Angel Message Of The Day : Hope

Archangel Remiel 


Hope is eternal.  Love is eternal. Light is eternal. When life seems unbearable, remember that you can always find comfort in the fact that you are loved by someone who truly cares about you. You are not alone.  Hope is what keeps you going when all else seems lost, and love is what makes life worth living.  When you lose hope and lose love, your life is meaningless. Hope gives us a reason to live, a reason to get up in the morning despite all of the hardships that we may face throughout our lives. Even when the darkness swallows us whole, you will find your way out of it. Even if it means losing your way, you will make it back to the light.


The path before you is never-ending.  The path before you unfolds with each breath, each thought, each sensation, each heartfelt emotion. The path before you is a reflection of the lessons learned through trial and error, failure and success, through hurt and joyous celebration. The truth is that there is no one correct way to live your life; there are many ways to live it well. Connecting with nature can help you to connect with yourself.  This is where you find peace and clarity within yourself. The key is to discover what works for you and then follow your heart and intuition down that path


There is no wrong or right decision. There are simply choices, and opportunities to expand your Inner-Spiritual Self, expanding yourself in the outer physical realm. You may get so caught up in your thoughts about how things should be or how life should be that you forget to see how things are in this moment. Then you get stuck in your head instead of being present and living in the now.  If you feel that you have made the wrong decision in your life, then perhaps it is time to look at the choices you have made and how they may have led you toward that incorrect decision. Be patient with yourself even with other people around you. Open up your mind and start looking at all the different possibilities out there instead of only focusing on one at a time.

In all things, there must be balance, joy, and harmony.  The world may be contradicting your life as it is surrounded by negativity. There are times when we can get lost in the chaos of our own lives and forget this simple truth. When we forget how important it is to find that harmony within ourselves, we can lose touch with our purpose and lose sight of what matters most to us in life. However, there is also joy, love, and beauty. There will always be balance, joy and harmony. In all things, there must be balance, joy, and harmony. It is important to look at the good things in life as well as the bad things. If you only focus on the negative, it can be hard to see the good side of things. It’s easy to get caught up in negativity.


In seeking these things all shall unfold before you with grace and ease. Each time you seek these things your life will become more beautiful, more meaningful, and more fulfilling. The world is yours for the taking. The journey of life is a journey of seeking. You seek love, happiness, and fulfillment. You seek to find your purpose and meaning in the world. You have been given a gift, a powerful weapon to use against your enemies. You are powerful beyond measure and you will never be defeated. You have the love and light within you. Awaken the nature of your inner light and trust the process. Be hopeful as this will bring you to a better path in life. 


All are shown to you in ways not yet imagined. All is given to you in ways unforeseen. All is well, even when you may think it’s not. The world may seem dark at times, but it’s only because you’ve forgotten how bright the light can shine through us if you allow yourself to be illuminated by it. The Divine One is unfolding as it should. You are safe and protected, always. You may not know what those miracles will look like, but they will come to you when you least expect them. All are shown to you in ways not yet imagined. All is given to you in ways unforeseen.

All is made manifest in the Earthly realm as it is made manifest in the Realm of spirit.  Be merciful and mercy shall accompany you all your days. Give first to you; in giving to you, you create an abundance of all things.  Your soul is connected with the Divine Source. All is made manifest in the Earthly realm as it is made manifest in the Realm of spirit.  Be merciful and mercy shall accompany you all your days. You must be conscious of what you are creating and how you are creating it. If you create with love and compassion, then your creations will also be loving and compassionate.


In giving to yourself, you create overflowing joy, happiness, and love, radiating the Source of Light from within.  The way you see yourself is the way the world sees you. If you see yourself as a person of value, then others will see you as a person of value. Your life becomes a joyous celebration of abundance because you are now allowing the flow of love to fill your heart and soul. The more you give to yourself, the more you have to give to others. It’s a cycle that feeds itself and multiplies more with each passing day until it becomes automatic. When you give to others, it comes from this place of knowing the joys of being in your source light. 

The well of all things begins within, overflowing outward into physical manifestation. Seek first the light within, light shall be made manifest before you illuminating all things, casting out doubt and fear, casting out shadow and darkness.  It is your purpose to seek this place of power within yourself and bring forth its glory into your life. Seek your inner wisdom and light so that you may find your way back home to the source of all things where everything exists in perfect harmony with all other parts of creation.


There is only light. There is only love. Hope springs eternal. Love is eternal and light is eternal. How shall you choose to journey the path before you this day? Today is one of those days when you feel like everything has gone wrong, everything has been lost. You want to throw up your hands and give up. You want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head until the world goes away. However, remain hopeful in these dark times. The light will always be with you and it will not let you go through on this path.

Amanda Cooper

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