Angel Message Of The Day : Release Your Cares and Worries



Be not a beast of burden to your troubles, worries, or concerns. You live in a world that requires you to be strong. You are often told to be more like men and less like women, but in doing so you may have forgotten to take care of yourself. Release your cares, and they will be replaced by the Universe’s peace, which transcends all understanding. Let your cares and worries go, and let peace fill you, knowing that the Divine One is at work in all things for the good of those who love the divine source. When you are anxious about something, spend time meditating on the Universe’s word. 


Become instead a beacon of light, for all is revealed in the moment of the asking. When you are in the know, you can ask for help and know that it will come. There is no need to feel desperate or needy. Rather, you are empowered by your willingness to ask openly and honestly for what you need. You can ask with joy and gratitude because you know that your needs will be met. You recognize that someone out there has the power to help you, and so you open yourself up to receive it. There is no need for worry or anxiety because you know that there is something greater than you that can provide what you need. This does not mean that you have no responsibilities or obligations, it simply means that your responsibility is not as great as you may think it is.

Be clear about what you seek answers. It is difficult to be clear about what you seek when you are busy worrying. If you are worried about money, then get clear about how much money you need to live your life free from worry. Then ask for that amount of money in a specific way. Be specific about what you want and why you want it. What is going to happen if you do not get this money? How will your life change? What will happen if you do receive it?


Be willing to accept where you are now. You are where you are. Release your cares and worries. Accept where you are now. Seek only to do your best, not to beat your competitors. Do not worry about what others think, or what they might say or think about you. Do not compare yourself with others: they are all different from you, they have their path and goals, and they have their reasons for doing things as they do. You cannot live their life for them. Do not try to force yourself into a mold that is not right for you: be willing to accept where you are now, and know that it is okay if other people don’t understand how different that may be from how others behave or think about things.


Be willing to see from a different perspective. Imagine that you are gazing at the ocean from a high cliff. The waves are moving up and down, back and forth. They look like they’re fighting against each other. But when you look at them from above, they appear to be dancing in harmony with one another. Likewise, your life is much more peaceful when you can see them from above rather than through your limited understanding of what is going on around you.


Be willing to open yourself to endless possibilities. Know that anything is possible, even if it seems far-fetched now. Have faith in yourself, your abilities, and your future. Don’t give up. Keep going! Get support from others who also want to live their dreams. Find people who will help you and believe in you too.

Be willing to accept change, accepting that which cannot be changed. You may know that some people don’t like change. It makes you anxious because it forces you to think about things that are beyond your control. However, if you want to live a happy life and enjoy the journey, you have to learn how to deal with change and accept what cannot be changed. Change is inevitable; it happens every day in every way, from the weather to relationships, from your job or business to your family members, from your body to your health. You have no choice but to accept it and move on. The only thing you can do is change yourself. That means learning how to let go of the past so that you can live in the present moment with an open mind and heart ready for anything new that will come your way today or tomorrow or next week or next year or even 20 years from now.


Be willing to forgive and forgive again; unforgiveness harms only you. Be willing to forgive and forgive again; unforgiveness harms only you. Forgive yourself first. You are human, you make mistakes, you are not perfect. Forgive others who have hurt or offended you. Release any anger or resentment so that it no longer binds you to past events that may still be causing pain in your life. Forgive others for their mistakes and let go of resentment. When people hurt you, it’s natural to feel angry or disappointed at them, but those feelings don’t help you move forward in your life


Radiate light and love from your inner essence. You have the power to change your life. You are creating your world, and you can choose to make it a better place. You can choose to radiate light and love from your inner essence. When you radiate light and love from your inner essence, it is reflected by the world around you. The more light that you shine forth, the more you will receive as well. You are a miracle of life and you have a purpose in this world. You have come here to share who you are with all beings, to be of service to others, and to uplift humanity. 


Radiate forgiveness to all who have wronged you, whether it is real or perceived.  It’s easy to get angry and hold on to that anger. It’s also easy to blame others for your problems and feel like you are a victim of life. If someone has wronged you, forgive them from your heart. Forgiveness does not mean that what happened was okay, it means that the person who harmed you does not deserve any more of your negative energy than what they already brought into your life by their actions or words. 


Release all that no longer serves you. You are not a prisoner of your past. You are not a prisoner of your future. You can be free right now, in this moment. Release the pain of the past and be at peace with yourself now. Release the fear of tomorrow and live fully in the present moment. Release any negative emotions you may have toward anyone or anything else and allow yourself to feel only love for everyone and everything in your life right now. The more you release thoughts and feelings that are not serving you, the freer you become to accept only those things that bring about joy, happiness, and peace within your heart and mind.


Light a candle of deep amethyst purple, write or speak aloud to those who have wronged you as if they are in front of you. Ask them to forgive you for any wrongdoing or hurt feelings on your part. Forgive them in return for any pain they may have caused you. If it is necessary for you to forgive someone to move forward, then release the situation into the Divine Light and allow it to be transformed from within. Take some time to meditate on this new state of being, knowing that all is well and will continue to be so as long as you do not dwell on negativity.

Your heartfelt words travel on the flame of the candle, releasing all that is behind you. The candle is lit. You have written down your cares and worries on paper, and now you are about to release them into the fire. As you do so, you say a prayer or chant that expresses your intention to release these burdens and cares. Picture yourself surrounded by a blanket of light and love. Let that light shine through you and surround you with its warmth. Now picture a candle and imagine it lighting up from within, from the tips of its wick to the flame at its heart.


Feel your shoulders, your entire being sigh with relief. Breathe deeply and slowly. Feel yourself relaxing and letting go of all the tension. Feel the worries and cares of the day fall away like leaves falling from a tree in autumn. You’re letting go of everything that has nothing to do with who you are. You’re no longer worried about anything or anyone else’s problems but your own. You’re no longer worried about what other people think of you because it’s their problem, not yours. You are who you are and you’re okay with it all. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself because there is nothing wrong with who you are right now.


Feel or sense serenity flow through your physical body and that of your Aura and your entire being. You are standing in a beautiful garden, in a lovely place where you feel completely safe. You may choose any place that makes you feel comfortable, but it must be a place where you can look out into the distance. There is nothing but grassy fields and hills that stretch out as far as the eye can see. You have no cares or worries here, not even a single one. You know that the world is well taken care of by others who are more capable than yourself and so there is nothing for you to worry about at all.


Be willing to release your cares this day. There are many things that you can’t control in life, but you do have control over how you react to them. If you get upset when something doesn’t go your way, then it is often because you haven’t released your cares to the Universe first or asked for its help in dealing with them.

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