Angel Message Of The Day : Seeds Of Your Heart’s Desire



You have planted many seeds.  Do you tend to seeds that have been planted?  You are the gardener of your own life. You can plant whatever you want in your life. There is no limit on what you can plant or grow. It is only limited by how much love and care you give it. You have been planting seeds for a long time. Some of these seeds have not yet sprouted, but others are already thriving. Soil is full of nutrients and minerals similar to love and light in your heart that help the plant grow. When the plant has grown into a sapling, it needs sunlight to thrive. 


How do you tend your inner garden, your heart’s desires?  What would you like to see manifest in your life? What would you like to feel? What would you like to experience? What would be a big win for you right now? You need to be aware of what’s going on inside of you and take care of it so that it doesn’t get neglected or overrun by weeds. Always remember that your desires have the power to change people’s lives and make a difference in the world at large. Ask yourself if the desire would really enhance your life or just distract you from something else more meaningful. 


Do you water your seeds with love, trust, and faith?  Water your seeds with love, trust, and faith. You must have faith that your seeds will grow and blossom into beautiful flowers. You must have trust in the process of life so that you will be open to receiving all of the wonderful things that come along with planting those seeds. it’s important to understand that some seeds are going to take more time than others. Don’t let fear hold you back from planting your seeds, If a seed doesn’t sprout just because it’s been planted too deep or it hasn’t received enough water, then it will die on the vine and never come to fruition. A new sprout from a new seed will grow into your life then you must water them with love, trust, and faith

Your seeds and your heart’s desires require tending. Your inner garden is a precious gift. Your inner garden is a gift from Divine Source.  Your inner garden is sacred land that has been given to you so that you may grow into who you truly are and fulfill your purpose here on earth. The seed needs to be planted in fertile soil and watered regularly. You need to tend to your inner garden so that the seeds can grow and mature into the fullness of their potential. You are the gardener and the seed that grows within you. You are responsible for the care and nurturing of your heart’s desire. You can create the life you desire for yourself, but only if you tend to it with love and commitment.

Your inner garden is a reflection of that which is made manifest in physical form.  The seeds of your heart’s desires lie within you. They are the seeds of your heart’s desires that you have sown in your life. Some have taken root and are growing into beautiful flowers while others are still wilting away in the soil of your heart. You can use your inner garden as a reflection of what you want to manifest in your outer world, or you can simply enjoy the beauty of nature’s creations without any expectations or desire for results. You are constantly creating new thoughts and ideas in your mind with every thought that comes up. The thoughts that resonate with you most strongly will become the strongest seeds that take root in your heart’s garden.

Do you dig up the seeds having been planted with heart-felt desire checking for growth?  Have faith, trust knowing the seeds of your heart’s desires shall be made manifest. Imagine the seeds you have sown, begin to manifest before you.  The seed of your heart’s desires came from the depths of your soul; it was sown with intention and purpose. The seed of your heart’s desires has been growing within you for many years, yet now it is ready to sprout forth. You are growing towards a full manifestation of all that is within you, whether it be good or bad; it all comes from one place – your soul. Your soul knows exactly what it needs to evolve and grow into who you truly are destined to be.


In all things give thanks for in giving thanks all is made manifest.  Love is the essence of all things. It is the essence of your being, and it is also the essence of the Divine Source. Love was never created, nor will it ever be destroyed. Love exists eternally in a state of grace and perfection. In your heart, you know your true desires. You may not have taken the time to sit down and write them out, but they are there, waiting for you to discover them. You must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you to make room for new things that will serve you better. You must be willing to release old beliefs that limit you from receiving all that this Universe has waiting for you. 

Tend your garden this day with love, faith, joy, harmony, and trusting all is occurring in Divine Order, arriving in Divine Time. The sun shines brightly on your new day as you awaken to a brand new year. The air is crisp and the sky is clear. It’s time to start anew. Open your mind to receive new ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things. Expect miracles to happen without any effort on your part. Everything you need is already within you or around you waiting to be discovered or revealed through Divine Grace. You are so loved, adored, and cherished. Even though it may not feel like it at times, you are deeply and profoundly loved.


Look at you today. Open your eyes, heart, Soul, mind, and Spirit for there is nothing denied you except by you.  Look beyond this moment into tomorrow and then into next week and in the future. Open up your heart today and let go of all past hurts so that they may not hold any more power over your life than they already do. Release all fears so that they may no longer define who we are as human beings. Open up your mind so that new ideas can flow freely through it without restriction from fear-based thinking processes. 


Tend your garden with joy, harmony, trust, and faith on this day. The first step towards happiness is to believe that you deserve happiness and that it is possible for you to have it. Allow yourself to be carried by the winds of inspiration and love. May you find the love within yourself that will keep you strong through any challenge that comes your way today. Take time for yourself today and remember that you are important. Trust in the process and end it with joy, harmony, trust, and faith on this day.

Amanda Cooper

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