Angel Message Of The Day : Create This Day

Archangel Uriel 


Create this day as you wish it to be. You have the power to create a positive and happy existence. You are responsible for creating your reality. Today is yours to do with what you will. The best way to create a wonderful life is by being happy first and letting happiness flow outwards into every area of your life. The morning is the best time to practice self-love and gratitude. You are usually more conscious and in tune with your feelings at this time of day. It’s not easy, but if you can make it a habit, it will change your life forever

Create thoughts, emotions, and actions which resonate with your inner truth. Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it. If you want to make an impact on your life or anyone else’s life, don’t focus on doing what everyone else does. Focus on doing what only you can do. Your goal is in alignment with your true self. It is not based on external factors that have nothing to do with my purpose in life. You must be open to all possibilities, yet there is a certainty within you that as long as you stay true to yourself and your vision then success will follow. Your mind is clear and focused on the task at hand. You are aware of any distractions but do not allow them to interfere with my purpose for this day.

Create your life as you desire it to be. Do you desire better health? Create this day. Create your life as you desire it to be. Do you desire better health? Then create that for yourself. Do you desire happiness? Then create that for yourself. Do you desire love and joy? Then create that for yourself.  Visualize what you want and then believe in it. Visualize what you want, and believe that you can have it.


Do you desire harmonious relationships? Perhaps the most important aspect of creating a harmonious relationship is to have respect for the other person and to treat them with kindness and consideration. This means listening actively, trying to understand, and responding positively. The world around you is constantly changing. But what has stayed the same throughout history is that each one of you has the power to control your thoughts and attitudes. You can choose how you respond to what happens in your life.


Do you desire greater financial freedom, abundance, and prosperity? You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest unlimited wealth, money, and prosperity in all areas of your life. Maybe you’ve tried other ways before to make money, but nothing ever worked for you. Or maybe you’ve tried making money online before and it just didn’t work out. The thing is though, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it’s possible to make a full-time income from home. You think about the things that are important to you financially and you take action steps that will help bring these things into your life.


Do you desire a love relationship? You can get what you want by changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is the Law of Attraction at Work. The following is an exercise for creating a relationship. It is based on the idea that the universe will provide you with what you need if you just ask for it. The first step to creating this new reality is to make a decision. Decide that you are going to create the relationship of your dreams and that you will do whatever it takes, even if it means learning new skills or changing old behaviors.


All these things and more are yours for the asking. Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. The past no longer exists, and the future is yet to be born. All you have is this moment. Close your eyes and relax as much as possible. Let go of all thoughts of the past or future, and concentrate on the present. Take some slow, deep breaths in through your nose and let them out gently through your mouth. This moment is where your power lies, where all your answers can be found.


You need only express gratitude for all being as you desire it or better. Everything you want is already here. You need only express gratitude for all being as you desire it or better. And the more you express gratitude for your desires the more they become real. Being grateful creates miracles in our lives and the lives of others around us. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces on earth and yet few people use it to its full potential because they don’t realize how powerful it is.

You need only be open to receiving all you desire. On this day, create the life you desire. The more you open yourself to receive, the more you will be able to experience the joy and abundance of this day. Take a moment to focus on your breath. Let it flow in and out, easy and relaxed. As you breathe in, imagine that the breath is carrying energy into every cell of your body. You may wish to visualize this energy as brilliant white light or golden light or any other color that feels right for you. Feel the love filling up each cell until it reaches its capacity and overflows into every part of your being. 


You need only give thanks; all is given to you in the moment of the asking. The universe is not limited by time or space; it knows no boundaries. Therefore, there are no limitations on your thoughts or dreams. Whatever your heart desires can be yours if you will but claim it as yours by faith and gratitude. You have been created with unlimited possibilities, but too often we find ourselves tied down by fear of failure or fear of lack, or fear of being hurt by others who don’t understand our point of view or our needs and desires.

There is nothing denied you except through your disbelief, non-acceptance, and thoughts of unworthiness.  Between you and the fulfillment of your desires is your subconscious mind, which may be filled with beliefs that are limiting your ability to manifest your dreams into reality. If you feel uncomfortable with it at first, just try it anyway. You may find that your feelings change as you get used to it. You might even want to read it out loud or record it so that you can listen to it again and again until the words sink in and become part of who you are.


Light a candle of white, and allow the flame to illuminate the path before you this day.  Today is a day to create a path. A path of beauty, peace, and love. A path that leads you to your dreams and goals. Let go of fear and doubt as they are not serving your highest good! Let go of any negative energy surrounding you and replace it with love energy so that you can heal yourself and help others to heal as well. Take time to express gratitude for all that you have been given in life thus far and continue on this path until all of your dreams become reality. 


All is revealed in the Light. All is given and received in love.  Take a moment now to breathe deeply and feel your heart center. Allow yourself to feel the love and support of your Divine Presence, and remember that all is well. All is perfect as it is. You are safe. You are loved beyond measure; beyond words and understanding. You are loved so deeply that even when you experience pain or suffering, you are still loved with an immeasurable love that is beyond time, space, or limitation.

Open your heart and mind to all that is creating this day. Allow yourself to feel this truth for a few moments more as I continue to clear away any obstacles that may be standing between you and your ability to receive this deep love from your Divine Presence today and every day moving forward.

Amanda Cooper

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