Angel Message Of The Day : Walk this Day in Grace



Walk this day in grace.  Grace is not just something you believe in; it’s something you live. And when you walk in grace, your life is changed forever. There are times when you feel like giving up because things seem so hard for you. We start to think that this is just how life is supposed to be, but it’s not. You can live a happy and successful life even when everything seems impossible at the moment. You are made from the Universe and are loved, cherished, and protected. When you look at your reflection, you see its image and your life has value beyond measure. As you walk through your day today, remember that you are a child of the Most Divine Source.


Walk this day with love in your heart; speak lovingly to yourself and others. When you choose to walk in grace, you walk with love in your heart; you speak lovingly to yourself and others. You listen when someone is talking and take time to understand what they mean by their words. You allow yourself to feel their emotions and acknowledge that they are having an experience just as you are having yours. Walk this day with joy in your heart; be grateful for all that surrounds you and for whom or what you are becoming. Your thoughts are powerful, so think only loving thoughts. Love is the essence of who you are; it is the highest vibration of all. You are Love, made manifest in human form, and when you walk in that truth, you will live a life filled with joy and peace.


Walk this day in the Light of the Divine Source for all is illuminated before you. Walk this day in Gratitude for all that you do have, including your Life, Health, and Spirituality. When doubt arises, turn your mind to something else, something you need to invest in that is beautiful or uplifting; let go of doubt and fear as they are only illusions that you created through your thoughts. Let them go now and replace them with peace and love.


That which is before you cannot harm you. That which is behind you can do nothing more to hurt you. Look forward, then, with hope and confidence. Begin this day with joy in your heart and peace in your soul. Let the light of the Divine’s love shine through your eyes upon all whom you meet, that they may see it and know that It has sent its angels into the world to save them from their temptation.


That which is before you is but a pebble beneath your feet. You are a speck of dust on the road to greatness. You have been given a chance to make something of yourself, but that is not enough. You must use this chance to reach out and grasp greatness. Your contribution to the world will be measured in inches, not miles. There is no need to fear the future because our present reality is just as impermanent as it will be in the future. The key to understanding this moment is realizing that it isn’t permanent either. 


That which is before you shall soon be behind you.  Life is a journey, and the world is your home. All individuals are travelers on this earth, but not all people are aware of the great places that they will see. You must always remember to be grateful for what you have and make the most of it. The world can be a beautiful place, but it can also be an ugly one. The beauty of the world lies in its variety, there is something for everyone in every corner of this planet. However, you must remain mindful of how different people feel about things and respect their opinions and beliefs.


There is much to be grateful for. All the energy you have invested in your life receives a token from the people you provided help. If you feel that life is not going well, it is only because you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. You even get a reward for being kind to yourself and doing things that make you happy. You can see that there is no need to be upset about everything that has happened or is happening in your life. You should be thankful for what you have and not complain about what you don’t have. Even if you are not satisfied with your life, there are still many things to be grateful for. The good thing about being grateful is that it makes you happier, healthier, and more successful in life.


There is much before you; be willing to see beyond. What lies in your past is important. However, it is not everything. Your future is what matters most. It’s what you do with your life that counts. The past is just a place of learning and growth if you choose to see it that way. The past has shaped who you are today, but it does not define who you will become tomorrow. You can make a new path for yourself at any time in your life. Be willing to see beyond where you are now because there is so much more waiting for you out there.


Energy is everywhere in everything.  You can’t see it, touch it, or taste it, but you can feel its effects. Energy is the ability to do work. It’s not just the sun, wind, and water that can be harnessed for energy. It’s also the heat from your body, the movement of your muscles, and the electricity in your brain.


Energy is sound vibration, thought, action, and emotion. The body is a vehicle for the soul. The body is the temple of the soul. The energy of the soul is called grace. Grace is the doorway to the Universe’s love and wisdom. The body is made up of energy, sound vibration, thought, action, and emotion. If you are in a state of grace, you will be in a state of peace, happiness, and well-being.


All creatures great and small resonate with the sounds around them. As you walk through life listening for signs of grace, what do you hear? Do you feel your heart beating strong within its cage? Do your senses reach out to embrace all that surrounds them? The sounds of the earth and sky, the noises of the forests and waters, all have a place in our world. And these sounds are not just for the ears of humans, they are also part of our existence as living creatures. You can learn much from listening to nature’s rhythms and sounds.


You resonate with energy within and around you. How do you speak to yourself?  The language you use reflects your inner beliefs, thoughts, dreams, and desires. If you want to change the way you feel or think about something, it’s important to change the words that you use. Speak to yourself with the same love and compassion that you hope others will have for you. Speak to yourself with gentleness and kindness. Speak to yourself with respect and dignity. Speak to yourself as if you were another human being who is worthy of your love and care.


Do you speak harshly or lovingly? You have a voice, and the words you speak can be a blessing or a curse. You can use your voice to lift others or to tear them down. When you speak harshly, it breaks people down. When we speak lovingly, it builds people up. You want to be loved and accepted by those around you, but sometimes you forget that the way you treat others speaks volumes about how they feel about themselves. You must never forget this because it will determine how others view themselves and their ability to succeed in life.


How do you speak to all around you? Words are powerful. They can build people up or break them down. You believe that how you speak to others is a reflection of the love of the Universe that is in your heart. Do you say what’s on your mind, or are you constantly holding back? Do you take time to hear what others have to say, or are you too busy thinking about what to say next? When was the last time someone told you that they loved the way you spoke, or that they admired how much time and effort you put into listening to them?


We do not ask you to speak in a manner that would cause you harm. Know that your words are powerful and that your words have great influence over the lives of others. You ask that you speak with respect, love, and compassion for all people. You ask that you speak with integrity and honesty. You ask that you speak with truth and clarity. You know that this is not always easy to do, but you encourage yourself to give it your best effort. Your words have the power to build up or tear down; please choose carefully what you say and how you say it.


We are asking you to choose your words with care. We ask you to resonate more with vibrations of love and compassion, forgiving all that has come before.  Forgiveness is releasing that which no longer serves your highest and best good.  Holding onto old patterns, anger, and painful memories, limits your efforts to move forward. Moving forward is embracing the light, shedding that which is behind you. 


Moving forward is stepping out of the shadows of what once was and into the light of what is yet to be.  Allow this day to be one of transition from all that was to all that is. As you walk through this day remember that others are walking with you on their journey through life, some may have different experiences than you do but we all share one common goal: To live your life as best you can while on earth.


Choose words spoken with loving care, words once spoken cannot be undone.  Your words are important. They convey your feelings and your thoughts, and they can hurt or heal others. You must also do the same thing. The words you speak can build or tear down the image of the Universe in the life you are influencing. Listen with an open heart, to the one who speaks to the Divine One. The words you say can bring a smile or tear, but more than that they can affect people’s lives.


How shall you choose to speak on this day? Will you speak in anger or kindness? In love or fear? In humility or pride? When you have time for the things that matter most in life, you can choose to speak life. You can choose to speak hope. You can choose to speak kindness. The choice is yours.

Amanda Cooper

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