worse. Make sure you receive the recommended eight hours of sleep each night.


Bring a reliable mojo bag with you.

Work with the gems you’ve selected to banish your depressing thoughts. Your concerns and anxieties are exacerbated by negative thought patterns, and your reality may also be shaped by your ideas.

To help you fight it, put together a mojo kit. Add your preferred crystals and either Mandarin, Jasmine, or Roman Chamomile essential oils. To make it calming and peaceful, you may also add lemon balm and lavender plants. Take this mojo bag with you wherever you go in your pocket or handbag.


Make a Crystal Elixir Tea to Combat Depression

You may add organic herbs like Siberian ginseng or St. John’s wort to a cup of hot water and soak your cleaned crystals in it. To increase the elixir’s potency, you may also include tumbled Citrine or Tiger’s Eye stones. If you want your elixir tea sweet, you may add organic honey to it.


Enjoy A Soothing Crystal Bath

Place Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Amber crystals in the bath along with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Your anxiety will vanish as soon as you combine these two. There are a lot of different crystals you may use. You can carry a polished crystal point or tumble stone with you all day long in your pocket.

In the areas of your house where you spend a lot of time, bigger crystals may be put. You may begin with little crystals to observe how they will influence you before progressing to larger crystals once you feel comfortable with their energy.


How Much Do Anti-Depression Crystals Cost?

Depending on your demands and your budget, there are numerous lovely and expensive crystals that may treat depression.

Carnelian, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Shungite, Citrine, Aventurine, Yellow Gold, Ocean Jasper, Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Agate, Amazonite, Emerald, and Charoite are a few crystals that may help with depressive symptoms.

These crystals function best as tumbling stones or beaded jewelry and are often relatively cheap. Be prepared to spend extra money on some of these gems because of their rarity or distinctiveness, which may also impact their price.


How To Pick The Perfect Crystal

Learn about the various crystals for depression and how to utilize them by doing some research. However, bear in mind that, regardless of how much information someone may have about a certain crystal, you can have an entirely different experience with it—and that’s totally OK!

Your sense of intuition will be useful at this point. Determine how the crystals’ energies are impacting or influencing you by getting to know them. You won’t experience a significant shift, but you should feel better overall, even just a little bit.

Just have an open mind and an open heart since different individuals may connect with crystals for depression in various ways. Sit up and take notice if you find yourself returning to one gem over and over again. Simply follow your heart and continue working with the crystal because something inside of you wants to connect with it.

Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings while wearing these gems. Don’t stop utilizing your Citrine or Carnelian when you see a favorable change in your outlook!

In order to bring it with you everywhere you go, you might start with a little crystal or tumbling stone. You may even choose a larger crystal if you want one with a stronger and more uplifting effect.

Depression Crystal Cleansing

Just keep in mind that you should cleanse and clear your crystals for depression more often the more frequently you utilize them. You may clean your crystals in a variety of ways, and the quickest ones just take a few minutes.

Your gems absorb your energy each time you contact them. In a place, they also gather up energy. Before you begin dealing with them, you must first get them to a condition of purity and clarity. The advantage of this situation is that every time you wash your crystals, you also connect yourself with them.

This implies that you have easier access to their energy. There are several approaches to take, which might be confusing. However, it’s not at all challenging, and you already have everything you need in your house.

You’re good to go if you have salts, water, flower petals, soil, or a window that receives a lot of sunshine or moonlight. You merely need to choose the cleaning technique that is both most practical and most efficient.



Crystals for depression may, however, provide some relief from genuinely awful thoughts and sensations, even if they should never be used as a substitute for psychiatric therapy or examination of its underlying causes.

Individuals who are receptive to the healing effects of crystals may possibly discover that wearing specific stones may assist to strengthen their determination and raise them out of this inner malaise. Even the ostensibly cheery of people often conceal hidden demons like this.

In fact, even the most powerful healing energies often cannot simply wash away a physiological or psychological disorder like depression.

However, these stones may help you realize that you are not alone in carrying your problems, and they can also help you avoid taking negative routes in life.

You will gradually expand and grow with an inner feeling of support thanks to some of the stones we’ve spoken about today.

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