Angel Message Of The Day : Sacred Flame


Beloved one, seek first the light of the Divine Source within. The light is your strength. It is your refuge and your salvation. As you are in the Divine One, it is in you. Your mind is filled with thoughts from the mind of the Divine One and your heart is filled with love and compassion for all beings. You are free to live your life with joy and peace, but it is not your birthright. You must choose it and then claim it by living in harmony with Universal Law. The peace you seek can never be found outside yourself. It is only found inside, in your own heart and mind. When you are open to receiving guidance from within yourself and others, then guidance will come into your life naturally when you ask for it or need it most. Seek first the light of the Divine Source within yourself; then all fear disappears as love replaces fear in your heart.


Cleanse, and purify your thoughts, emotions, your entire physical body. Cleansing is the process of detoxifying the body and mind by removing toxins from the system. It is an important practice for anyone who wants to feel their best. Cleansing can help you lose weight, remove toxins from your body, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. However, what are the ways to cleanse your mind? Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax your entire body, starting from the top of your head and working down to your toes. Once you feel relaxed, imagine that there is a beautiful white light coming from above into your head. Feel it enveloping you like a warm blanket. Notice how peaceful and joyful this makes you feel.


Allow the Flame of Source to release you from all worries, concerns, stresses, hurts, and sorrows. Allow yourself to feel the love and compassion that is available to you right now. Let go of all that no longer serves you. Let go of all that no longer serves others. Allow the Flame of Source to bring into you all the aspects of yourself that have been lost or forgotten over time or during childhood traumas. Allow them to be healed by this flame so that they can once again become fully integrated into who you are today as well as who you will become tomorrow. You are loved, cherished, and protected by the Creator of All That Is for each breath you take on this earthly realm.

The Sacred Flame within grows stronger with each breath, each healing, each release. Open to all that is holy within. It is the source of your intuition and inspiration as well as your ability to manifest what you desire in life. You are not alone in this journey; you have guides who walk beside you every step of the way. They are angels and masters from other realms who assist us in our evolution toward higher consciousness. Remember that all things are possible when we allow our minds to become open and receptive to new possibilities. Be willing to experience something new in your life today, even if it goes against what you believe or is not part of your comfort zone.


Open yourself to all that is of love and light. Let go of the old, the hurtful, and the painful. Release all that no longer serves you or your highest good. Be grateful for all that you have, rather than focusing on what you do not have. You are loved and cherished beyond measure by countless beings who have come before you and will come after you. Open yourself up to all that is of beauty and grace, because you are deserving of every single thing that comes into your life. You are deserving of all that is good, good things, great things, amazing things; these things are already within you waiting for you to acknowledge them as yours.

Open to giving love and light to you and others. You are a light in the world. You are a beacon of love and light. You are here to give of you, your love, and your light. You have a deep need to give love and light to all. You have a desire to help others, and you are more than willing to share your wealth with those less fortunate than yourself.


Open to receive all that is already yours in the Realm of Spirit.  You are not limited by your current circumstances or environment. You are not limited by your past or your childhood wounds. You are not limited by your thoughts or emotions, even those that seem real and overwhelming. When you open yourself up to receive, you start seeing opportunities everywhere. You begin to notice all the good things in your life and how lucky you are to have them. You are unlimited in your creativity, intelligence, and ability to manifest anything you want in this life


Allow that which is already made manifest in the Realm of Spirit to be made manifest in the physical realm. The world is a mirror of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You see what you give your attention to. You have a perfect idea of what you want to create, but it’s not real yet. You are not bound by time or space. You can create anything at any time and in any place. Realize that you already have everything you need to know how to create whatever it is you desire. The only thing that is stopping you from creating your perfect world is your belief that you don’t know how. Start by being aware of how much you already do know how to create.

All is laid at your feet. How shall you choose to walk upon the path laid before you? The path is always there if you choose to follow it. There are no shortcuts on this journey, and there are no detours. You must follow the light as you must travel this road yourself. The path will take you through all these things, because that is your destiny, to experience everything life has to offer. 


Shed the skin of what was; clothe yourself with radiant light and love.  As you shed the skin of what was, you are continuing to attract people into your life who will help you to expand and grow. You have done this by letting go of old relationships that no longer serve you. You have done this by going within yourself and discovering your true purpose in this earth realm.


Gift you with loving thoughts, loving actions. When you look at someone with love, you don’t look at what is wrong with them. Love is not just about giving gifts or doing nice things for someone. It’s about how you think about them and treat them. You look at what is right about them and let that love flow through you. When you do this, it comes back to you in one way or another. Love is unconditional; it doesn’t depend on anything or anyone else besides the person who loves you.


Create for you a new skin, radiating light from your inner essence of pure unconditional love. See yourself as a being of pure divine spirit filled with this light. See yourself as the embodiment of love itself, a being filled with light and goodness and compassion; a being who casts out fear and darkness wherever it goes; a being filled with Divine One’s goodness; a being who is truly blessed by Divine One’s grace. See yourself as being surrounded by this glowing aura that permeates all things around you. See the light flowing through everything you see and touch, filling every corner of the world around you with its warmth and joyous glow.

Amanda Cooper

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