Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Nature Within

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth 


Be still this day, awakening your inner essence. Let the divine nature within you shine, bringing you greater peace and joy. Be at peace with yourself and all others, knowing that we are all one in spirit. Be still this day, taking time to reflect on who you are and what your purpose is. Let go of your fears and embrace the divine nature within you. Take time to explore your inner essence and be still to this day. Take a moment to reflect on what has brought you to this place in your life. Look back over your life and consider where you have been and how far you have come. Remembering will help ground you in the present moment and bring clarity to your thoughts.


Your essence is your true Self, that which guides you along the path before you. There are many pebbles, stones, and perhaps tree roots that attempt to trip you, distracting you from trusting. How do you know what to trust? You can trust your divinity, your divine nature within. Your divine nature within is your inner guide, your higher self, and your soul’s purpose or mission in life. It is the knowingness of who you truly are – divine beings with a mission for this time on Earth. You have a Divine Nature Within which is your connection to Source Energy. This energy is what makes up all of creation. It is the force that created everything we see and feel around us. It is the energy that connects all things in one unified field.

Trust all is well occurring in Divine Time in tune with choices made guiding with each step, each breath, each emotion, each thought along the way.  Divine Nature Within is a beautiful reminder that you are connected to the divine source of life and love. Connecting with this energy through meditation helps you to find peace and calm in your life. It also allows you to be aware of your inner being and live from a place of love rather than fear or judgment. Embrace the loss of control and surrender to a higher power that knows best for you. Be grateful for what you have and be open to receiving more of it in your life. Be conscious of your thoughts as they are the creators of your reality – see where you are directing them and make choices accordingly.

Be not afraid, do not focus upon the absence of what you desire to be made manifest.  In this world you live in, there are many things that you have lost touch with. You have forgotten the divine nature within you and have placed your trust in the material world. This material world is constantly changing and is subject to many influences. It is easy to become attached to the things of this world and lose sight of what matters. When you look at your life from an outside perspective, you can easily see how little control you have over your circumstances. However, when you look at yourself from an inside perspective, you realize that you are much more powerful than you think.


Be not afraid of that which awaits you just beyond the next bend. Be not afraid of your own shadow, for it is only through facing your darkness that you can find the light. Life is full of obstacles, but it is also full of opportunities to grow and learn. Those who go through life without experiencing failure or loss are not living in reality. Life itself is a test; it tests the quality of your character and the strength of your beliefs. The more you try to avoid failure and loss, the more you will suffer from them. The more you try to avoid suffering in any form, the more suffering you will experience.


All is well today. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are in a higher vibrational frequency and you attract more of the same. When you are in a state of fear, you are in a lower vibrational frequency and you attract more of the same. The universe is always trying to give you what you want. If you want abundance and prosperity, then focus on how you can contribute to others. If you want love, then focus on how you can give love. If you want peace, then focus on how you can live peacefully with others.

All is in alignment for your highest and best good. You have come here to learn about yourself, and what you are capable of. You have come here to discover the unlimited nature of all that is. You have come here to know, experience, and embrace your Divine Nature. All is well. All is within Divine Order. All is in alignment for your highest and best good. There is no need for concern or worry, because everything that can happen has already happened in Divine Order, and so it will unfold as it should. You have come here to learn about yourself, and what you are capable of. You have come here to discover the unlimited nature of all that is. 


All things are for your joy and happiness, peaceful harmony, serenity and balance, prosperity and abundance. Divine Nature Within is a state of mind, a way of being. It is the realization that all things are for your joy and happiness. It is the recognition that all things are expressions of your Divine Self. It is the understanding that you live in a world of infinite possibilities, which you can create through your thoughts and actions. It is knowing that you are connected to everything else in the universe, by your oneness with the Universe.


Free yourself this day, discovering a newfound peacefulness within. In this moment, in this place, you are divine. Divine is about being your authentic self, and finding out who that is. It’s about loving yourself for who you are, not for what you do, or how you look. You are whole, complete, and perfect. You may not feel it right now, but you are the divine you seek to know. This is the heart of self-love, of loving yourself as you are right now.

Amanda Cooper

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