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Archangel Michael 


Beloved Child of light and love, no harm shall come to you this day. With all your heart, you must ask for your protection, as well as for your continued healing and spiritual growth. May you be blessed with a new sense of peace, knowing that all is well in your life at this time. You are loved beyond measure by the angels of the Divine One’s love. You are safe. You are protected. You are loved beyond measure. Beloved Child of light and love, you have nothing to fear this day or any other day. For you are safe with the Divine source, Beloved Child of light and love; you will always be protected and cared for, Beloved Child of light and love.

You are loved, protected, and guided beyond your knowing.  Everything is okay and always will be okay. There is nothing you need to do or change to be worthy of love. You are already worthy of love. The universe has a plan for you and it’s a good one. You are more than capable of handling this situation with ease and grace. You were born for greatness; you were born for a purpose. The universe loves you unconditionally. No matter what happens, it will always be there for you, protecting you from harm and leading you home to yourself.


None can touch you except by words or deed if you but allow shadow and darkness to cloud your sight.  Darkness is the void from which all things emerge. It is the substance of creation, the mother of all things, and the beginning of all beginnings. Darkness is nothing more than an absence of light and therefore it does not exist. A shadow has no substance until light illuminates it. You can see a shadow because light has bounced off something else and reached your eyes. The same is true for darkness; it exists only when there is light illuminating it.


Breathe deeply the pureness of the driven snow.  Release the shadows that seek to overtake you. Let your mind drift and soar high above the clouds. Let go of all the temptations in life like money, material things, and negative energy surrounding you. Feel the gentle caress of a warm breeze as it dances across your face This is how you should feel now: peaceful, joyful, at peace with yourself and others. As you walk out into this new day, greet it with a smile and a sense of wonderment that all is well in your world.


Breathe deeply the pinks and blues of the morning skies.  Release the shadows of what was. The past few weeks have been difficult for many people, but this week will be different.  Embrace the lightness of being, and begin again. Look beyond the horizon for a new beginning. Let go of the past, release all worry about what will happen in the future, and focus on this moment, today. Embrace your beautiful self like how you take care of your money tree, and be ready for anything that comes your way, especially your fortune because it can only help you grow more into who you are: a being full of love, light, joy, and abundance.

Breathe deeply the oranges and yellows of the night sky for they cleanse all in your path. Release all that is not of love and light for you are protected from all that is not of love. You are protected from all that is not light. The night sky is a beautiful and wondrous thing. The stars are like diamonds scattered across black velvet. The moon is a bright silver disc that shines with the light of love. Breathe deeply again now letting go once more of anything that does not belong to who you truly are; breathing in the colors of peace, tranquility, and happiness.


There is nothing, no one to fear except fear itself. Fear is an illusion, and everything you are afraid of is an illusion. You are part of the Divine Consciousness, and there is nothing that can harm you or separate you from this truth. You have been given free will and the ability to think for yourself. You can choose what you believe and what you do not believe. You can choose whether or not to be afraid of anything in this world or any other world for that matter. Fear only exists when you allow your mind to create it through thoughts of doubt and uncertainty about your life, yourself, and your reality at large. Fear does not exist outside of these thoughts because it has no substance or form outside of them; therefore it cannot harm you in any way shape or form unless you allow it to do so by believing its lies which are based on false perceptions about reality that inflate its power over you even though it has none at all


Look yourself in the eye; see all that is before you. Keep investing yourself in the surroundings made from the Divine One. The world is full of power and strength. You have to be aware of it, but not let it control you. If you keep this in mind, then nothing will surprise you. You can do anything if you are willing to pay the price for it. This is a world of beauty, harmony, and peace. It is a world where you can feel joyous, and receive the blessings of the Divine One. The world around you always gives you messages, if you are open to them and listen carefully. If you look deeply into nature, you will find out how beautiful and perfect it is.


See love, for you are love. You must not let fame, career, or money as the reason to be loved. You must look into yourself more and love yourself. Having an unconditional love for yourself will be the reason why people will love you. You shouldn’t let other people’s opinions affect your self-confidence or self-esteem because if they don’t like what they see in you then maybe it’s not for them. And just because they don’t like something about you does not mean that it is bad for everyone out there who wants to be with you or get close to you.


See light, for you are light. See strength, for you are strength. See your beauty, for you are beautiful. See your confidence, for you are confident. See yourself as a star shining brightly in the night sky. The stars shine even though they’re surrounded by darkness; they don’t fight against it or try to change it into something else. They just shine their light within it all, illuminating everything around them and making the darkness disappear. You can do the same thing with your life: shine your light within the darkness of fear so that it disappears entirely from view because there’s nothing left to see but love peace and joy.


Step into the Light of Divine Source. All is revealed in the light for there are no shadows in which to hide. It is time to step out from your hiding place and into the light, where all is revealed and all is possible. There is no fear here as this fear was placed there by you so that you could hide. However, now that you have learned what it feels like to be hidden away, it is time to move forward once again. You are free now so come out into the world and enjoy yourself. Enjoy who you are and all that you have created

Step into the golden yellow rays of light; allow the light within you to illuminate all before you. Take a deep breath and breathe in the golden light; feel it enter your body and fill you with peace. Allow yourself to be open to what may come next in your life as you step into this new year. You are guided and protected by Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Guidance at all times. You are here on Earth at this time to help others remember their Divinity through your example and your words. You are here to shine your Light brightly so that others may see their Light reflected at them through yours.


All is well with you this day. You are loved and cared for by the universe. You have been given everything you need to live a fulfilling life. The Divine One supports your desires and dreams, even if they seem impossible at first glance. No matter what happens, all is well with you today.


Amanda Cooper

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