Angel Message Of The Day : Divinity Within

Archangel Taharial 


Light a candle of white, and allow the warmth of the flame to reignite the Spark of Divinity within your essence. As you inhale, envision yourself as a glowing ball of energy. Feel this energy flow through your body from feet to head and back again. As you exhale, imagine the light radiating from your heart center in all directions. See yourself as a divine being who is ready for this journey. Imagine that you are surrounded by divine light in every color imaginable and that it is constantly surrounding and protecting you.


You are light. You are loved. You are Divine Grace. You are perfect. What does it mean to be Divine Grace? It means that you are the Light, you are Love and you are Perfection. You have a divine nature, and you are here to serve the world, not just yourself. You no longer feel like a victim or a slave to your circumstances; instead, you choose what happens in your life because you believe it is the right thing to do. You were created for a purpose and that is to live in harmony with your soul’s purpose and express unconditional love. This is who you are at your very core, this is what you came here to do and this is what you came here to be: love itself living as love itself expressing itself through you.

You are whole and complete, now at this moment. You have everything you need to be happy, now at this moment. You have everything you need for your journey through life. You have an inner teacher, a wise voice that will guide you if you listen. You can make choices that will lead you to what is best for you, not just what is easiest or most comfortable. You are connected to everything else in the Universe, every living thing, and all of nature. You can feel the power of the sun warming your skin as it rises in the sky. When you connect with these things within yourself and around you, there is no doubt that there is divinity within you.


Allow the light from the flame of the candle to cast its glow all around you, enfolding your entire being in Heavenly white light.  Allow yourself to feel peaceful and calm as you envision your Divine Presence standing right in front of you, smiling at you lovingly. Take this light as your investment as you breathe in, feel this Light fill your body from head to toe. As you breathe out, allow any impurities or negativity within your body to be released through your breath and into the flame of the candle. Feel yourself becoming lighter as negativity is released. Feel yourself become more pure as you open up to receive more Divine Light into your being. Breathe in deeply, and allow yourself to be filled with love and light. Feel this Divine energy flow through your body, cleansing you of all impurities.


All creatures great and small carry within the Spark of Divinity. The more you learn about your true identity as divine beings, the more you realize that you must treat all living things with respect and love. You must treat them with compassion and kindness because they are your brothers and sisters in this journey through life on Earth. When you work with Divinity Within, you are working with your soul essence, your inner divinity that connects everyone. This is what makes you human: the ability to be conscious of your soul and your divinity within you, to understand that there is something greater than yourself out there that connects you all together as one being: The Divine Source of All That Is.

Are you willing to see the Spark of Divinity within you? There is a spark of Divinity within you. It is your soul, the Divine spark that connects to the Universal Mind. Your soul is pure and perfect, but it has been covered up by your mind and ego. Your ego creates fear and doubt; it tells you life is hard, and that nobody loves you or cares about you. Your mind is constantly thinking about the past and future, which means it cannot be in the present moment. It also gets caught up in its thoughts and emotions and loses touch with reality.


Are you willing to look beyond physical realm limitations, seeing the Spark of Divinity in all faces, all places, in all situations?  Divinity Within is about realizing and understanding that you are made of divinity. This is the spark of the Universe within each of everyone. It is what makes you human, it is what makes you spiritual beings, and it is what makes you unique. When your heart is open and receptive, then you can see past the outer layers of people and circumstances. You can acknowledge that everyone has a divine purpose here on Earth.


Allow the Divine within you to connect more fully with Divine Source Energy. The Source of all creation is the Divine within you. The Divine within you is the source of all creation and there are many ways to connect to it. This can be done through meditation, prayer, chanting, and other spiritual practices. To connect with this energy, you need to know that it exists and that you can use it to help yourself and others. When you connect more fully with the Divine Source Energy, your self-confidence will increase because you will be drawing on the highest wisdom available when making decisions. You will also find that your intuition will become stronger as well as your ability to heal yourself and others.

Allow your essence to shine through the shadow of darkness, illuminating the path before you. You have greatness within you, waiting to be brought out into the world. Do not let your fears prevent you from accomplishing your destiny. Do not be afraid to show yourself and speak your truth. You do not need anyone’s permission or approval to do so; only permission from within yourself is required. Be kind and gentle with yourself; treat yourself as if you were a loved one. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and forgive others who have hurt you. 

Amanda Cooper

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