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Some look about and wonder why.  Others look about and wonder why not.  On the other hand, some look about and wonder why not. These individuals possess a mindset of possibility and open-mindedness. Instead of accepting things as they are, they question the limitations and boundaries that may exist. They explore the realm of what is possible, seeking to challenge norms and create new paths. By adopting a “why not” mindset, you open yourself up to a world of limitless potential. You begin to question the self-imposed limitations and societal constraints that may hold you back. This mindset encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, and take risks in pursuit of your dreams and aspirations.

This quest for something more often leads you to explore various spiritual, philosophical, or introspective paths. You may delve into ancient wisdom traditions, engage in practices such as meditation or mindfulness, or embark on personal growth and self-development journeys. Through these endeavors, you strive to deepen our understanding of yourself, the world, and your interconnectedness with all that exists. The pursuit of something more is not about rejecting or dismissing the joys and challenges of everyday life. Instead, it is an invitation to infuse your daily experiences with a sense of purpose, presence, and gratitude. It encourages you to seek moments of awe and wonder, cultivate meaningful connections with others, and align your actions with your values and passions.


Something more is your life’s purpose, the Divine Plan for your being in this moment, in this time, in this body. Discovering your life’s purpose requires introspection, self-reflection, and a willingness to listen to the whispers of your soul. It involves exploring your passions, values, and the innate talents that you possess. It also requires you to be open to the signs, synchronicities, and intuitive nudges that guide you toward your true calling. When you align with your life’s purpose, you tap into a profound sense of fulfillment and joy. You experience a deep resonance within yourself and a harmonious connection with the world around you. Your actions become infused with meaning, and we contribute to the well-being of others and the greater good.


All is revealed with each step along the path before you.  With each step you take, you gain new insights, perspectives, and experiences. You encounter challenges that test your resilience, opportunities that expand your horizons, and moments of profound connection that deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you. It is through these encounters that the veils of uncertainty and confusion are gradually lifted, and the truth begins to unfold. The path before you is not always clear or predictable. It may twist and turn, presenting you with unexpected detours and obstacles. However, it is precisely through these twists and turns that you are allowed to learn, grow, and discover your true self. It is in the face of uncertainty that you develop resilience, adaptability, and the ability to trust in the unfolding of your journey.

Yes, we understand there are missteps or distractions along the way. Missteps and distractions can arise for various reasons. They may be the result of external circumstances beyond your control, unexpected challenges that test your resolve, or internal factors such as limiting beliefs or fear that hinder your progress. Regardless of their origin, these missteps offer you a chance to pause, reflect, and recalibrate your path. When you encounter missteps or distractions, it is crucial to approach them with compassion and self-acceptance. Instead of dwelling on your perceived failures or becoming discouraged, you can choose to view these moments as valuable opportunities for growth and self-discovery. By embracing them with an open mind and heart, you can uncover valuable insights, learn from your experiences, and make adjustments that bring you closer to your desired destination.


Seek the gift in what appears to be misdirection, negative actions, emotions, and thoughts, which would seemingly hold you from all that you desire, all you seek to experience.  Understand there is only you who truly keeps you from your highest and best good. 


It is you. How does one remove themselves, allowing forward movement towards your highest and best good?  Self-removal involves a conscious and intentional process of letting go. It requires you to examine your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and attachments, and to release those that no longer align with your authentic self or support your highest aspirations. It is a courageous act of self-awareness and self-honesty, as you confront the patterns and habits that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Removing yourself from what no longer serves you can take many forms. It may involve letting go of toxic relationships or environments that drain your energy and hinder your growth. It may require you to release limiting beliefs or self-doubt that keep you stuck in fear or complacency. It may even involve relinquishing attachments to outcomes or expectations that no longer align with your true desires and values.


Sit with yourself, light candles of gold, sit in silence, and ponder without limitation all you that see for yourself and the life you desire to live. As you sit in silence, you invite yourself to enter a state of deep introspection and reflection. It is in this quietude that you can detach from the noise and busyness of the external world and turn your attention inward. By doing so, you create a fertile ground for self-discovery, self-awareness, and the exploration of your true desires. In this sacred space of introspection, you are invited to ponder without limitation. You are encouraged to release any preconceived notions or self-imposed limitations that may have held you back in the past. You open yourself to the realm of infinite possibilities, allowing your imagination to soar and envision the life you truly desire to live.

From where you are at this moment, what steps or steps are you willing to take? From this place of self-awareness, you are then prompted to consider the steps you are willing to take. It is an invitation to embrace a proactive mindset, to move beyond contemplation and into action. By identifying the actions you are willing to commit to, you take ownership of our journey and set the wheels of transformation in motion. The steps you choose to take can vary greatly depending on your unique circumstances, aspirations, and comfort zones. They may be small, incremental actions that gradually build momentum, or they may be bold and decisive leaps that propel you forward. The key is to choose steps that resonate with your authentic self and align with your desired outcomes. 


What can you do beginning where you are? Beginning where you are means acknowledging that you have the power to make a difference, regardless of your current circumstances. It is an invitation to take ownership of your life and to recognize that you have agency in shaping your reality. It is a reminder that every journey starts with a single step, and that step can be taken from wherever you are at this very moment. To determine what you can do beginning where you are, it is helpful to reflect on your strengths, skills, and resources. Consider the unique qualities and talents that you possess, as well as the knowledge and experiences you have acquired along your life’s journey. Recognize that these are valuable assets that can be utilized to create positive change and progress.


You can choose to change your thoughts. Your thoughts have a profound impact on your emotions, actions, and overall well-being. They can either uplift and empower you or hold you back and limit your potential. By acknowledging that you can choose your thoughts, you reclaim your power to shape your inner landscape and create a more positive and empowering mindset. Changing your thoughts begins with cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness. It involves observing your thoughts without judgment and noticing the patterns and beliefs that may be influencing your perception of yourself and the world. Through this practice, you gain insight into the thoughts that no longer serve you and the ones that you wish to cultivate.


You can choose to change how you feel about where you are.  It requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to personal growth. Trust in your ability to cultivate a positive and empowering emotional state, and know that by consciously choosing how you feel, you have the power to create a more fulfilling and joyful experience. It is important to remember that changing how you feel does not mean denying or suppressing your emotions. It is about consciously choosing to reframe your emotional response in a way that empowers you and allows you to find meaning and growth in your current circumstances. It is about embracing a mindset of resilience and gratitude, even in the face of challenges.  


Choose to see light where the perception of darkness lay.  Once you become aware of your perception, you can consciously choose to shift your focus and reframe your perspective. This process requires intention, practice, and a willingness to challenge your assumptions and preconceived notions. It involves seeking out the positive aspects, the lessons, and the growth opportunities that may be hidden within the perceived darkness. Choosing to see light also involves actively cultivating gratitude and appreciation for the blessings and the small moments of joy that exist even in challenging times. It is about shifting your attention from what may be difficult or negative to what you can be grateful for and what brings you joy.


Choose to express gratitude, for in being grateful more of the same is given to you. Expressing gratitude also involves cultivating a positive mindset and focusing on the abundance that already exists in your life. It is about shifting your attention from what may be lacking or challenging to what you can appreciate and be grateful for. By doing so, you create a positive feedback loop, attracting more positive experiences and abundance into your life. It is important to remember that expressing gratitude is not about denying or suppressing the challenges or difficulties you may face. It is about consciously choosing to focus on the positive aspects and finding appreciation even in the face of adversity. It is about recognizing that even in the most challenging times, there are still blessings and opportunities for growth.


Choose to see light expressing gratitude for the light. As you choose to see light and express gratitude, you become more attuned to the beauty and goodness that exists within and around you. You begin to notice the small moments of joy, the acts of kindness, and the miracles that unfold in your life. By expressing gratitude for the light, You cultivate a sense of awe and wonder, and you open yourself up to receiving even more blessings and positive experiences. It is important to remember that choosing to see light and expressing gratitude does not mean denying or suppressing the darkness or challenges that may arise. It is about consciously choosing to focus on the light and finding appreciation even amid adversity. It is about recognizing that within every darkness, there is the potential for growth, resilience, and the emergence of even greater light.  

Accept what has come before, knowing there is more waiting for you when you choose to surrender all obstacles. Accepting what has come before requires us to embrace our past with compassion and understanding. It involves acknowledging the lessons, the challenges, and the triumphs that have shaped us. By accepting your past, you release any lingering resistance or attachment to what was, allowing you to move forward with a sense of clarity and freedom. Knowing that there is more waiting for you requires a mindset of openness and trust in the unfolding of life. It is about recognizing that every obstacle you encounter is an opportunity for growth and transformation. By surrendering to the obstacles, you release the need for control and allow space for new possibilities to emerge.


See the dawning of the path before you and the way is made clear. The choice is yours. When you see the dawning of the path before you, the way becomes clear. Clarity arises when you align with your intuition, inner wisdom, and authentic desires. It is about recognizing the path that resonates with your values, passions, and aspirations. With clarity, you gain a sense of direction and purpose, and the steps you need to take become apparent. The choice is yours. This statement empowers you to take ownership of your decisions and actions. It reminds you that we have the power to shape your destiny and create the life you desire. The choices you make are the building blocks of your journey, and they determine the direction and outcomes you experience. 

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