Angel Message Of The Day : Seek the Light

Angel of Intuitive Illumination 


Allow your inner self to soar among Heaven’s beloved one. You are the Light of the World, so shine your beautiful Light upon all that is within you. Open up the doors of your heart and let this marvelous Light shine through. Let it shine upon all those around you, letting them see your love and compassion for all things. Do not be afraid to share this wonderful gift with others, for in doing so you will receive even more in return. This wonderful gift will help heal those who need healing and comfort those who are hurting. It will also heal you and give you comfort when needed most.


Allow your heart to be free from pain, hurt, disappointment, sorrow, fear of lack. Free your mind from all thoughts of self-pity and self-condemnation. Forget about your failures, reject the idea that you should have done better than you did in life, that you did not deserve what happened to you in life, or that life has been unfair to you in some way or other. Forget about all the things that have gone wrong with your health or body in the past; forget about all the failed relationships or broken dreams in your life; forget about all those things that have brought you disappointment and sorrow over the years.


Allow your heart to express joy, happiness, and peaceful contentment. You may find that you can express these emotions freely and easily. You may feel as if this is not possible for you, but when you feel happy, peaceful, and content, see if you can let yourself enjoy those feelings without questioning them or analyzing them. Just flow with them. If you find yourself caught in thought patterns that do not support your wish to feel happy, peaceful, and joyful, just notice this and let it go. Let your thoughts be like white noise that you can simply ignore. Allow yourself to be present with who you are right now; let all thoughts go away completely so that only the present moment remains.


Look at you today.  Are there not many blessings for which to give thanks? Yes, there are. When you look at your life with gratitude in your heart, you can see that everything that has happened has led you to where you are now, on this journey called life. If we didn’t have those bad times, then maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much as we do now. You may not see it but it is there even the smallest things. As you look about, see what is good in your life and give thanks for it. If you want to make your life better, focus on what is good in your life. Don’t dwell on what’s wrong with your life or with others’ lives. It doesn’t help anyone and it only makes you feel worse. Instead, focus on what’s right with people’s lives and with yours too.


Seek first the light for there is much light and love for you. You are not alone in your quest for the light, for many are seeking it just as you are. The light will guide you on your path to wholeness and healing, it will remove all obstacles that block your way. There is a lot of darkness on the planet right now, but it is merely a reflection of your inner state. When you are ready to embrace the light within yourself, so will the world be transformed. The time has come for you to go within, to take stock of what you have created, and to begin again in a new way. You must not doubt that there is hope for you or your planet; it is only a matter of changing your perspective and finding peace within yourself first.


How does one seek light and love?  Look first to yourself, your true essence is light and love. Light is the source of all things in this universe. It is what we are made of, what we are made from, and what we become when we go back to being one with it.  When a person becomes more aware of their inner light they begin to see it everywhere else as well. They see themselves reflected in other people’s eyes, they see their beauty mirrored back to them through nature and other people’s kindness towards them. They find love wherever they look because they are looking for it everywhere now rather than just in one place where it used to be for them before their awakening took place.


In all things seek the ways of loving kindness, speaking with softness, and seeing the Divine Spark within all creatures great and small. Seek not to judge or to condemn another. Rather see them as an opportunity for your spiritual growth. Nurture your spiritual growth and that of others. If you find yourself in a situation where you are faced with conflict or negativity, seek to bring peace into that situation. Be mindful of your words and actions at all times, especially when dealing with others. Remember that our actions may not always be interpreted as we intended them to be. While it is important to express yourself freely and openly, sometimes it is better to keep silent than to say something that may hurt someone else.


No matter the circumstances love and light shall prevail.  The world is in a state of darkness, but that does not mean that you should succumb to this state of mind or being. Love is the light that guides our way, the warmth of the sun in cold times, and the strength of fire that can burn away even the most terrible darkness. But it’s not always easy to find your way. Sometimes you must seek out the light, even if it means traveling far from home or taking a risk that seems foolish to others. And sometimes you’ll find yourself lost in darkness without knowing where you are or how to get back to the light again. In those times when you feel lost and alone, remember this: love is always there for you. You may have forgotten it or lost track of how to find it again, but love has always been there for you, waiting patiently for you to remember it once more.


Step into the light, do you not see more clearly in the light? When we are in the light, we see clearly and move with ease. When you step into the darkness, you feel disoriented and confused. There is a light that shines within each of us, but it can be difficult to see. The darkness that surrounds us is not always easy to escape, but there are ways to find the light. If you are feeling lost or lacking in your life, step into the light. Do you not see more clearly in the light? The sun shines brightly every day and all around us, yet we rarely take time to enjoy it. We live our lives consumed by work and responsibilities, but there is always time for a little fun and enjoyment.


Do you not feel more love in the light? Why then would you choose to be any other place?  The Spark of Divinity within shines more brightly in the light. The spark is always there.  It is just covered up and hidden by your fears, doubts, and insecurities. It is time to shine and let your light shine through. The darkness only exists as long as you allow it to exist. You are made of light and love. When you are living in our true nature, you are living with the light. This is why you have been given free will – so that you can choose where you want to be going with your life experience. You can choose to stay where you are or step into greater levels of understanding and awareness.


Be not afraid, shed that which no longer serves you; embrace change for it is the way of expansion. Travel the path before you this day in peaceful harmony. All is well. You are loved, you are supported and you are perfect in your imperfections. The energy of the day is one of transformation and release. Your energy fields are open to receive healing from all sources, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Whatever needs healing today will be healed by the light of the Universe within us all. It is time to let go of those things that no longer serve you or have outlived their usefulness in your life so that you may move forward into greater levels of joy and love for yourself and others.  It is time to release old patterns of behavior that no longer serve our highest good or that prevent us from reaching our greatest potential as human beings on this planet at this time in history. 

Amanda Cooper

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