Angel Message Of The Day : Cut Through Illusion



Memories of what once was, memories of what could have been, memories of what has not come to pass. It’s hard to let go of the past. These are all illusions created by your mind. You see an illusion for what it truly is when you look at it from a distance, but it’s very hard to do this when you’re caught up in the feelings associated with these illusions. The problem is that your memories are often inaccurate and your imaginations are often misleading. The past is not as good as you remember, nor is the future as bad as you imagine.


All these things and more are stored in your physical body, your Aura. If you want to cut through illusion and find your true self, you must understand the difference between your physical body and your Aura. Your Aura holds information about your past and present emotional state. Your Aura is a layer of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. It can be seen by some people as colored light around the body, or as a net of light over the body, or even as a cloud of energy. In its natural state, your Aura is a beautiful wheel of colors that conveys information about your health and well-being.


Each memory, pleasant or unpleasant, is stored within your thoughts, within your emotions. A memory is nothing but a recorded experience of some sort. It can be a smell from the past or seeing something in your mind’s eye; anything that has left an imprint on you. Each experience you have makes you who you are today and each experience leaves an impression on your mind and body. The more times you recall these experiences, the stronger they become imprinted upon you and thus become part of who you are today, who you were yesterday, and so on. No matter how you look at it, it is the same. They remain as memories as when you create a memory, you create an impression of that moment within your mind.

It is time, beloved one, to release all that has come before which is not of love and light. Release all your cares and worries for all shall be revealed in the light along the path before you. Your journey continues and it is time for you to cut through the illusion. Many of you have been waiting for this time to come so that you may release all that has come before which is not of love and light. You have been waiting for this time to come so that you may make the necessary changes to move forward on your path. The changes are not always easy but they are necessary to move forward on your path with ease and grace. You have been waiting for this time so that you may find peace within yourself and around yourself as well. It is time, beloved one, to release all that has come before which is not of love and light.


In the light, there is wisdom, grace, knowing all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time for your highest and best good. You are one with everything, so you can see the whole picture and know that everything is working out for the highest good of all. You can see that anything you experience is temporary and can be changed at any time by shifting your perception or thoughts. In this state of mind, you are aware of your connection to the Divine Source. You know that you have everything you need within you, so there is no need to look outside yourself for answers or solutions. You know that when you ask for help, it will come because there is no separation between yourself and others.



In the light there is clarity, the gift of seeing past illusions. In the light, you can cut through all that blocks you from your true nature and your natural state of happiness. This is an important way you can live a radiant life. When you let the Light be your guide in your life, everything clears up the path you are walking by even if it is full of ups and downs. To cut through illusion, you must first recognize that you are seeing something other than what is there. When you can do this, you can then ask yourself what thought or feeling might be causing this distortion of reality.

Are you willing to cut through the illusions that bind you? Cutting through illusion is what it takes to get to the heart of the matter. The illusion of time, the illusion of separation, and the illusion of your bodies being separate from your minds are just some of them. Once you realize that these are all illusions, then you can start to see past them and get on with your life. This may sound easy in theory but it’s a bit more difficult in practice because these illusions have been built up over thousands of years by your ancestors and by society as a whole.


Are you willing to see a brighter future that awaits you?  To cut through illusion, you must first realize that there is no such thing as reality, but rather your perception of reality is what creates your perceptions of truth. Once you understand this concept, you can begin the process of shifting your awareness from being trapped within false beliefs about yourself and your life into living in alignment with your true nature by breaking down these barriers that block you from accessing it. It’s time to cut through the illusions that keep you from seeing the truth about yourself. The truth behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The truth about life itself.


Are you willing to trust, and have faith that all is unfolding before you by the divine Plan for your life? When you give your trust in the Divine Plan, it is a long-term investment in life that you are willing to pass through the illusions in life. The illusions are the distractions that come up in your life and can cause you to lose sight of what is important. However, by the end of the day, the more you trust and believe that everything will work out for the best, then you can enjoy the process of living instead of worrying about what might happen.


This is not to say all is pre-destined for there is choice. It is said that everything happens for a reason. It is your choice on how you may handle this illusion in your life. If you feel stuck and unable to move forward in your life, then it is time to make a change. When you allow yourself to become aware of your thoughts and feelings (without judgment), then you can begin to question them and make changes in your life accordingly; which ultimately leads you towards happiness and success. When you see through an illusion, you are no longer fooled by it. You realize that there is a way to see things differently, so you can make different choices.

You were given the gift of choice from the moment your life began. Many people don’t realize this, but they are being guided by forces beyond themselves. They have no idea that they have free will, and they blame their troubles on other people and circumstances when in fact they are responsible for their happiness. You are not a slave to your feelings or emotions. You have the power to choose how you react to any situation. You can choose how you want to feel, what you want to think about, and what actions you take. Some of these decisions might seem insignificant at first glance, but they can change everything about who you are and where you’re going in life. The choices that you make don’t just affect yourself, they also influence those around you as well as those who will come after you. No matter how big or small your decision may seem, it has an impact on everyone involved and on future generations as well.


There are many choices before you this day and all the days before you. There are an infinite number of choices available at any given moment. The problem is that most people only consider a few of these options and then live their lives according to those choices. You have been given the ability to create and shape anything in your life. It is all about your choices, what you are willing to do, and how far you are willing to go to achieve the life that you want to live.


How shall you choose to cut through illusion, freeing yourself, and awakening the Spark of Divinity within? Some people choose to meditate, some to pray, and some to write their innermost thoughts and feelings down on paper. Some do all three of these things simultaneously, while others may find one method more effective than another. No matter what you choose to do or how you do it, the important thing is that you make the time for yourself because this is a very important step on your spiritual journey and cutting off the illusions in life. You can’t force yourself into enlightenment; it will come when your Soul is ready for it.

Amanda Cooper

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