Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion of the Self

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth 


We are all one. We are all connected, interconnected one with the other. The ego is the part of you that assumes you are separate from others and has a very small view of who you are. By expanding your sense of self, you can begin to experience yourself as more than just your little self. The ego is what makes us think we are separate from everything else. It’s what makes us believe that we are alone in this world and have no connection with anyone or anything else. Expansion of the Self involves moving beyond this limited view of oneself and seeing how one’s identity is connected to everything else in the Universe. 


It matters not the way of others around you. It means that you are the center of your universe and there is no reason to compare yourself to others. You should be doing what’s best for you. The reason for this is simple: It doesn’t matter how other people live their lives. What matters is what works for them, or at least what they think works for them. Be true to yourself and don’t worry about what others think. You are unique and your way of doing things is also unique. You can’t control other people’s actions or decisions. You can only control your own life and what happens within it.

It matters not the path that brought you to this moment. You must remember that money is only a tool, it is neither good nor bad, neither man’s best friend nor his worst enemy. It is simply a medium of exchange and a measure of value. It can be used in many ways, but it cannot buy happiness. You can buy security, but not peace of mind. It can buy medicine, but not good health. It can buy food, but not an appetite. It can purchase a house, but not a home. You see what it does? It gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go in life and do what you want to do when you get there.


Where you are now, this moment is all there is. If your mind is not here now, it doesn’t matter where it goes because it will never be here. If you’re thinking about what happened yesterday, you can’t be here now. If you’re thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow, then you’re not here now either. And if you are thinking about something that happened in the past and how bad it was or how good it was, you’re still not here now because this moment is already gone. You are here. You are now. This moment is all there is. The past has gone. The future has not yet arrived. All you have is this moment. 


Where you choose to be, is yet to be made manifest. The world is changing so fast, and your life is changing with it. Your career is no longer a straight path. It’s more like a zig-zaggy one that takes some sharp turns and loops back on itself sometimes. The thing that makes this time so exciting, is that you have the power to shape your future. You can choose what you want your life to look like and make it happen.


This day, as with all days, you may choose to begin writing a new script for your life.  You may choose to begin writing a new script for your life. You may choose to write a script that has no lack in it whatsoever; no lack of money, no lack of health, and outside our physical reality. You can make this choice right now if you choose to do so. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve chosen happiness over unhappiness. You do not need to be stuck in yesterday’s script or tomorrow’s fears. You have the power to change your destiny by changing your mind. You can rewrite your story and write yourself a happier ending every time

The setting sun releases you from all that has come before dawn. Your dreams will be as wild as you can imagine, as big as your imagination. You have no limits. You are unlimited in your potential and possibilities.  As the sun sets on a new day, it is time to let go of yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. The sun’s rays are fading as they slip below the horizon, but they will be back again tomorrow morning. The same is true for us; we may have difficult times ahead of us, but like the sun, we will rise again after our difficulties pass.


The dawn of each day brings forth a choice to begin again. The past is just that and the future is not yet here. The past is gone, the future unknown and only this moment is real. So why worry about it? Today is all you have, so live it to the fullest! It’s your choice to make and you should choose wisely. Success doesn’t come easily, but it’s possible to find the right path and keep going even when you think all hope is lost. The journey may be difficult at times but the destination is always worth the effort.


Begin with renewed faith and passion for all that is before you this day.  Take time to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Feel the air enter your lungs and leave your body. Determine what you want most in life, then decide what you are willing to give up to get it. Make sure everything in your life has a purpose or at least a meaning that makes sense to you. Begin today with a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate; start afresh with the knowledge from yesterday’s mistakes but the wisdom from the lessons learned; begin anew with the promise of tomorrow’s blessings if only you choose them now


Trust, have faith all is working with you, not against you. Trust that everything happens for a reason and that everything is exactly how it should be at this moment. Also, that your thoughts are manifestations of your inner state, and that if you change your inner state, you can change your outer reality. When something feels hard or painful now, it’s only temporary and the lessons learned from the experience will help you grow into the person you’re meant to become. Take yourself out of situations that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to be there if it doesn’t feel good or positive for you. Stop comparing yourself with others and their successes or failures. Each of our journeys is unique, so it’s impossible to compare yourself with anyone else.


If there is someone or something before you at this moment that is not to your liking, simply step aside allowing that which is before you to flow past you.  If you are feeling the stress of the moment and feel a need to control it, then you are trying to control your future. This approach will only serve to create resistance and block the flow of good things into your life. Instead, why not take a few moments to breathe deeply and relax your body and mind? Take some time to do whatever relaxes you; maybe read a book, go for a walk in nature, or listen to some music that soothes your soul. Spend some money on something that you always want to have.


Embrace all things, all people, and all situations in love and light.  You can’t go wrong with simplicity or generosity. Money is a tool for abundance and prosperity, not for hoarding or being stingy with it. you may think that people are out to get you, but they aren’t. They’re just trying to get through their own lives like everyone else. You may think that all the good things are happening to everyone else, but they’re not either. Everyone has their struggles and problems just like you do so don’t feel as though you’re alone or on your own in this world


We do not say to you, embrace and hold close that which is not of love and light.  You speak of the darkness in your own heart, for you know that all have it within them, even the most beautiful among you. You speak of the darkness in your life, in your family, and in your community. You speak of the darkness that has taken over this world, and how it has caused so much suffering here as well as on other worlds. Many have come into your lives to help you learn certain lessons, but it is now time for them to move on. You are ready now, dear ones, to follow your path without the assistance of others who may wish only to influence you in a way that they might be remembered.

We encourage you to embrace all with love and light, releasing to the light all that is not of love.  The only way you can truly be happy is by being in alignment with your true essence. You are love, you are light and you are powerful beyond your imagination. The time has come when the veil will be lifted from your eyes and you will see with clarity what has been hidden from you for so long.


With each step along the path before you, there is an opportunity to choose. The choice to flow effortlessly with wind or against the wind is before you this day. You can choose to let your emotions guide you or be guided by your emotions. You can choose to live in the past or live in the now. You can choose to focus on what is missing or focus on what is present. The choice is yours. With each step along the path before you, there is an opportunity to choose. The choice to flow effortlessly with wind or against the wind is before you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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