Angel Message Of The Day : Seek & You Will Be Found

Archangel Chamuel 


He who seeks the love of the Divine Source seeks peace.  Seekers of love are always at peace and they are at peace with themselves and their surroundings. With love, your, peace will appear on your goal. Peace is the ultimate goal of every human being. It is your deepest desire to be in harmony with yourself and with others. You long for a sense of inner serenity and clarity that cannot be found in anything outside yourself. The key to this peace is within you, but it can only be found when you stop looking for it outside yourself by following your thoughts and feelings, which are often not reliable guides because they are based on false beliefs about yourself and others that came from your parents or other authority figures in your lives when you were young. When you look inward instead of outward, you will find that your true self is a loving being who wants to experience joy and happiness every day of your life; this is what living in harmony means for you as human beings on Earth.


He who seeks the light of Divine Source shall be a beacon in the darkness.  When you receive the light as your guidance, love will always be there. Love is unconditional acceptance, appreciation, respect, and admiration for yourself no matter what happens outside of yourself or around you in this world. Love is knowing who you are deep down inside yourself by looking into your own heart instead of relying on others. The peace that comes from within when you have found your center and can access your higher self. You no longer need to fight for anything because you know that all is well and it will be so. You have stopped doing things out of fear and started seeing everything as an opportunity for expansion and growth. You are no longer afraid of what anyone thinks of you, because you know they are judging themselves not you.


He who seeks love and light shall know he Inner-Self.  You have learned to accept your feelings and emotions without judgment, criticism, or guilt. Instead of being upset with yourself when you feel sad or angry, you simply allow these feelings to pass through you without resistance, knowing that they will eventually fade away as all emotions do. You have given up trying to control anything or anyone. You no longer feel the need to fix things or change situations to feel better about yourself or life in general. The first step to self-love is to recognize that you are worthy of love. You are worthy of love because you exist. The second step is to recognize that you have everything you need for creating a joyful life.

He who seeks shall be found in the light, wrapped with silvery wings of contentment. Being light and searching for happiness is a quest that never ends; it’s an adventure that has no final destination. But as long as you are willing to walk this path, happiness will find you. Be grateful for what you have, but always strive to improve yourself. You must be careful to not take the things that you desire for granted, for they may be taken away from you. But when you desire something with all your heart and soul and work hard for it, it will come true.



He who seeks inner peace shall be peaceful all thy days. For in seeking peace, love, light, and joy, these things and more shall manifest before you.  When you seek wisdom, it shall be given freely to you. For in seeking wisdom, you will learn of many things in life that you may never have known otherwise. The first step in this process is sitting down and taking time each day to reflect on your life. What are the things that are making you happy right now? What are the things that make you feel loved and cared for? These are all feelings that come from within, so take some time each day to think about them.

All things great and small are manifested in love or fear, light or darkness, peacefulness or chaos.  Everything you see and experience on your journey through life is a reflection of the thoughts and emotions that you hold inside yourself. The world around you is what you have created through your inner thoughts and feelings. Love is the only thing that exists to make us feel good, it’s the only thing that can heal us and it’s the only thing that will make us happy. You can only attract what you are. If you want to change your life and attract something better, you must first change yourself. The world around you is a reflection of who you are, what you believe, and how you think.


Seek and you will be found. You are the cause in creating the reality that surrounds you. And how you feel about this reality is what determines its quality; it is within your power to change it. The key to making the world a better place is not in hoping for external change, but in making internal change. If you are upset with something in your life, then it is up to you to take action and make a change. There are only two options here: Either you change your life together with others or you remain as you are forever.

Step lightly upon the path before you this day and all your days. Plant seeds of kindness, grow flowers of compassion, and sow seeds of joy for tomorrow’s harvest. Step lightly upon the path before you this day and all your days, for it is not yours alone but ours as well. Encourage yourself to take the road less traveled. Think about what you always wanted to do, but never did. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from doing something great. Life is short. Live it while you can.

Amanda Cooper

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