Angel Message Of The Day : Light of Divine Grace

Guardian Angel of Service 


It is time, beloved child, to accept being of service also means being able to accept assistance from others where once there was none. You are called to be of service in the world, and you have accepted this calling. You have taken on the mantle of responsibility for others, and this is a task that you must follow. You have been given many gifts and talents, which you have used to benefit others in ways that bring joy to your heart. It is time, beloved child, to accept that it is not only up to you alone but also up to all those who wish for love and peace in their lives as well as yours as we all climb together towards a better future for all children yet to be born.


Being of service is not always about the giving of you to others unconditionally. Sometimes, it’s about giving of yourself to others for their benefit. It’s about how you give and how you receive. It’s about how you’re serving and what you’re receiving. It’s about making sure that your service is actually benefiting someone else and not just your ego, pride, or selfishness. Be mindful of who you’re serving. Are they ready? Are they receptive? Are they open? Are they able? Are they willing? If not, then maybe it’s not time yet. There will be other opportunities later on down the road when they are ready for what you have to offer them right now.

Being of service is also about being able to accept that others are willing, ready, and wanting to give you unconditionally. A lot of times you feel like you have to do something in return for someone else’s kindness or generosity, like it’s an obligation on your part and you feel obligated to serve them back for their generosity. However, when you think of serving others out of obligation and not out of love or joy, then you are not fulfilling your true purpose in life. You want to be filled up with love so much that you can give that love away freely to everyone around you without any expectations or conditions attached.


Being of service is being open to accepting gifts of service from others who have found a desire to be of service where once there was none. Service is an act of giving. If you are willing to give without expecting anything in return, then you are offering a gift to the world. This also means that when someone else gives you something, it is a gift from them to you.  One of the most important and powerful things you can do for yourself is to be of service to others. When you are of service, you will find that your life becomes more balanced, calm, and loving. You will also find that by helping others, you are helping yourself.


Graciously accepting gifts of service from another is being of service. When you offer service, it is gracefully accepted by the other person. When the other person accepts your service, then it’s a gift for you both. When you offer such a gift of service, there is no attachment to any result from the other person. This means that even if they don’t accept your service, it doesn’t affect you at all because there was no expectation from the beginning. When a person receives such a gift of service from another, they are also receiving a gift from themselves because when they receive such a gift they are allowing themselves to be loved and cared for by another and this in turn allows them to love and care for others as well.

Be willing to give another by accepting that which is being offered to you. In a world where we are constantly focusing on taking, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of giving. Giving gifts is very much an art that requires practice and patience. It’s not just about giving something to someone else; it’s also about giving something to yourself. When you give a gift, you are saying that you value the other person enough to put some thought into what they might like. You are giving them something special because they mean something special to you. The act of giving is one of the most powerful things in life because it allows you to see beyond yourself and see what others need or want. 


Being of service is giving of thy Self unconditionally. Your willingness to give is the key to receiving what you need. If you are willing to give up your way, you will be blessed with divine grace. The more you give, the more you receive; this is true of every aspect of life. The more love you give, the more love you receive; the more joy you express, the more joy comes into your life; and so on.


Shine the Light of Divine Grace this day and accept gifts of service being offered to you. Accept the gifts of love, friendship, and kindness from others. Be open to receiving all that is good for you in life. Accept the gifts that are coming your way. Shine the light on those who are seeking your help or assistance. Let them know that their gift is accepted with gratitude and joy in their heart, for it is time for you to shine your light on them as well. Today let go of all past hurts and pains that have been holding you back from accepting the gifts that are being offered to you today. It is time for you to be free from all past energies that no longer serve you or anyone else in this world.

Go in peace. This is a day of opportunity. Be grateful for the abundance of love in your life and share that love with others. The light of Divine Grace has been shining down upon you, and now the time has come for you to shine the light back up to the Universe by accepting the gifts of service being offered to you. Allow yourself to shine your light freely upon everyone around you, especially those who may need your help at this time in their lives, so they too can feel joy in their hearts once again just as they should be feeling right now.


All is well today. Today, shine the light of Divine Grace on yourself and others. Let go of your worries and fears, releasing them back to the Divine One. Take time to breathe deeply and relax in the present moment. The more you breathe deeply, the more you will come into alignment with Divine grace and peace within yourself. You carry the light of the Divine within you. Your thoughts, words, and actions are expressions of your soul’s deepest desire to know and express the Divine nature that is within each one of us. The Universe supports you in every way. As long as you are aware of how you feel. If you are feeling anything that is not positive, make a conscious effort to change it.

Amanda Cooper

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