Angel Message Of The Day: State of Grace



Step into the light beloved child; tilt your loving face towards the heavens.  As you step into the light, you are stepping into a realm of pure love and infinite possibilities. It is a space where you can release any burdens or limitations that weigh you down, and instead, bask in the brilliance of your divine essence. The light illuminates your path, guiding you toward a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Tilting your loving face towards the heavens is an act of surrender and openness. It is an invitation to receive the blessings and guidance that the universe has to offer. By turning your attention towards the sky, you align yourself with the expansive and limitless nature of the cosmos. You acknowledge your connection to something greater than yourself and open yourself up to the wisdom and love that flows from above. 


Feel the warmth of the sun upon your face. )pen your arms, open your heart, and open you to all that is. Open your arms wide, as if reaching out to embrace the world, and feel the expansiveness of your being. By opening your arms, you create space for new experiences, connections, and opportunities to enter your life. It is an invitation to embrace the present moment fully and to welcome all that life has to offer. However, it is not just your physical arms that should open; it is your heart as well. Open your heart wide, allowing love and compassion to flow freely. By opening your heart, you invite deeper connections with others, and you create a space for love to enter and be shared. It is through an open heart that you can experience true joy, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.

Breathe deeply allowing your mind to become still. In the silence, one hears many things. In the silence, where the noise of the external world fades away, you open yourself to a deeper level of awareness. It is in this quietude that you can truly listen, not just with your ears, but with your entire being. As the mind becomes still, you become attuned to the subtle whispers of your intuition, the gentle guidance of your soul, and the profound wisdom of the universe.  In this sacred space of silence, you may hear the echoes of your inner voice, offering guidance, inspiration, and answers to the questions that reside within you. It is a time to listen to the whispers of your heart, as it knows the truth and holds the keys to your deepest desires and aspirations.


Listen, listen, listen. All you seek is already within you. As you listen, you open yourself to the whispers of your soul, the gentle nudges of your intuition, and the profound knowing that resides within. It is in the quietude of your inner space that you can hear the profound truths that have been longing to be acknowledged. In the act of listening, you cultivate a deep connection with yourself. You acknowledge that you are your own greatest teacher, guide, and source of wisdom. By turning inward and listening, you recognize that the answers you seek are not outside of you, but already reside within.


Grace is knowing all is well, all is peaceful. A state of grace is manifested in many ways, a smile shared by two, contentment, and an unexpected gift. An unexpected gift is yet another expression of grace. It is a symbol of the universe’s abundant love and generosity. When you receive an unexpected gift, whether it be a material possession, a kind gesture, or a serendipitous encounter, it serves as a reminder that you are supported and cared for by a greater force. It is a gentle nudge from the universe, reminding you that you are deserving of love, joy, and blessings. Grace is not limited to these examples alone. It can be found in countless moments, both big and small, that bring a sense of peace, harmony, and beauty into your life. It can be experienced in the gentle sway of a tree, the soothing sound of raindrops, or the breathtaking colors of a sunset. It can be felt in acts of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, both given and received.

Look about yourself this day. Ananchel, the Angel of Grace is you. Look about yourself this day and behold the presence of Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, within you. As you observe your surroundings, you will come to realize that the essence of grace is not something external to be sought, but a divine spark that resides within your very being. Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, is not a separate entity from you, but a part of your spiritual essence. It is a reminder that you are inherently connected to the divine and that grace flows through you in every moment. Just as an angel is a messenger of divine love and compassion, so too are you capable of embodying and expressing these qualities in your own life. Take a moment to reflect on how you have embodied grace. Perhaps it is in the kindness you show to others, the compassion you extend to those in need or the forgiveness you offer to those who have wronged you. These acts of grace are not only a reflection of your innate goodness, but also a testament to the divine presence within you.


Do you choose to see with an open heart? Seeing with an open heart means setting aside preconceived notions, judgments, and biases, and instead embracing a mindset of curiosity, empathy, and acceptance. It is about being willing to look beyond surface appearances and delve into the essence of people, situations, and the world around you. When you choose to see with an open heart, you create space for genuine connection and understanding. You recognize that every person you encounter has a unique story, struggles, and dreams. By approaching others with empathy and compassion, you can truly see and appreciate their humanity, fostering deeper connections and nurturing relationships


Do you choose to experience grace on this day? Experiencing grace begins with a willingness to surrender control and trust in the flow of life. It is about letting go of resistance and allowing the universe to guide you with its gentle wisdom. When you release the need to control every outcome and instead surrender to the greater plan, you create space for grace to enter your life. Grace can be found in the simplest of moments if you are open to receiving it. It can be felt in the warmth of the sun on your skin, the gentle breeze that caresses your face, or the sound of laughter that fills the air. It can be experienced in the kindness of a stranger, the support of a loved one, or the serendipitous events that seem to align perfectly. To experience grace, it is important to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and appreciation. When you approach each day with a grateful heart, you shift your focus from what is lacking to what is abundant in your life. This shift in perspective allows you to recognize and receive the grace that is already present, even amid challenges or difficulties.

Grace is that place or space within you and around you, allowing you to simply be.  Within the embrace of grace, you find peace and serenity. It is a refuge from the chaos and demands of the external world. In this space, you can find stillness and reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition. Grace provides a sanctuary where you can find clarity, guidance, and a sense of purpose. In the space of grace, you are invited to surrender and trust in the greater flow of life. It is a space where you can release the need for control and instead allow yourself to be guided by a higher wisdom. Grace reminds you that you are supported and held by a loving and benevolent universe.


Just for a moment, close your eyes and see that which is within. The light within you is strong, bright, a beacon for all to see.  See you dear one, for you are a gift to all who would see the light. In this moment of introspection, you recognize the unique qualities and talents that make you who you are. You are a masterpiece, intricately woven with strengths, passions, and dreams. This inner light is a reflection of your true self, your authentic essence that shines through when you allow yourself to be seen. This light within you is not meant to be hidden or dimmed. It is meant to be shared with the world, to inspire and uplift those around you. When you embrace and nurture this light, you become a source of hope, love, and inspiration for others. Your presence becomes a gift, a reminder to others of the light that resides within them as well.


As you travel the path before you this day, allow kindness and mercy to be your companions. Seek to understand their perspectives, even when they differ from your own. Extend forgiveness to those who have hurt you, releasing the burden of resentment and opening the door to healing and reconciliation. Show compassion to those who are struggling, offering a helping hand or a listening ear. By embodying mercy, you create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding that can foster growth and unity. Together, kindness and mercy can create a harmonious and compassionate journey. They can soften the edges of challenges and difficulties, bringing light and love to even the darkest moments. When you choose to walk hand in hand with kindness and mercy, you become an agent of positive change, spreading love and healing wherever you go.

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