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Energy is everywhere in everything. It’s not just a concept, but something that can be felt and experienced. It’s the power that enables you to do things, to create things, to change things, and to make your life better. When you’re feeling upbeat and energized, it shows in your appearance, how you talk with others, and how you walk and move through life. There’s an energy about you that doesn’t go unnoticed by others; they notice it because they feel it too. You have to invest yourself in positive energy. Positive energy can help you attract what you want in life. When you are around positive people, they will bring positive energy into your life. You have to surround yourself with those who have positive mindsets and attitudes because it is contagious.


Energy is sound vibration, thought, action, and emotion. The power of sound vibration is so great that you can use it to heal yourself, others, and even the planet itself. It can also be used to express your deepest emotions, desires, and needs in a way that words simply cannot describe.   The words you speak are powerful because they carry energy with them. The more energy you put into them, whether it’s positive or negative, the stronger the effect they have on your life becomes. So it’s important to be aware of what you’re saying so that you can choose your words wisely and use them accordingly. 


All creatures great and small resonate with the sounds around them. They are a way in which you communicate with each other and express your feelings. The sounds you make can be very different from one another, depending on where you come from. Like if you were to listen to a person speaking English and then Spanish, you would notice the difference in their speech patterns. This is because their language is different. The same applies to animals: they all have their unique sounds that they use to communicate with each other. It is no surprise then that these sounds also resonate with humans in unique ways. 


You resonate with energy within and around you. You are a powerful being and it is your birthright to live a life full of abundance, joy, and happiness. You have everything you need within you to create a life of ease, peace, and prosperity. You are here on Earth at this time to experience all that life has to offer and to awaken within yourself your divine nature.


How do you speak to yourself? You may not realize how much of an effect the words you speak have on your thoughts and emotions. When you say something aloud, it becomes an affirmation. When you say something negative out loud, it will only reinforce negative thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, when you say positive things out loud, it will reinforce positive feelings and beliefs about yourself. The way you speak to yourself has a big impact on your self-esteem. If you constantly put yourself down or focus on all the things that are wrong with you, then you’re going to start believing those things are true about yourself.


Do you speak harshly or lovingly? When you speak harshly, it is because you have not yet learned how to speak lovingly. You were unable to understand how to use words as a means of grace and healing yet, as a means of speaking love into the world. When we start investing in learning how to speak lovingly, our words become effective instruments for life transformation. They become living words that come alive with meaning and purpose. When you learn how to use your words as instruments of grace and healing, they become powerful instruments of change in your life and the lives of others.


How do you speak to all around you? You need to communicate with others. Whether it’s to tell them a story, ask for help, or even just ask them how they’re doing, you want to be heard. However, what happens when you don’t feel as though you are being heard by those around you? What if your words aren’t being received and acknowledged in the way that you want? It is easy to get caught up in how you are speaking and forget about who is listening. You may think that the way you speak says something about you but it says much more about the people who listen.


We do not ask you to speak in a manner that would cause you harm. You must now consider, with an open mind and heart, speaking in a manner which would not cause you harm. You are in this world for a purpose, and that purpose is to be happy. To be happy means to live free from pain, free from suffering, and free from hurt. The only way you can experience freedom from pain is by speaking words that bring you happiness. The only way you can experience freedom from suffering is by speaking words that bring you peace of mind


We are asking you to choose your words with care. You have a responsibility to be kind and respectful in your interactions with others. This is a community of adults who are here because they want to learn, grow, and connect. The words you use have the power to influence others, whether you’re trying to win an argument or gain support for your cause. Words can be used as weapons, but they can also be used to promote peace and understanding. In a world where hate is on the rise, you need people who know how to use language in positive ways.


We ask you to resonate more with vibrations of love and compassion, forgiving all that has come before.  Forgiveness is releasing that which no longer serves your highest and best good. release any energy that does not serve your highest and best good, which may have been created by others or by yourself. Let go of all these things so they can no longer hold you back from living an abundant life full of joy and happiness. If there is anyone who has hurt you in some way, then today you give them a gift of forgiveness so that they can also move forward to their highest potential of being.


Holding onto old patterns, anger, and painful memories, limits your efforts to move forward. Moving forward is embracing the light, shedding that which is behind you. It takes courage to speak your truth, but it also takes courage to listen to someone else’s truth. When you listen deeply, you acknowledge the other person’s feelings and point of view as valid and worthy of respect. This can be challenging because when you’re in conflict with another person or when they express anger toward you, your instinct is often to defend yourself or ignore their words altogether. Listening allows you to truly connect so that you can move through your differences and find common ground again if necessary. Listening can bring you closer together instead of pushing you further apart.


Moving forward is stepping out of the shadows of what once was and into the light of what is yet to be. What does it mean to move forward? It means taking a risk, leaving your comfort zone, and embracing the unknown. It means letting go of your past, letting go of fear, and stepping into something new.  It’s choosing to live in the present, not the past or future. It’s knowing that while the past cannot be changed, it can be used as a learning experience. It’s being able to take responsibility for your actions and move on with life instead of dwelling on something that has already happened.


Allow this day to be one of transition from all that was to all that is. Today, you will let go of the past and embrace the future. you will release all that no longer serves you and welcome in all that does. Today, you are a new person. You are free from your past mistakes, free from your old habits, free from the pain of yesterday. Today you choose to be happy, healthy, and prosperous.


Choose words spoken with loving care, words once spoken cannot be undone. Words of love and kindness, spoken promptly, can change the course of a life. Words have power, they can build up or tear down. They can heal or hurt. They can comfort or confuse. They can make you laugh or cry. They can give you hope or crush you to the ground. A word once uttered cannot be recalled. So choose your words carefully and think before you speak. The wise use their words to uplift others; the foolish use their words for destruction.


How shall you choose to speak on this day? You may say what is true, or what is beautiful, or what is good. You were born with the ability to speak. You can talk and communicate with others in many different ways. You can share your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions with words. You must choose your words wisely. There is a time when you must choose them carefully and deliberately because they will be heard by others.

Amanda Cooper

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