Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Justice

Archangel Zadkiel 


Divine Justice is filled with loving integrity. Divine Justice is all about the creation of a new world. It is the process of shifting from the old world to the new world, which is a world based on love, peace, and abundance for all just like a money tree. It’s about bringing forth a new investment of reality where everything has its divine order, purpose, and harmony. It’s about bringing forth a new reality where everything has its divine order, purpose, and harmony. It recognizes that every human being has an intrinsic asset that cannot be diminished because of his or her position in society or social standing. The only way to truly honor this value is to treat each person as an equal in all matters: physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as spiritually.


Divine Justice is an unconditional surrender of all that is not of love and light.  This is the place of absolute surrender, where one gives up all false concepts of justice and judgment. One does this by letting go of all false shares, letting go of all that is not unconditional love and light. Once you have let go, there is no judgment or condemnation for anything that has happened in your past because you now realize that everything happened exactly as it needed to happen to bring you to where you are today. You can now see that what looked like evil and darkness at the time was part of a bigger plan that was ultimately for your highest good. 

Divine Justice is graceful harmony.  The world needs justice. However, it also needs mercy and grace, and a sense of beauty. It is the Divine that provides these things to humanity. Divine Justice is the perfect balance of mercy, grace, and justice. It brings peace and harmony to your life, as well as to your relationships with others. The universe is a reflection of the divine mind, which thinks in terms of justice, mercy, and love. There are no accidents in nature; everything happens for a good reason. The Divine One has its reasons for allowing things to happen as they do and if you only understand those reasons, then your life will be blessed with peace and happiness.


Divine Justice is seeking peaceful contentment within.  The concept of divine justice is often misunderstood as being about getting what you deserve or punishing those who have wronged you. The truth is that there is no punishment from the Divine One except your share of self-punishment for being unable to see beyond your failures and shortcomings. Punishment by others is not necessary if you can learn to see yourself enough to understand why you do what you do, why you act as you do, and what motivates you at every level of your being. In this state of mind, your needs become simpler; you ask for less from life and from those around you because your needs are now being met from within you rather than from without.


Divine Justice is stepping into the Light of the Creator, radiating love and light to all regardless of the deed, regardless of worthiness.  It means that you see others as equal to yourself and treat them that way. It means that you see their investment in divinity and honor it in each one. It means that you forgive yourself and others, knowing that you are doing your best with what you know at any given time. If you can see that there is goodness in everyone no matter what they’ve done or how they’ve behaved, then you have already taken the first step toward Divine Justice.

Divine Justice is simply being in the moment, allowing all to simply be. The only way to do this is by becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When we become conscious of these things, they lose their power over us because we no longer identify with them as being ours. When you are in Divine Justice, you will not feel that there is some force out there punishing you for your actions. Instead, you will realize that everything you experience comes from within yourself. You will also know that there is nothing wrong with this realization. It may even be liberating because it means that no external forces are dictating how life should be lived.


For in allowing all too simply be, you shine forth in the darkness, a beacon of light for all who choose a better way. You have been called to stand up and be counted, to take action when action is needed. You have been called to speak out when others are silent. You have been called to live your life as an example of Truth and Love. You are the Divine Justice who gives yourself strength when you need it most, so that you may carry on with your life with courage and determination, even in times of great adversity or despair. For in allowing all too simply be, you shine forth in the darkness, a beacon of light for all who choose a better way.

Be a beacon for yourself. Be a positive force in your own life. Let love rule your heart and mind. Do not invest yourself in revenge or retaliation against others, but rather focus on improving yourself through meditation, prayer, and good deeds. You have been given the ability to choose how you will live your life. You can waste it away in pursuit of things that are ephemeral or you can use it to make a difference in the world. You can be a beacon for yourself, a light that inspires others to live their best lives as well. When people try to hurt you, let go of your anger and resentment by forgiving them and releasing them from their karma.


Be a beacon for all to see. Investing yourself as a good person doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It just means you should try to do what’s right and avoid doing what is wrong. You don’t have to be the most kind, generous or selfless person ever. Just try to be nice, fair, and compassionate when possible. When someone does something nice for you, remember that they’re not doing it because they expect something in return — they’re just doing something nice because they care about other people’s well-being and happiness. If someone gives you advice or help, don’t take advantage of them by asking too much or expecting them to do more than they’re comfortable with; remember that if there’s anything else they can do for you, then let them know what it is so they can help as much as possible

All is well today. It is a new beginning, a fresh start, a new opportunity to live your life in Divine alignment. You are here on purpose and you are here for a reason. There is no such thing as coincidence or accident when it comes to your life or your experiences. Everything happens for a reason. 

Amanda Cooper

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