Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Light

Archangel Zadkiel 


To yourself be true. To yourself be love. To yourself, be forgiving. The past is gone and will never return; the future is just beyond our grasp, but at this moment we have all that we need. You are all that you need. You can’t see your Inner Light when your focus is on the darkness outside of yourself.  Forgiving yourself will allow you to move on from what happened in the past and start living your life as an adult who knows what you want out of life. To yourself be honest, humble, and authentic with your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and actions in everything you do; every day of every year.


All lies within you at this moment. Release you from all that has brought you to this moment for it no longer serves your highest and best good.  All is well in the Divine Source. There is nothing but joy and happiness all around you. You are surrounded by angels and loving energies that are guiding you through your life journey. You have already been given everything that you need for this moment, so stop looking for something outside yourself for it will never come. You are the creator of your reality. The one who can create what they want in their life. You have created this reality and now it is time to decide what you want going forward


To yourself be true. Look within, what do you see? You are free and clear of any attachments or burdens that have been holding you back and preventing you from living a life full of joy, happiness, and love. You are loved beyond measure by all those who are watching over you and guiding you with love, compassion, and wisdom. The Inner Light is a light in the heart of each human in the earthly realm. It is the light that helps you find your way, see things clearly, and keep on going when all seems lost. You can make a positive impact on the world around you by being kind, compassionate, and loving towards others.

Do you see love and light, or do you see shadow and darkness?  Indeed, you can only see what is in your mind’s eye, but it’s also true that the way you look at things affects the way they appear to you. How you perceive the world is a reflection of the state of your consciousness. It is not just the outer world that reflects to you what you are experiencing within yourself. Keep perceiving the love and light in your path to keep you moving forward in the right way. You will not be lost when you keep believing the light within your heart.


The choice is yours. The choice has and always will be yours and yours alone. The environment may be the cause to influence your choices however they are not the ones who ultimately make these choices for you. The quality of your life is determined by the choices that you make. The quality of your relationships is also determined by the quality of your choices. You may feel alone and isolated in your struggle. You may feel that no one understands you, or that the world is against you. The truth is that there the inner light is within you forever. Awaken your light and you are the master of your destiny, and you have the power to change your life.


 Be willing to see the Divine Spark within you this moment, it is within you.  It is not something that you learn about in school or something that you can get from someone else. It is something that you must discover within yourself. Take a deep breath and look inside yourself. Do you feel the Divine presence within you? Reconnecting with your Divine Spark is to realize that it exists inside of you and all around you at all times. You are here to be the light of love and compassion, the Light of Truth and Wisdom, the Light of Peace. You are here to be a beacon in this world.

In what ways have you allowed your Inner Light, the Divine Spark within to become dull and lifeless?  Inner Light can be a wonderful thing. It’s the divine spark within us all that allows us to achieve our greatest potential in life. As you grow older you may tend to lose touch with your inner light because you are taught to be stiff and practical rather than creative and imaginative. You are taught not to dream too big or think too big because dreams don’t come true and thoughts are just thoughts after all.  


Are you willing to practice faith, gratitude, compassion, and mercy? The world has a lot of darkness and negativity in it. you need to awaken the light in your lives to help you navigate through the difficult times and challenges you face every day. It’s not easy to be a light in this world today. It takes courage, strength, fortitude, and perseverance to be a light in a world where darkness often seems like the only option.


Seek first the light within. The outer physical Self is a reflection of the Inner-Self.  The light within is your inner divinity, your soul. It is who you are in your deepest heart of hearts. You may not see the light however you may feel it in your heart. The goal of life is to realize your true nature as a spiritual being who lives in this material world for a time. The soul shines with the light of intelligence and wisdom; the darkness around it comes from ignorance and selfishness. That which is within you radiates outward. 


That which is made manifest in the outer physical realm is a reflection of that which is within your thoughts, your heart, and your emotions.  Your heart is where you create the energy that makes up your reality. It’s your emotional state that determines what you attract into your life. It is like the law of attraction. If you want to create something in your life, then focus on it with all of your attention as if it were already here. Make it real in your mind first by seeing yourself experiencing it or feeling how it would feel to have it now. 

In the choosing, all is made manifest. How shall you choose to manifest for you this day? The inner light is the light of your soul, which is the divine spark that is your essence. It is your inner guidance, inspiration, and intuition. It’s the voice that guides you to listen to your highest self and do what is best for you.

Amanda Cooper

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